Callbox Earns #1 Spot In Two Lead Generation Services Rankings For 2015

Callbox Earns #1 Spot In Two Lead Generation Services Rankings For 2015

For the past year, Callbox is the top lead generation services provider in the land, according to not one but two prestigious review sites.

The company recently marked its 10th year in the business, and the celebration just became sweeter after bagging the #1 spot in two annual industry rankings conducted by Top  Ten Reviews ( and Comparakeet (, particularly in providing quality lead generation services.

Top Ten Reviews (now awarded Callbox their top honors, the 2015 Gold Award and the 2015 Excellence Award in the Sales Lead Generation category. In the global ranking of lead generation services providers, Callbox leads the pack with an overall quality score of 9.8 out of 10.

Callbox Tops Lead Generation Review

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Furthermore, Callbox earned outstanding marks in four major categories: Lead Generation (10/10), Reporting (10/10), Tracking (10/10) and Help & Support (9.8/10).

Callbox has maintained this rank for the past 3 years, cementing its reputation as the industry standard for lead generation services with particular emphasis on quality, adaptability, support and delivery.

Meanwhile, review site Comparakeet also honored Callbox as the best lead generation services provider, beating all global competition in categories such as Sales Lead Generation Tools, Customer Tracking, Reporting Tools, Ease of Use and Customer Support:

Callbox Tops Lead Generation Reviews

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Callbox is the only marketing company in the world that has earned the A++ mark on the list.

Comparakeet’s reviews tend to focus more on the customers’ end of the service, gauging companies according to client satisfaction and overall experience. TopTenReviews, on the other hand, zero in on the company’s ability to offer these necessary services and the level of quality by which they are provided.

On both accounts, Callbox has reigned supreme.

This goes to show that the company’s ability to deliver and ability to satisfy are top-notch. These honors are just two of the latest additions to an already extensive array of testaments that put Callbox in its rightful place — on top of the hill — for this year and the many ones to come.

Congratulations, Callbox!