Forget About Marketing, Focus on Improving Software Solution

Forget About Marketing, Focus on Improving Software Solution

Are you a smart,safe driver? Becoming one may impose numerous prerequisites like knowing how to park with precision, proper seating position, checking mirrors for blind spots, being awake and alert throughout the trip, maintaining allowable speed, merging in traffic and handling tough driving conditions. All these would help you cope traffic hassles and reach your destination safe and unharmed. But sometimes roads are tough and you may need to slow down, pull over or swerve.

Marketing is a kin to driving. IT and software companies conjure in-house marketing strategies and tools which they believe drive best results; and as their name suggest, have the technological capabilities to create and innovate strategies that would help them:

  • Build a good database of clients by buying, renting telemarketing. Here’s how to get a good B2B lead list!
  • connect them with clients online via professional and social networking sites, and
  • answer client’s queries anytime, 24/7.
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But sometimes IT and Software  as well as other business types, may tend to recklessly spend on innovation, believing that this would speed up revenues; however product quality is sacrificed.

“The most innovative companies are not necessarily the biggest spenders, but the ability to build the right innovation capabilities to connect with their overall business strategy and other critical capabilities.” says Booz & Company

So before you start driving, consider the following ‘table-stakes’ from Forbes:

  • Gain insight on your customer’s needs, at the same time understand the relevance of emerging technologies before employing them at ideation stage.
  • Actively engage with customers to validate concepts and to gauge market potential and risks, and leveraging on current platforms to create new ones during development stage.
  • Work with pilot users to roll out products properly, and coordinate with the entire team for a stellar launch during commercialization

But no matter how carefully you drive, humps and bumps may come up on the road and in-house efforts and tools may not be enough to cope. When this happens, swerve on additional or even optional innovations like Outsourcing.

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The decision to outsource a business strategy doesn’t come easy as dropping by a store and grabbing a bottle of soda to quench your thirst, but must be rooted from a conclusion that: current in-house strategies may not be the best for the moment and new ideas are needed to achieve best results.

Before you drive further, Pull over and ponder on The Benefits of Outsourcing:

  • Cost Advantages. You will get rid of overhead expenses and labor costs and just spend on the period when the campaign runs.
  • Increase work efficiency. Your outsourced company will take care of piling up the leads and you can focus  on core areas of the business
  • Reduce risk. Every business investment carries an amount of risk like market competition and financial conditions, but outsourcing providers assume and manage this for you.

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More so, outsourcing providers fuel your business by:

  • Acquiring  new customers and nurturing unqualified leads for your business while  leveraging on leading-edge prospecting processes and technologies.
  • Creating a connection between you and your customers through all available media like web, mobile, email and social that will build a strong business relationship. Here’s How to reach C-Level Decision Makers. Check this out!
  • Innovating strategies in addressing not just customer queries but their specific needs in ways in which your full business potentials are unleashed.

Remember this when driving success for IT and Software businesses: load the “table-stakes” and gas up with liters of outsourcing benefits to ditch distraction and to keep yourself focused on the road and where you’re heading. Bon voyage!

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