Preparing a Business Plan for Cleaning Services

If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to get started in the cleaning service business, you should start with a business plan in order to get cleaning service leads. The business plan targeting commercial cleaning leads should start with a vision statement that will serve as your sales and marketing guidelines.

A cleaning service business plan should visibly assess the area that the service will cover. With this, you have to estimate the number of households in the area. You also have to estimate the number of all the households of your cleaning service. In your cleaning service business plan for carpet cleaning leads for example, you have to put some information about businesses offering the same service that are already operating in the area. Your business plan should show the size and scope of the probable competition for cleaning service leads.

Include the estimate of the probable expenses, since with this kind of business; you need to buy equipment such as vacuum cleaners, polishers, machines for shampooing carpets and the like. Estimates of the number of employees and the skills that each employee must should also be in your business plan. This is important if you want to have quality staff that can generate janitorial leads for you. The business plan should clearly indicate the required skills for your employees.

Of course, your business plan should present your rates. Once you have those carpet cleaning leads flowing in, you would need to provide your prospects information on the rates and coverage. While you work on your business plan, also include a description of your potential clients and the services that they may desire. With a well thought-out business plan should help you map out strategies that can help you attract quality commercial cleaning leads.