What is your success rate?

Success Rate

Results vary depending on the type and scope of the campaign. To consistently achieve great results in your campaign, we make at least 20,000 total actions on a minimum of 4,000 contacts per quarter (3 months). Actions are the various lead generation and sales prospecting activities we carry out across multiple channels such as: deliver email introductions, send follow-up emails, handle email responses, make introduction/prospecting, lead qualification, lead nurturing, follow-ups and appointment confirmation calls, track prospects’ visits to the campaign landing page, handle live chat inquiries and engage prospects on various social platforms. Taken together, these outreach activities allow us to make 3 to 10 touches per prospect, which in turn ensure that we reach and convert the right contact. In terms of the number of leads and appointments delivered, results also widely vary according to the campaign specifics and prospect qualification parameters you set.