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People, Process & Platform: The 3 Ps to Future-proof your Revenue Growth and Expansion Strategy

In this masterclass, Callbox collaborates with industry partners to deliver the latest insights and actionable tips to help you future-proof the way you leverage your people, processes, and platforms.

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Rom Agustin

Callbox Singapore Live Event

People, Process, and Platform

A new marketing direction, a cutting-edge piece of tech that will “disrupt” or “revolutionize” the way sales and marketing operate–these are just a few of the changes that sellers and marketers face every day. But while change surely brings opportunities to the table, it carries with it a lot of challenges, too.

Various shifts are taking place across all areas of marketing, from the tools we use, the strategies we employ, the roles and responsibilities we carry out, and the capabilities and skills we must possess.

In this masterclass, Callbox collaborates with HubSpot and other industry partners to deliver the latest insights and actionable tips to help you future-proof the way you acquire more clients–by optimizing the people in your organization, the processes they follow, and the platforms they use to achieve the overall goals of the business.

Here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t miss this event:

Gain insights and actionable tips

Reason #1

Gain insights and actionable tips on how to future-proof your growth and expansion strategy

Marketing, sales, and customer success no longer revolve around personnel or productivity. Instead, they combine the best aspects of each in order to accomplish the single objective of doing more with less. By the end of this masterclass, you'll receive the takeaways you need so as to align, optimize, and rev up the 3 Ps that fuel your growth and expansion engine–people, process and platform.

Exchange ideas with industry experts

Reason #2

Exchange ideas with industry experts and thought leaders in tech, sales & marketing, recruitment, etc.

The event will feature a panel discussion with leaders from top companies, including Rom Agustin, CEO of Callbox, and Kevin Ackhurst, Head of Sales for JAPAC at HubSpot. Along with the knowledge and lessons you learn at this event, you'll also have the chance to network and discuss ideas with executives from diverse B2B businesses.

Meet top CxOs, VPs, Directors and more

Reason #3

Meet industry peers, in-person–including top CxOs, VPs, Directors and more.

Although webinars and online events are excellent (and still are), nothing compares to being there in person. Don't worry if you missed Callbox's comeback to in-person events in May because we're back for round 2 with more valuable insights to share.

Global B2B Sales Data and Insights

Reason #4

Learn from the CEO of Callbox, tech leaders, and so much more!

Rom Agustin, Callbox CEO, will be among the speakers at the masterclass and will take on several topics that sum up to how he envisioned, experienced, and managed to grow a mere outbound startup company into a global B2B lead generation leader, which now has presence in major markets across APAC, USA, UK, Canada and Latin America.

Event Speakers and Panelists

Meet our event speakers and panelists from Callbox, HubSpot, and more.

Rom Agustin

Rom Agustin

Rom devotes much of his time with people - Callboxers whom he talks and collaborates with everyday, crafting actionable ideas that help shape the company into what it should be, and what it is now - a global lead generation leader.

Driven, and with a strong vision for success, the Callbox CEO sees to it that everything is done right and in time for every client served - a character fully adopted by everyone in the company which innovated a winning process preferred by global B2B brands for the past 18 years.

What Rom Agustin has made of his brainchild is extraordinary. More than just a trusted sales and marketing service provider with a robust data source of contact opportunities, Callbox has become a platform that every business can utilize in scaling and growing their business.

Kevin Ackhurst

Kevin Ackhurst

As the JAPAC Head of Sales at HubSpot, Kevin is responsible for the businesses performance across the JAPAC region, working in partnership with sales teams across ANZ, Japan, Singapore and India.

Kevin is passionate about building great teams, building businesses and achieving outstanding results. As HubSpot grows in the region, he is also responsible for building a culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging, creating teams that support and care for one another and the world around them.

Prior to joining HubSpot, Kevin spent six years at Google, where he had key leadership roles across the APAC and ANZ regions. His experience in the tech industry also includes time at Juniper Networks and Microsoft.