4 Surefire Solutions to Grow your Sales without Exhausting your Staff

It is clear that managers want only the best for their businesses. And in order to obtain the results they want, they seek ways to improve the performance of their lead generation and appointment setting activities.

While increasing lead quotas can be considered to enhance sales productivity, the amount of added responsibilities may not bode well for your staff.

Too many leads can cause your sales staff to burn out, affecting their ability to concentrate on and qualify promising leads. In effect, high lead turnouts can directly drag conversion rates down rather than hike them up like they supposed to.

There is also the possibility of pursuing the wrong kind of leads, so businesses need to be wiser in implementing ways that produce the best results and lessen the burden placed on their salesforce.

Hit two birds with, uh, four stones by following these important steps.

Simplify your sales process

If your sales process involves too many steps, you might need to reevaluate it. Lengthening the buyer journey only complicates lead transfer from one level of the buying cycle to another. Documentation and tracking of each prospect becomes difficult, requiring your salesforce to work harder on lead nurturing. Ideally, you should be able to gain a close in as little as four steps before a lead is considered for a sale.

Deliver targeted messaging

Delivering the right content to the right people is a marketing matter. But your sales personnel can always pinpoint the specific leads that need a little shove to purchase a product or service. If the first attempt at a sale fails, identify problem areas in your messaging and apply necessary adjustments. Then, execute an immediate follow-up using content that links up with specific concerns.

Aligning your marketing and sales efforts is essential if it is not the only way to drive high quality sales leads. Both departments are able to share intelligence and come up with a common definition for a sales-ready lead, allowing them to focus on high priority prospects.

Implement effective lead scoring

Marketing automation software developed in-house or otherwise is essential for determining sales opportunities through lead scoring. Implementing a lead scoring and synching it with your ideal client profile can help drive qualified traffic to sales and reduce (if not eliminate) low quality leads that only cause a waste of time and attention.

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