Why Should ERP Vendors Outsource Their Marketing Processes?

Why Should ERP Vendors Outsource Their Marketing Processes?

Outsourcing has become a common practice for ERP companies to redo their marketing processes. With outsourced marketing, a business can focus on the core product or service and become best at what they do, while leaving the marketing functions in the hands of the experts.

Below are a few, but insightful reasons to do so.

“A lot on the plate”

ERP companies build software programs that can serve the need of all connecting departments of the business, from Finance to Human Capital to Production. Each department uses a system that optimizes workflow, which the ERP tool integrates into a single program for every department’s reference as shared information and means of communication.

Their broad service covers project Implementation (3-6 months) to support, ensuring proper system integration on financial information, customer order, standardized and speeded manufacturing processes, reduced inventory, and standardized Hr information. (cio.com).

ERP companies are challenged coming up with at par marketing strategies due to:

The lack of expertise

There is less effort undertaken on marketing and sales skills and process enhancement since ERP companies focus more on operations and production.

The lack of specific technology

There would be less access to advanced marketing tools and it can be costly if you bought one. Not to mention the time you’ll be spending on training your in-house marketers.


Having an in-house marketing team may incur hidden costs. Expansion, attrition and regular wages, and government-mandated benefits are most likely to incur overhead expenses


Facilitation of skills training, data models, and process flows will consume much time as it becomes a part of your overall business umbrella.

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“Worth it’s weight in gold”

Is outsourcing worth the money you pay?

Outsourcing one or more operational facets of the business will save time, overhead costs, commitment, recruiting efforts, training time, and full-time staff wages.

The Benefits of Outsourcing according to Huberman:

  • Cost: At much less than the cost of one full-time executive, you get an entire team of experts, and can expect cheaper ad costs and software costs, among others.

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  • Access: With the right lead generation firm, you still get complete access to all of your data and learnings — no hidden fees/total transparency.
  • Time: You save on all of the time it takes finding someone — or trying to learn the entire internet marketing field yourself.
  • Experience: Your team will benefit from the experience the marketing team brings to the table, such as familiarity with your target market and the many marketing channels and opportunities available.

“Tools of the Trade”

Would a phone and a list of prospects get the job done?

While outsourcing marketing experts, you will surely have the fitting tools for strategizing multi-channel marketing programs that speed up the prospecting process. The following tools are likely to be the basics:


The CRM integrates lead management, campaign monitoring, and lead nurturing. This could also be either in-house or outsourced.

Lead Nurturing Tool

An automated behavior-based actions tool that controls your lead nurturing process. Notable features are the triggers, actions, alarm, and notifications capabilities that serve best in nurturing leads.

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Dialer Solutions

A faster, more productive dialing system. 


A treasury of contact list. Some outsourced marketing providers have in-house data warehouse to ease the updating process of the contacts, rather than buying from database companies.

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“Leave it to the Experts”

Who are the experts?

Outsourcing your marketing staff could be a big decision for your company. You can start with a reasonable marketing budget and later establish a full marketing plan when the outsourced marketing activity has generated income.

But first, you have to get to know who you will be working with and how they could fit right for your business needs, to make the most out of your outsourced help.

  • They’ve been in the business for years, served clients across the globe, and reach prospects worldwide via multiple channels like voice, email, social, web and mobile.
  • They are able to build the right database, manage and nurture leads on an industry-leading Cloud-based sales and marketing platform, and run a smart marketing automation process for your campaign.
  • Their service is at top most quality – delivering sales-ready and high converting leads; commended and praised by sales and marketing award-giving bodies
  • They have equal concern and commitment to your business as you do.

As the competition among businesses rapidly increases, the demand for more strategic ways to become as competitive also increases. ERP companies are experts in product and knowledge innovation in the IT and Software fields, but outsourcing their marketing activities from an expert provider is always the best option to stand above the competition.

If you’re still not convinced on outsourcing, check out this Infographic: Outsourcing Industry in The US.

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