Why B2B Marketers Need to be in the Micro-moment

Why B2B Marketers Need to be in the Micro-moment

Marketers desire to influence the buyer throughout the decision-making process. It can be all too easy to let a buyer slip through your hands. The opportunity to do business can be lost in a micro-moment.

What is a Micro-Moment?

Google coined the term micro-moments as the aftermath of a study on the consumer’s journey. According to Google, consumers are increasingly dependent on mobile devices to know, plan, and purchase. Micro-moments are all the times that mobile device searches influence purchasing decisions.

These searches happen any time of the day while consumers are on-the-go. It can happen during a commute, in a waiting line, or in the midst of a busy day at the office. 91% of smartphone users do a mobile device search in the middle of a task.

Corporate Micro Moment

How Do Micro-Moments Affect the Consumer Journey?

Both B2C and B2B consumers do intensive research for almost everything they buy. From small office purchases to big investment solutions, B2B consumers want to use the best product and service that meet their needs. Anytime a consumer has a question to ask related to your industry and they are away from their PC, the quickest way to find the information is through smartphones with internet access. Information consumers find through a mobile device search can directly impact the buying decision.

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Micro-Moments of B2B Buyers

It is easy to see micro-moments affect B2C industries, but B2B buyers across industries have gone mobile too. Statistics show that more than 90% of B2B buyers access industry-related information on a mobile device. Whenever they have questions about a product or service, they turn to the quickest way to access information.

At the moment that the B2B buyer searches for information, and you don’t have it, they quickly turn to the next enterprise who can answer their questions. At this point, there is a high risk of losing the business opportunity.

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Serve the Micro-Moment Needs

B2B marketers can better prepare for the micro-moments of their consumers by anticipating their concerns. Go beyond product features and specifications detailed on the company website.

B2B consumers need real-time information that solves pressing concerns. Useful content includes:

  • FAQs
  • How-To’s
  • Feature Comparisons
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Cost Breakdown

B2B consumers don’t want to take too many steps to solve their problems. Don’t be afraid to display pricing on your website. For services that vary in cost per project, an easy-to-fill form that does not require too much personal information is a must.

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Be There for All the Micro-Moments

Map out the customer journey and identify all the moments you want to influence the purchasing decision. Be present in all phases of the consumer journey. Start with the B2B consumers that are yet to recognize the need you serve.

You have to be there in the micro-moments of a B2B consumer even after they complete the purchase. In B2B, enterprises are constantly competing with other businesses even for their loyal customers.

For instance, if you sell a CRM software and your customer encounters a problem after the purchase, you need to have the content ready to access whenever wherever. Warranty concerns and common troubleshooting tips are some types of content your consumer may need. Contact information for various concerns should be quick and easy to access as well.

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Content Creation for the Micro-Moments

You need to have the right content when the consumer is looking for potential solutions. Utilize a range of formats to connect with the consumer during these critical moments. You can provide content through:

  • Blogs
  • Social Media Channels
  • Digital Publications
  • Newsletters
  • Industry Mobile Apps

B2B consumers also desire to see and feel the benefits of the product or service even before making a purchase. Utilize video and text to show demos, sneak peek of the CRM, interviews, and testimonials.

The Most Important Feature

Make all content mobile-ready, so users have a positive experience with their mobile device search. Content should be usable on any browser or device size. Websites, images, and videos that do not load or load slowly on certain devices may lose the opportunity to connect with these types of consumers.

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Wrap Up

Google started the term micro-moments to define the influence of mobile device searches on the decision-making journey of consumers. In the B2B world, a huge bulk of decision-makers also utilize mobile devices to search for industry information any time of the day. B2B marketers are prompted to anticipate the B2B consumer’s every micro-moment throughout the buying journey and be prepared when the consumer asks for plans or buys.

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