Creating Appeal: How to Promote a Product People Don’t Search For

Creating Appeal: How to Promote a Product People Don’t Search For

The essence of marketing has everything to do with getting the right information out there and for your target audience to consume. In particular, it is all about creating effective messages that respond with your ideal clients through the use of all available channels.

But that’s just the tip of it. In lead generation and appointment setting, you need to understand what makes buyers tick and how they respond to every content they encounter online.

Basically, people search for something they urgently need because certain circumstances require them to. But what if you have a product that does not meet this urgency but can still be useful in the future?

Promoting a product that people don’t actually search for can be bit tricky even for major B2B brands. Despite this, there are still countless ways these companies can apply in order to provide their products a boost in their appeal.

Highlight audience needs.

For most marketers, it is always important to talk a lot about the service or product. But what they don’t get is that client needs still remain the top priority in content marketing. Even if there is no sense of urgency, you will never know when a prospect will need your product. Even if there is an absence of urgency, you will never really know when a client needs to purchase your product or service. So, it is best to base your marketing messages on potential issues that may arise.


Go outbound.

Outbound marketing has become the lifeblood of any B2B company. Efforts through trade show participations, telemarketing and cold-calling, and E-mail campaigns allows for reaching out to your target audience and C-Level decision makers even if they don’t need your product or service at the moment.  

More importantly, Social media presence is everything if you consider increasing your brand’s online clout a priority. You can count on Facebook and Twitter to spread your messaging and let your audience know that you have a product which can help them out in the long run. All it takes is knowing what type of content to post in your feed as well as the ideal times and dates for when to post.

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Participate in forums.

Forums are where your audience gets most of their information. Whether they are looking for specific information about a certain issue they want to address, they are still open to other topics as an aside. In this case, try to get your voice heard in important industry forums. Create a thread and see where it would take you.

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Discuss about a problem.

As much as we can admit it, basically anything can go wrong within a business. As an entrepreneur, you will have preemptive measures to make sure such problems are well addressed. Use this perspective to create content that discusses about a future problem or even a prevailing need. That way, potential clients may add you up in their list of go-to solutions when things get a bit sticky.

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