19 Obligatory Email Marketing Statistics for 2013

As we enter the last quarter of this year, we take a look back at how email marketing, the undisputed B2B lead generation pillar, fared so far. Marketers would probably expect little change or difference from past years – after all, email has proven its timelessness even amidst the stardom of social media, the growing volumes of business blogs and the emergence of videos.

What is interesting is that even though there are definitely a lot of quicker, more convenient platforms of instant communication out there, majority of tech users (especially in the business sector) continue to use email as a staple messenger. It seems that it has become a permanent culture of its own, which is practically as big as technology itself.

These statistics were taken mostly from Salesforce’s collection of “25 Mind-Blowing Email Marketing Statistics” and MarketingSherpa’s “2013 Email Marketing Benchmark Survey”.

For your analytical pleasure:

    1. 44% – The percentage of email recipients with at least one purchase via a promotional email
    1. 33% – The probability of marketing emails being opened based on the subject line alone
    1. 58% – The open rate of emails with subject lines fewer than 10 characters
    1. 22% – The open rate of emails with subject lines that are “personalized”
    1. 39% – Marketers with no mobile email strategy.
    1. 72% – B2B buyers who will most likely share useful content to their peers via email
    1. 84% – Percentage of spam from the total email traffic this year
    1. 158% – Click-though rate of email that include social media sharing buttons
    1. 40% – B2B marketers who consider leads generated via email as high quality
    1. 64% – Decision makers who read their emails via mobile devices
    1. 61% – B2B marketers who consider CTR as the most important metric
    1. 60% – Companies that believe email marketing is producing a ROI
    1. 75% – B2B marketers that integrate their company website with their email program
    1. 58% – B2B marketers that design their emails to render differently on mobile devices
    1. Monday emails had the highest revenue per email
    1. 1 in 2 marketers use animated gifs in their email campaigns
    1. The average ROI per $1 spent in email marketing is $44.25
    1. There are 3.6 billion email accounts in 2013
  1. By 2016, the number of email accounts will reach 4.3 billion (more than half of the world population)