3 Common B2B Appointment Setting Objections (and how to conquer them)


An average telemarketer would tell you how challenging it is to set appointments with B2B leads, especially when dealing with a difficult industry such as IT products, services and software. It’s almost impossible to come across a prospect that doesn’t have any objection, either real or made-up.

Appointment setting companies encounter these objections everyday, as they carry out lead generation campaigns for their clients. How exactly are they able to overcome these hurdles in a consistent basis?

First, let’s identify these common objections:

#1: “We’re not interested.”

#2: “We’re busy / Now’s not a good time / Just send us an email.”

#3: “We’re already working with someone.”

Sounds familiar? Now let’s see how we can counter those responses:

#1: “We’re not interested.”

Most often than not, prospects say this because they don’t have a clear picture of what you’re supposed to offer to them. Perhaps the only thing they were able to grasp is that you have this product you’re trying to sell, and you want someone to meet with them so that the sale would be accomplished.

Instead of sounding too demanding and pushy, try to anchor your pitch on something you know they are interested in, like improving investment returns, increasing production efficiency, or streamlining operations. Build your message around those concepts and make a smooth transition to asking for an appointment.

#2: “We’re busy / Now’s not a good time / Just send us an email.”

This objection is a little tricky. The probability that prospects aren’t making excuses and are just really busy is quite high, because, well, let’s face it – they’re business people. So when they say it’s not a good time, you have to take their word for it.

What you can do, though, is to establish a hook that you can get back to (when the time is right). If they decline a meetup, it’s not a bad thing. You can say something like, “Oh, of course. We don’t have to talk right now. Just save room for a brief talk later in the week while I prepare my presentation on how we can turn things around for your business.”

Then as soon as he agrees. segue to the appointment: “Great! Will you be more available on Thursday?”

#3: “We’re already working with someone.”

This may sound daunting for most telemarketers, but this is actually the easiest objection to handle. First of all, since they already have someone, you’ve got nothing to lose, so why not be a little bit more aggressive?

Upon hearing that response, acknowledge it first. Say something like, “Glad to hear that.”

Then ask them what they think makes their current vendor fit the job. If they mention that they’re very happy, tell them that you can do more. If they tell you they’re not happy but have no plans of hiring another, then you can easily hit that out of the park. Again, nothing to lose.

One of the most effective lines goes something like this: “If I’m able to prove that we can perform better based on your criteria, will you at least consider talking to our sales rep?”