Sell Smarter with these 6 Email Marketing Automation Workflows

Sell-Smarter-with-these-6-Email-Marketing-Automation-Workflows (Blog Image)

We are in the age of automation and believe it or not even some of our marketing workflows can be automated for maximum efficiency.

Finding better ways to reach out to your clients and keeping them interested are ways you can help boost your business. Instead of just waiting for clients to notice your emails, why not construct ones that are guaranteed to arouse their interest? What’s more, you can even automate them to save you and your company on cost.


How does email marketing automation work? Here are 6 examples of email marketing workflows and how you can automate them:


Training or New Customer Welcome Workflow

Keeping your customers engaged after making a purchase is still a very important part of the sales cycle. Understandably, any company would want customers to keep on coming back and eventually patronizing your product. The way to do this is to set up a series of friendly welcome emails that will be triggered by a significant change in the cycle from prospect to an actual “buying customer.”

Doing this safeguards your potential long-term relationship with your client. This is how you can begin to nurture the promise of a lasting and highly beneficial relationship.


Event Workflow

This type of workflow allows you to send out communications related to your event before, during and after it happens. This will prove to be very helpful as it will update attendees or participants regarding registration, schedule, accommodation, and venue when applicable.

The email that you send out after the event is just as important as the pre-event email and the ones sent during the event as this is where you can send out access to resource materials or do a quick survey to solicit feedback. Additionally, you may also send out information about another upcoming event related to the recently completed one.

This keeps your target market interested and wanting more at the same time.

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Abandoned Shopping Cart Workflow

A lot of customers who shop online tend to abandon their carts or do not finish their purchase. Your main goal at this point is to make sure that they reconsider and complete the transaction. You can set up a series of emails that will remind them that the product they put in their cart will be held for them only until a given day. In doing so, you set a deadline that will encourage them to complete the purchase.

Remember to send out emails that will also remind the client of the benefits of your product. You may also include additional information just in case they are intending to change their mind. Convincing them that their initial decision to purchase is correct after all is of utmost importance.

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Lead Nurturing Workflow

Monitoring your valuable leads as to their movement in the sales cycle will help you greatly in determining what type of emails you should be sending them. When they move from the middle-of-the-funnel and become marketing qualified leads, you need to be ready to start sending them content that will eventually compel them to make a purchase.

Usually, your cue can be a simple download of your ebook, opting in on an activity or when they register to a free webinar. It simply means that you caught their interest and are highly likely to be more open to additional helpful materials that they will find very useful in their day-to-day routine.

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Reminder of Upcoming Purchase Workflow

This type of email will be greatly appreciated by clients who have a regular schedule when they purchase products. Consider for instance customers who purchase a facial night cream that is supposed to last for 5 months. On the 4th month, you send an email reminding them of their next purchase. Reminding them is also a form of good customer service as you do not want them to miss their next purchase.


Re-Engagement Workflow

This particular email intends to excite your prospects once again after having been “dormant” for a certain period of time. You can create a workflow that is time-bound. After a specified period of time, it will send emails to your previous contacts containing new promos, discounts or a new product they ought to try.

The purpose of this email is to remind your prospects that you still remember them and would like for them to reconsider your product.

Stop working on the boring tasks and take control of your marketing workflows today! It’s time that you started spending time on the things that really matter!

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Author Bio:

Rebecca Matias

Rebecca Matias is VP of Sales & Marketing at Callbox. A sales professional with an engineering background, she has more than 10 years of experience in the B2B marketing space and has spearheaded many of the innovations at Callbox. Follow Rebecca on Twitter and Facebook.

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