Ways Your Emails Can Stand Out From Other Emails Prospects Get

Ways Your Emails Can Stand Out From Other Emails Prospects Get

For years now, email remains the most dominant form of communication for salespeople through email. 

Now, even though it is the most effective way to reach people, a lot of the time, most salespeople’s emails still get thrown straight into the trash unread. If emails are so efficient and the best way to engage with your audience, why does this happen? The answer is simply that the reason these emails go straight into the bin is that it most likely lacked creativity and uniqueness in order to catch their attention for them to open it. 

The golden rule with emails is to stand out from other salespeople, and that includes even those who aren’t part of your particular industry. So, today we’re going to discuss several ways you can improve your emails and make them stand out above the rest. 

Before we dive in, let me preface this by saying that the common prospecting email still works and that there is nothing wrong with it. The structure usually follows as:

Hi [NAME],




Every salesperson uses the same template. The challenge lies in how you can take this template and make it uniquely your own version of it.

Okay, now let’s dive in!


This is one of the most under-utilized aspects of an email. A lot of the time it just comes as an afterthought. The usual email signature has the sender’s name, title, contact information, and company logo. Seems neat and professional, but the truth is that this kind of signature isn’t doing anything for you, the sender. It doesn’t help you build credibility nor does it offer anything interesting to the receiver, and most importantly it’s not really selling anything.

A better way to insert your signature is by including links to your products or even a link to a video or presentation of yours that will redirect immediately instead of having to ask you to send them samples. These are guaranteed to catch their eyes and attention.


Emails don’t have to look plain. Though that’s the ‘traditional’ way of sending out emails, the influence of a good email design should never be underestimated. It is the first thing that they will notice upon opening your email, and if you have a polish, well-branded, and customer-centric design, it already tells them a lot about your company.

Not only is it pleasing to the eyes, but it also shows that you’re serious and professional and that your content is trustworthy.

Amazing Content

Your prospects need to have a reason to click on your email. If your email is just all about you and your product, your prospects aren’t likely to even take a peek inside. The contents of your email should be topics that are relevant and interesting to them. You have to deliver an email that will benefit them, not just you… yet. 

Make sure your emails aren’t too text-heavy as information overload is not appealing to them at all. Instead, be sure to put just enough content into it that your service or product is thoroughly explained. For an email to be successful you only need text blocks that consist of 100 to 200 words, then pair that with a strong call-to-action and click-through rate to your landing page.

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Speaking of call-to-actions, these are important because they give your prospects a sense of urgency. It allows them to interact with your campaign and explore more with your business. The thing with email campaigns is that the goal is to increase the traffic on your site or a specific landing page of it, so having a solid CTA is crucial to get a load of click-through rates from new customers.

Exciting Graphics

This ties in together with email design. In addition to a pleasing email design are the graphics that come with it. A vast majority of people are visual learners who respond best to aesthetics and images. If your email has exciting graphics, it gives your readers more reasons to stay. So, be sure to insert related images to your email content to ensure a higher click-through rate and of course, for a better appeal to your audience.


When doing an email campaign, you’re reaching out to brand new people who don’t know anything about you or your business just yet, and no matter how much you can tell them about yourself, hearing from someone who has worked with you before is still a more trustworthy source of information to them. So, gathering and including customer testimonials is the best way for them to learn about and understand your business. If they see that it helped someone else whose industry and operations are similar or the same as theirs, they are more likely to be convinced to trust you.


It really doesn’t take much to spice up a plain email campaign. Apart from the technical tips, it all boils down to you and your team’s creativity in putting together an email campaign that’s interesting, educational, and entertaining all at the same time. We hope that these simple tips will prove themselves helpful to you just as they have for us. If you want to learn more, give us a call and we’ll help you out!

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