Analysis: The Information Gathering Process of B2B Buyers


For lead generation marketers, the ability to determine and figure out the manner by which B2B buyers seek information is a vital skill. This not only prepares them to respond to a prospect’s every move in this crucial phase, but it also creates a template by which they can consistently predict their behavior.

So it’s important to know the what, where, and how when it comes to information gathering.

Erica Bell of offers a breakdown of the type of information prospects seek, what they expect the information to look like, and where they typically go to get them:

What Type of Information Are Buyers After?

While every buyer and industry may be different, there are trends that emerge when you take a look at why types of information most buyers are interested in. A recent B2B Marketing report found that the most sought-after information by buyers is pricing information (71%), technical/product/service specs (60%), and industry/competitive comparison. While 32% of buyers sought the advice of a company expert, half that number looked for the opinion of their peers.

What This Means for Your Business:

When you create content, especially more robust pieces such as whitepapers and e-books, focus on these top 3 types of information.

What Do Buyers Want the Information to Look Like?

Buyers want decks, presentations and SlideShare documents and are likely to turn to online sites where they can find information in this format before even speaking to a sales rep. 21% of buyers download presentation decks and perhaps one of the reasons this type of formatting is popular is because buyers can scan slides for the specific information they find most valuable without investing a lot of time. Over half (55%) of the respondents considered presentation decks to be influential in their decision-making process.

What This Means for Your Business: 

Find ways to participate in or host in-person events such as meetings, conferences, and demos. Look for ways to create or repurpose content in a slideshow or presentation format and make it easily accessible to potential buyers.

Where Do Buyers Go to Find Information?

The most popular way of finding information was to go directly to a supplier website and 47% of buyers in the B2B Marketing study did this. Perhaps one of the most shocking stats from this study is that only 29% of buyers went via a search engine. Other methods of information collection include an industry-specific intermediary, email newsletters, sought advice or recommendations from colleagues and friends, and industry-specific online communities.

What This Means for Your Business:

If your business’s website doesn’t have or doesn’t feature, the types of content buyers are after, you could be losing out. You know the information they want and you now know that they are going directly to supplier or provider websites to acquire that information. Get your business website in gear and make sure you’re delivering the content and information your buyers are after directly on your site.

Read the full analysis at How B2B Buyers Seek Information and How You Can Fill the Void

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