Winning Over New and Repeat Customers

Winning Over New and Repeat Customers

What if all your life you’ve loved rock music but then you discover that pop music ain’t that bad either?

Kind of like how winning repeat customers is good but gaining new ones is also great.

Well, what if I told you that you can have both without compromising the other?

Let me show you!

Repeat Customers

Let’s start with your repeat customers. These are your customers that always keep coming back to you. The relationship has already been established before and with it a history of shared experiences. Whenever you have a new service or product, they are the first ones you reach out to just like how you keep coming back to that one favorite song of yours and put it on repeat.

Keeping it personal

Guns n’ Roses will always have a sweet spot in your heart. There’s no need to throw away that band t-shirt from 20 years ago.

Same with your repeat customers. You already have a connection with them. Keep that personal touch when reaching out to them again.

Remember special occasions

Remember those rock concerts you and your girlfriend attended and how even years after, both of you still love to revisit those memories?

Send your regular customers birthday cards, holiday cards, quarterly newsletters… the list goes on!

Let them know you remember them and also certain events where you’ve made connections with them.

Follow-up calls & New Business Development

Maybe you’re wondering if your favorite band has dropped a new album recently, so you check out their Spotify page and also see some of the stuff that they’ve been listening to lately.

Give your loyal customers a follow-up call from time to time or drop by and give them a visit if you’re in the area.

You’ll often find that they may have referrals for you which can turn out to be new connections. 

As you can see, it’s way easier revisiting something that you’re used to and already have an established connection with.

New Customers

Now, let’s jump into discovering new prospects. They are a little bit trickier to find and it needs a little more dedication and effort to determine which type of customer will benefit from your service/product. You have to be ready to invest time into doing extensive research on each prospect so that you don’t engage with them blindly.

Know your customer

You discovered K-Pop group BTS and really enjoy their songs. So, you go down a rabbit hole and check out more of their songs and interviews to get to know them more.

With new customers, the same thing applies. You need to understand who they are before engaging.

Understanding their geographic location, type of business, customer base as well as some personal information will help you connect with them better.


What did you do when you just became a fan of a new band/singer? You try to find other fellow fans so you can geek out together!

Networking within your niche is effective as it will allow you to both understand changes in your sector as well as put you in touch with others who serve the same customer base.

By doing this you’ll easily get introduced to new customer groups. It all works out!

Explore different sales channels

There are many other places artists share their music on… not just Spotify.

Take full advantage of all online opportunities presented to you. The internet is your playground. Almost every social media platform such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Twitter has online business options where you can sell and advertise your products.

If you’re a brick-and-mortar business, for example, opportunities can present themselves in online sales of your associated products.


It’s totally possible to enjoy two completely opposite genres of music without giving up one or the other. It’s actually even more enjoyable that way. 

When reaching out to customers, remember that there should always be a healthy balance between your loyal customers and finding new ones. 

We hope that these tips are useful to your current need, and our lines are always open if you have any questions!

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