4 Trends That Will Drive B2B Healthcare Marketing in 2019


Marketers have chosen a profession that constantly changes and evolves to meet the needs and wants of the customers. Therefore, it has become the industry norm to look out for the latest trends so they remain relevant and useful. Marketers cannot risk getting too comfortable no matter how effective their methods are.

Expanding the knowledge on the new healthcare marketing trends can be rewarding though. Here are some of the upcoming B2B healthcare marketing trends in 2019 that are worth taking a look at.

Video as a healthcare and medical marketing strategy

2019 is the year when healthcare marketing is expected to turn away from the old-fashioned theme and move forward instead to a more technologically-driven trend – video. Everybody knows the importance of video in social media, but the healthcare industry is yet to discover its potential.  

Videos continue to evolve and can be used as a sales and marketing tool. In fact, a lot of healthcare marketers have started using video across all aspects of the business. This tool has been used to personally interact with prospects and help clients by solving common problems. But aside from collaborating with colleagues or making a direct impact on patient continuum care, video can offer more.

Healthcare businesses that include a video on their website are more likely to land on page one of Google’s search results. It also increases the chance of getting consumer confidence and brand exposure.

There are two ways to use video as a marketing effort in promoting services.

  • Through virtual reality – Training services have been using VR to provide high-quality specialized surgery education with an emphasis on immersion and realism. Aside from helping other healthcare professionals, the video also serves as a valuable resource to every digital marketing technique.
  • Through storytelling – Video is now a powerful marketing tool for both the medical industry and healthcare. Some hospitals are already a personal approach to digital marketing by using videos, which aim to inspire confidence in its patients via those heartfelt videos. With a wide range of digital marketing channels, others continue to share tips and other information from those who are now cancer-free. In fact, studies indicate that when people look for a brand, a video on the landing page will appear in organic search results 1.5 times more often. This means that the use of video provides a higher chance in search rankings and be more connected to the customers.

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Educational content

Today, information has become more accessible to patients, shaping how they deal with advertisements. In a Nielsen study, it was found that consumers will likely trust referrals from their loved ones as well as educational content made by reliable sources than paid advertisements. Therefore, the use of informational blogs or articles on social media is an effective method of staying in front of new patients. Also, the inclusion of targeted keywords in the content can help boost marketing and the company rank on search engine queries.

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Analytics and Diagnostics

Expert online data analysts are expected to become more in demand as the number of consumers that turn to the internet increases, and more money is spent on digital advertising to accommodate the searches. With the likelihood of high-quality marketing reporting completely shifting the boat in marketing methods, it’s necessary to have a good knowledge of the changing Business Intelligence tools.

Make sure that the marketing strategy is generating the returns you aim to get revenue and patient acquisition goals by using powerful analytics tools. The key is to implement these tools to measure the success or failure of all healthcare marketing strategies. With data in hand, there will be an opportunity to make significant adjustments to the marketing to produce more patient leads and increased rates of return on marketing costs.
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More innovation

As the speed of technology continues to increase, innovation will be a significant marketing trend in healthcare for 2019. The customers’ search is expected to evolve and will continue to influence the structure of all healthcare marketing strategies to remain competitive. In fact, health marketing analysts are forecasting that by 2020, over 50 percent of all searches online will use voice search capabilities. Considering the high demand for voice-activated products such as Alexa, the search for the means to remain on top of the trend is a great way to create a robust competitive advantage.

Takeaway: Regardless of the marketing method that you wish to use to take advantage of the B2B healthcare marketing trends in 2019, always take note of your objective: to create a good reputation for your brand. Make it a safe, credible, and a trusted source for customers searching online.

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