Fix Your B2B Leads Sales Pitch Like Dinner

Generating sales leads through the phone can be a real challenge, one that always pushes the limits of telemarketing services. That means a need for a better sales pitch. Now, before you start saying that sales pitches are no longer part of modern marketing and networking campaigns, you need to remember that this is the one part of the process where you introduce your business to sales leads prospects. Failure to properly execute your pitch will cause you to lose prospects, as well as fail to attract those at the periphery of your market. Now, to ensure proper delivery, you need to proceed with these steps, akin to a dinner:

  1. The aperitif – at this point, the appointment setting prospect has absolutely no idea about your business. Do not bombard them with details yet. Rather, use this time to tell them what you do, like ‘we make the future safer’, ‘the answer to the world’s problems’, and the like.
  2. The appetizer – after hearing your initial description, your lead generation prospects would most certainly be curious at what you exactly do.  This is the right opportunity for you to dive into the details of your business, telling them what you exactly do and the number of clients and customers that you have helped.
  3. The main course – this is the part where your selling skills will be needed, since you will be convincing your prospects that your business will work for them as well.

If you have properly introduced your business in the first two steps, then you will not have any lead generation problems when doing the last stage. The dessert would be the B2B leads you generate successfully.