Dull Marketing? These 20 Statistics Will Do the Trick

Dull Marketing

There is no greater hassle than to realize that all of your b2b marketing efforts yield no positive outcome.

Common blunders committed by marketers roots from depending too much on traditional classroom-taught marketing and forgot realistic parameters that impale their marketing actions. Bid Adieu to such useless thinking.

Here the top 20 hard data-based statistics that every marketers need to revive their marketing:

  1. When exposed to Promoted Tweets followers spend 29% more from that brand when compared to organic tweets.
  2. Brands lose 15% of new Twitter followers within 3 weeks due to lack of engagement.
  3. Internationally, 44% of people never take an action on a social media advertisement.
  4. 56% of online content is shared on Facebook, compared to 12% for Pinterest, and 7% through email.
  5. Facebook and Twitter have the highest activity at 11am.
  6. 71% of social media users are more likely to purchase from a brand they follow across their social media channels.
  7. 50% of all consumers feel a brand’s Facebook page is more useful than the brand’s website.
  8. The demand for content creation among marketers has increased more than 70% over the last year.
  9. Almost 60% of shoppers trust online reviews, just as much as personal recommendations.
  10. Only 36% of marketers, who publish branded content, think they are doing so effectively.
  11. YouTube drives the most engagement traffic of all social media referrals.
  12. By utilizing video in email campaigns, brands on average, see a 40% rise in revenue.
  13. 65% of spenders do not continue using Facebook Ads because they are too expensive.
  14. 8 in 10 shoppers have changed their mind about buying a product after reading a negative online review.
  15. 68% of millennial won’t make a major decision without consulting their social media audience first.
  16. Custom emails targeted to customer loyalty programs have a 40% higher open rate.
  17. B2B marketers that use Twitter develop twice as many leads as those who do not.
  18. 75% of consumers prefer to receive special offers over any other form of call to action.
  19. Email marketing has an average return on investment of $44, for every dollar spent.
  20. 79% of online shoppers would rather get free shipping on their purchases than a discount on their total.

These statistics will shift soon but for now let it tell you the reason why you’re marketing lead generation  is dull. Regard this not as a burden but as a challenge that can make you a better player in the harsh environment of competitive marketing.

Nevertheless, the essence of marketing lies beyond complex educated theories and assumptions. It will only guide you but it will never take you to your destination. Remember, consider more pragmatic ideology that actually pushes your resources to sales funnel.