7 Ways File Sharing Tools Make Life Easier for B2B Marketers

7 Ways File Sharing Tools Make Life Easier for B2B Marketers

Dozens of cutting-edge tools now make up the average B2B marketer’s tech stacks. From lead management to public relations, today’s marketers rely on an entire alphabet soup of CRMs, MAPs, and DMPs to get things done. But only one secret sauce binds all these ingredients together in a special recipe, and that’s collaboration.

Radius says that, on average, a marketing team’s stack consists of around 17 different technologies. However, a CMO Council survey reveals that only 3% of marketers believe they’ve managed to fully integrate all of their automation, engagement and deployment tools.

This is where marketing-focused collaboration tools come in handy. Moving toward increased collaboration solves a lot of the challenges related to martech integration. To ensure that all the pieces of your stack fit and work together, you also need systems and processes that promote trust and accountability among the different roles in your marketing team.

As we’ll find out in greater depth below, the ability to share materials and resources among team members is a critical part of the collaboration. That’s why file sharing tools remain a staple in a modern marketing team’s toolbox. These tools provide capabilities that are several orders of magnitude better than traditional sharing methods like physical storage devices, email attachments or shared network drives. Specifically, file sharing platforms help marketers.

  1. Allow better collaboration

If collaboration is the glue that holds your tech stack together, then file sharing is the adhesive that makes it stick. With file sharing tools, team members freely exchange files and resources that enable them to work together and complete projects.

Today’s marketing teams are made up of individuals with different roles who work separately from different places. File sharing tools help your team overcome obstacles to collaboration by making sure everyone’s on the same page regardless of role or location.

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  1. Streamline workflow

Modern file sharing solutions eliminate the extra steps needed to access and retrieve files associated with outmoded methods, such as through thumb drives or email attachments. This, in turn, allows your team to focus more on the tasks at hand instead of repetitively doing non-value added activities.

In some cases, file sharing capabilities enable team members to work on files simultaneously, reducing idle times and bottlenecks. This simplifies marketers’ workflows and boosts productivity.

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  1. Stay in sync and updated

In a typical marketing project, team members can have several versions of a file floating around in their project directory. This creates problems in version control and duplication, especially in situations where the team is working on projects that require multiple iterations to complete.

A good file sharing platform addresses this issue by aligning versions across users and properly handling duplicates. File sharing tools often come shipped with this feature, so marketers can leverage this critical capability right out of the box.

  1. Shorten project duration and lower costs

As we’ve seen, the right file sharing tool simplifies marketers’ workflow and enhances productivity. These platforms also ensure that everyone on your team stays on the same page throughout the project.

But file sharing solutions go beyond providing convenience. The gains in efficiency you get from file sharing tools also help accelerate project schedules. All those savings in time and increases in productivity add up to cost reductions and better marketing outcomes.

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  1. Overcome technical limitations

Producing quality marketing materials often means that marketers and creatives have to work with very large files. Moving these big files around can become technically challenging. Emails have file size restrictions while transferring files through thumb drives and shared folders can take up too much time.

File sharing tools overcome this limitation by enabling users to send large files securely in as little time, cost, and risk as possible.

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  1. Enable scaling and expansion

The time available for value-added, creative work correlates with the quantity and quality of marketing materials produced. That means the more time your team spends on actually crafting content and collaterals, the more and better their output will be.

The right file sharing tool frees up time and accelerates the production process. It helps your team effectively scale up and expand their productive capacity. Without a robust file sharing system, it can be extremely difficult or even outright impossible to turn your team into a marketing machine.

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  1. Improve transparency and accountability

Traditional methods for file transfer suffer from a lack of transparency and difficulty in maintaining accountability. Even FTPs make it hard to track and manage files. With traditional file transfers, you can’t easily make heads or tails of things like content authorship and contribution.

Most file sharing solutions today allow you to effectively manage files along with versions and contributors. In a time where marketers are increasingly being measured by how much they’re adding to revenues, this is an indispensable capability.

The Takeaway

File sharing tools make life much, much easier for marketers. They help marketing teams organize and manage projects. They improve efficiency and productivity. Most of all, they foster collaboration and teamwork.

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