Fact of B2B Marketing Life: Conversations Matter

Fact of B2B Life Conversations Matter

When trying to sell a product, content marketing strategies are highly important.

Whether selling VOIP or office supplies, marketers are always faced with the challenge of creating quality content to attract prospects. This heralds the use of compelling and convincing stories.

Nothing bad there; only that too many B2B marketing strategies are highly dependent on compelling content than actually knowing their prospects well. It is an unhealthy fetish that could not help conversion rates increase.

What marketers really need is to initiate healthy dialogue with their prospects, which guarantee hefty conversions of sales leads.

And here’s how to do just that:

Don’t shove.

Aggressiveness drives content marketing. But does it really help attract potential leads? In reality, trying to convince your customers by stuffing their inboxes and answering machines can be annoying on their part, and costly on yours. Don’t try to scare them away with frequency. Instead, present them with issues that they may be experiencing, thus creating demand.

Know what they REALLY want.

Like Russian roulette is how most marketers view campaign strategies. It’s a matter of luck. You send an e-mail or make a phone call, hoping that all will be well. This is nothing less than a cynical attitude towards B2B lead generation. To change your perspective, a better analogy should be considered: Marketing is like 20 Questions. Businesses should always ask the right inquiries. The hotter you are to knowing customer issues, the closer you are to a done deal.

Stories don’t sell.

It has been a common misconception among marketers that their practice is simply to sell a product. Seasoned marketing rhetoric is the main weapon here, but its one-way structure lacks the ability to emphasize the real needs. Social media nowadays has given companies the opportunity to engage their markets directly, and you should be able to wield it as an inbound marketing campaign tool.

Be active and follow up.

Marketing is not a set and forget kind of endeavor. Always be cognizant of current trends in gauging market demands. Also, always keep in touch with existing customers. There is no telling if they have new problems in need of resolving, and you should always be ready to communicate with them and offer them something new.

With these pointers in mind, you will realize how much lending a curious ear means to you and your customers. Content may have attracted your prospects, but a real sense of market vigilance is needed to reel in the catch.

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