The Pick-up Lines of Email Marketing: How to Increase Open Rates In Just a Few Words

Subject Lines That has Dramatically Increase Email Open Rates

Email marketing is still one of the best channels for companies to engage their audience. In terms of acquiring high-quality leads, emails can bring much needed boost to the pipeline.

For this to work, though, marketers must take several key factors into account. You can say right off the bat that quality content is essential to keep a prospect interested. But let’s say you did create emails that are designed specifically to catch attention.

Still, the most crucial issue here is whether or not your prospects are actually opening your messages. Because before they are exposed to the information you want them to consume, they must first open it.

This is where subject lines come in. In fact, much of the effectiveness of your email campaigns depends on how well you craft your subject lines. And this is something that you should not take lightly.

You just can’t say anything on the subject line just because you have to. So, you might want to get some ideas from these subject lines that are sure to rapidly increase your click-through-rates.

#1. A touch of humor

Subject: “Losing Hair Because of IT-related issues?”

You can never go wrong with injecting the zany and outrageous in your lead generation. Having a catchy subject line that is both humorous and relevant can get any decision-maker to take the click. This requires a lot of creativity on your part, but if you happen to have a funny bone in you, then it won’t be a problem. 

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#2. Stir up some curiosity

Subject: “The Easier Ways to Grow Sales”

If anything, people are inclined to know more about a subject if they need to. It is only a matter of creating a subject line that appeals to their curiosity. Naturally, decision-makers will want to know more about a topic and will not hesitate to satisfy themselves by opening your email.

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#3. Deadlines

Subject: “You’re Missing Out on these Hot Deals!”

Nothing says “open me” like an email with an urgent subject line. For one thing, people do not want to miss out on certain offers that are only available for a limited time. So, if you have such products, you should send emails with subject lines that will get your prospects to take action. This is where the “early bird gets the worm” principle figures as decision-makers are not the type of people to get left behind.

These three types of subject lines will guarantee an increase in open rates. But it takes one crafty mind to truly create enticing and relevant subject lines for ten words or less. First impressions do matter in the world of email marketing, it is essential for you to choose your words carefully.

 Credit: tenor, imgur, myfriendsarefiction

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