Callbox Adds Interactive Data Preview Tool as New Website Feature

Callbox Adds Interactive Data Preview Tool as New Website Feature

The new website tool lets clients quickly get a feel for how big the target audience they can potentially reach with a Callbox campaign.

As part of its mission to help B2B marketers make data-driven decisions, Callbox recently unveiled an interactive tool on its website that allows customers to preview the company’s massive in-house contact database. The latest website enhancement gives clients a crucial piece of information for their targeted marketing initiatives: the size of their target audience.

Contact lists can make or break an outbound campaign. That’s why the Callbox team wants marketers to catch a glimpse of the data resources Callbox can offer. Knowing this information can help marketers estimate whether their target segment is large enough to achieve their desired results when targeting a specific region.

Using the interactive data preview tool, visitors can choose a country from a drop-down menu and view record counts broken down by industry, employee size, and annual revenue. The available countries currently include USA, Singapore, Australia, UK, Malaysia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Canada, and China.

Users can then drill down further on the country totals by looking at record counts under specific industries and firmographic attributes. The tool also returns the total number of contacts with valid email addresses, as well as how many unique companies and organizations that potentially match their ideal customer profiles.

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The Callbox team is planning to add more features to the data preview page, including the upcoming “My Industry Insight” tool, which will allow users to get an in-depth overview of their target industry or vertical.

Callbox maintains an in-house database of over 44 million decision makers from organizations around the world. The company acquires, verifies, and manages prospect data through a combination of automated and human-enabled processes. Callbox employs full-time data specialists and uses robust database management tools that guarantee data accuracy, completeness, and timeliness.

The data preview tool can now be accessed at and is open to all site visitors.

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