5 Most-watched Marketing Shorts From Callbox’s Video Playlist

5 Most-watched Marketing Shorts From Callbox's Video Playlist (Featured Image)

Here at Callbox we always strive to provide you with the best content from B2B marketing strategies to lead generation and everything in between. With multi-channel marketing being the top marketing approach in our times, we make sure our blogs address relevant issues to your business as well as pose solutions for them.

For this year’s round-up, however, we would like to highlight the best video picks from our Callbox video vault. As much as we like writing about it, we also love presenting you with audiovisual TLDRs. 

So without any further ado, here are our top video picks that will guide you through your B2B marketing and lead generation journey.

The Path To Better Marketing Productivity

It’s no secret to anyone working in the business industry that marketing is the number one culprit in taking up most of your time and resources. There’s just too much going on on a daily basis such as planning, chasing deadlines, setting meetings with clients and with your staff. Oftentimes it feels as if you’ve done so much, even too much, and yet you’re still left with lower revenue. 

In this video, we provide you with ways to improve your marketing strategies with proper approaches and better time management. 

Rebound After a Horrible Sales Call

A sales call feels like a first date most of the time. There are so many things you want to achieve during your first interaction. You want to be able to put up a good front, impress them, catch their interest, and hopefully, they’ll want to keep going out with you. It’s the same for a sales call. Sometimes they are successful, other times you end the call in defeat. It could’ve been a bad day or bad timing and the prospect was having none of it. 

It can happen to the best of us, so it’s important that you don’t feel too bad about it and instead ask yourself, “How can I recover from this one?” We’re sure you’ve already asked yourself this question countless times, and fortunately for you, we have the answers. 

Here we give productive and helpful ways to help you get back on your feet after a lousy sales call. 

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The Secrets To Increase Your Database with Qualified Contacts

In lead generation, we want to fill our pool of prospects to the brim as much as possible because when there are no leads, there are no sales. The only problem is when your leads are all not sales-ready or the wrong audience for your particular services and/or products. You don’t want to waste your time on dead contacts or even worse, contacts with invalid information. 

What if I told you that there are secret formulas for you to increase your database who are also qualified contacts? Yes, you read that right! Increasing your database should not be a difficult nor complicated task. Spoiler: The secret involves outsourcing.  

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When Less is More: How to Make Prospects Buy From You

Usually, when we pitch our products to our clients, we like to turn it up to a hundred and give them a whole thesis on how and why our products can help them solve their problems. This may seem good in theory, but our consumers’ time is also ticking by just as fast as ours. 

We have to understand how the buying culture has changed. The more you defend and talk about your product, the more the consumer thinks that you might just be compensating for the lack of quality of your product and we all know we don’t want them to think that. Keep your pitch short, simple, and direct. You’ll win them over a lot faster than you think. 

Of course, to find out how you can execute this, you’ll find it all in the video. 

Multi-channel Marketing Statistics Bound to Impact Your Business

Here at Callbox, we can’t stress enough how important multi-channel marketing is in this time and age. It is a must in modern B2B marketing if you want to keep your relations with your clients intact as well as actively engage with them. It’s an effective tool to be used in finding out what your clients are looking for and what piques their interest.

Traditional marketing is great, and we still use some of its strategies in our daily marketing, but most of its techniques have now become obsolete so it’s time to move with the times and embrace the modern approach to B2B marketing. 

We put this video together to highlight the contrast between traditional and modern marketers. May we encourage you to take a look at it and evaluate which one you are and what you can do to improve and step up your game in multi-channel marketing

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Working in the corporate world, we understand that we are always in a hurry and we don’t always have the luxury of sitting down and reading a full-blown article. So, we hope that with our top video picks, we helped you gain some insights out of a few minutes of your day!

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