Event Marketing: Four Important Tips to Push Attendances

Event Marketing: Four Important Tips to Push Attendances

Corporate events are strictly the best avenues to source qualified B2B sales leads.

Whether it’s a trade show or a conference, corporate events function to get your brand the exposure it deserves. But beyond that, events can also boost your enterprise’s ability to engage its target market and, of course, improve its revenue generation through the high-quality leads that such events can produce.

But before everything else, you need to make sure that the right people will be attending your event. And for this, event marketing is an essential factor that makes the difference between a successful event and a lackluster one.

In terms of drawing guiding people into your event, you may want to consider a few reminders first before marketing your event or trade show.

#1. Profile your attendees

 Low confirmations can only mean one thing: An abandoned event! And more often than not, this is the result of ineffective profiling of attendees. To hold an event that can truly deliver stellar results, you will need to ensure that you are finding the right people to invite. For this, you need to consider the profiles of every attendee and make sure that their information jibes with your ideal audience.

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#2. Get your audience woke!

 And by that, we mean to get them to listen to you. One thing about effective event planning, in general, is to trigger your audience into confirming. Corporate events are not just there to make you a part of the “in” crowd. Far from it, events are there to educate and to produce something valuable for your audience. And you can bet that they will join in on the fun if you show the event as something relevant they wouldn’t want to miss.

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#3. Engage and influence

More important than discussing what the event is all about, make time for listening to your prospects. Actually hearing them out and filling them in on what to expect in the event. You will have to create relevant talking points that will instantly catch capture their interest and win them over. Relevance is key here, and it pays greatly when you consider all the subjects that are close to your audience’s heart. That way, they will turn upon the date of the event and have a smashing good time!


#4. Follow-up with good content

Oftentimes, you may not secure that resounding “yes.” A prospect may need a little more encouragement to actually come up on the day of the event. And sometimes, a prospect may not have the convenience to engage you in a telephone call. This is where online content comes in handy. Send the prospect a newsletter leading up to the event and showing what he or she can expect from it. You may also encourage them to engage via an exclusive social media page or profile for the event. Learn how to use content to build business relationship and drive event attendees

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