Don’t Shoot the Messenger! 3 Reasons why your Email Marketing is Ineffective

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Among many online marketing components, email marketing still has considerable influence over lead conversions.

Now, the fact that many marketers are making important strides online shouldn’t be a subject of surprise. In fact, it has become such a staple for market engagement that missing out could mean striking out.

You might as well make the most out of online interactions, but some enthusiastic companies resort to email marketing campaigns with the idea that it’s the most effective way to penetrate target audiences.

Granted. However, there are companies who simply couldn’t prevent themselves from making mistakes that might entail a waste in invested resources and, ultimately, a failed B2B lead generation campaign.

And since B2B success depends on the way you approach your targets, it is important that we examine the bad practices of leading an email marketing campaign.


Being proud of your achievements is good. It establishes authority and tells people you are serious at what you do. But going to the extreme by giving your recipients a shopping list of over-the-top accomplishments and rallying behind the slogan “100 percent satisfaction guaranteed” is one good reason to junk your mails. Consumers nowadays are more skeptical than before. They want something else other than a nifty and spellbinding rhetoric. They want tangible solutions that are realistic and specific.

Be self-centered

No one likes a boaster. But equally detrimental is a company that thinks the B2B universe revolves around it and it alone. Some business leaders tend to skew towards self-development accentuated by a need to gain revenue. This defeats the purpose of the modern business: To provide innovative and highly-effective solutions possible through industry engagements. Your campaigns should be focused on the consumers, their needs and wants. Failing in this respect would only result in a high rejection rate and eventually dismal profitability.

Bother and don’t bother

Consumers are typically annoyed when they receive an email announcing an “once-in-a-lifetime offer” here and “competent services” there. But some might just take the subject line into account and set an appointment with you. Whether or not he or she makes a purchase, letting go of them wouldn’t be wise. Successful email marketing campaigns are assisted with effective follow-up initiatives. Buyers who are nurtured well enough would be good sources for qualified leads.

Of course, the costs of an email marketing campaign can weigh heavily on your campaign budget. But if you know how to engage potential buyers in the ways these three tips suggest, you might enjoy a good ROI and more opportunities for company growth.