How Email Marketing Looks Like in the New Normal


The lockdown imposed by governments around the world has forced everyone to stay at home. That means people have more screen time and business activities have now been done online. This has given business owners the opportunity to reach more people online. 

It also means that you might be encountering new demographic segments with different mindsets, cultures, and buying habits. And what better way to reach these new prospects than through email marketing. 

Why email? Are social media and other marketing channels ineffective?

No, but email is the best option because it has enough space that allows you to provide the necessary information to your target audience. But since the pandemic has affected the whole marketing ballgame, you need to make not only minor but major adjustments as well to be relevant in this new normal.

Making Your Content Relevant

Perhaps you’re wondering what type of message to deliver to your clients and prospects but it is a no-brainer, really. The current situation has brought many changes; thus, you should cascade those changes to your audience.  That would include:

Any new information about your business

Basically, these include new business hours your store or your website is available. Letting your clients know what time you’re open and close for business will save them time and prevent frustrations. More so, if you are just re-opening, sending your customers your reopening details will get them interested.

Your headline should be direct to the point and clear, so is the main body of your email. At this point, your clients don’t need a long and wordy email. Letting them know that you are back in business is enough.

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Expression of gratitude to your existing clients

You can either send a separate thank you email to your clients or include them in your reopening announcement. No matter what option you take, telling your clients that you appreciate their support during and after the crisis matters a lot. Again, avoid being too wordy or you may sound insincere — the simple the words, the better. 

Your experiences (transparency is part of the strategy)

Transparency and empathy are two of the key factors of an effective email strategy, especially after the lockdown. 

With transparency, you don’t need to tell everything to your clients. Pick one or two that you think will inspire or encourage your customers. It could be about the steps you are taking to make your business thrive or about how you and your team are creating new strategies and options to stay relevant in the new normal. 

As you tell your story, don’t forget to empathize with your clients because they are hurting as well. Ask about their experiences — their struggles and challenges as well as the steps they’ve taken to survive. You can also ask how you can be of help to them at this point. It is also a good time to ask for feedback –—what needs improvement, what services do they need, and so on? Remember, however, that when they give you their feedback/answers, you will make the necessary adjustments. 

Encouragement to inactive clients

Sending reactivation emails to inactive clients is part of an email marketing strategy. However, the reason behind why a client becomes inactive during the pandemic is surely different. Because the pandemic has greatly impacted businesses financially, a lot of your clients might opt out of your products/services because they cannot afford them anymore. 

Being pushy might do you more harm than good. Instead, show empathy by offering discounts, payment options, and different alternatives. The more options you have, the more chances that you can recapture them again. 

Your future plans for your company

The new normal calls for adaptability and flexibility at a faster speed. A lot of business experts advise organizations to be dynamic, ready to make decisions on a daily basis because everything changes almost every day. While this is true, it does not mean that you totally scratch any plan you have in the future. 

Your clients and prospects will greatly appreciate it if you share with them your expectations in the future, any plans for expansion, where you’re taking the company post-COVID-19, and more. So don’t be afraid, but go ahead and show them.

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