4 Solid B2B Email Campaign Ideas to Market Cloud Solutions

4 Solid B2B Email Campaign Ideas to Market Cloud Solutions (Featured Image)

Email is still pretty powerful and it is a way of engaging your following whilst utilizing only a fairly small number of resources. In this short article, we will be exploring the different types of email marketing campaign examples for cloud solutions providers.

Marketing to Both Current and Potential Clients

Re-selling or re-marketing to existing clients and customers is much more cost-effective than having to market to new ones. Don’t fall into the trap of missing out on a lot more revenue by not being able to market to your existing base.

On the other hand, for your subscribers base, a well-thought-out email marketing plan not only builds awareness and loyalty to your cloud business, but also allows you to move potential customers through the sales funnel.

1. Weekly Newsletters

The mindset that a weekly newsletter is just a generalized newsletter that you send out to all of the people that are subscribed to it should be changed. The fact of the matter is that people like personalization and you will be able to convert better if you are able to meet different needs – even if you are just working with a general newsletter.

You should be able to customize different versions of your newsletters depending on the buyer personas of your current market. This does not mean that you should create an individual newsletter for each person, but rather split your markets up for general types of buyer personas.

Content also has to be given special consideration. Know that there is content that is intended to bring awareness, some for decision-making, and others for simple consideration. Being able to split these content types up in a singular newsletter allows your email to be optimized for conversion so you’ll be able to attract and maintain interest. 

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2. Holiday Emails

Do not forget to greet your prospects of current clients on special occasions, but also be mindful if they celebrate a particular holiday or not. One email that almost every person loves is the “Happy Birthday” promotional email. It shows that your company truly cares about them. However, you want to position it in a way that doesn’t make the prospect feel like you are being too privy of their information.

For subscribers, holiday promotional emails are not just about holiday sales. Rethink your strategy and make good use of your data so that you can pick the right approach – should you go promotional or transactional? Send or respond?

3. Promo Emails

Oh, how we love these because they are designed to convert!

However, there are a couple of different types of promotions and different ways of going about them.

Product Launches

Product launches could be in collaboration with a physical event and other promotional campaigns such as a free webinar and eBook. You want to be able to provide added value with a product launch and not just launch a product out of nowhere. Marketing is not one-sided but rather a proposition that you should tackle dynamically.

Software Launches

If it’s a software launch, you could even offer a special discount or special beta access (your IT team will love this if it’s SaaS). One way of attracting existing customers to your new software is offering them a special access pass or a free membership for a specific amount of time. Reward loyalty, it always helps.

Limited Sales Offers

If you want to do limited sales offers do not do it all the time because sooner rather than later your customers will notice that you are just trying to pull off the same promo but with a different title to it. You want to be able to offer segmented limited sales offers that are designed for different buyer personas.

If you have a complex product, why don’t you launch a limited sale on the different aspects of that particular product?

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4. Other Types

As with everything that is content-related, you can pretty much do anything and everything – this is why content will always be considered king.


Don’t just put in a survey for your customers to answer but include a freebie for them doing so. You want to be able to motivate them and add value to the time that they will spend providing you with feedback. Sometimes the best way to pull off a survey is not to market any product to them but ask them real questions about their experience with your company.


Quizzes should be designed for fun. And, what we love about fun is that it is absolutely marketable. You can design them to be informative, challenging, and even funny. This is one type of content marketing that if executed correctly can result in large gains for your company.

Email marketing, whilst a classical form of marketing, does not have to be purely traditional. There is a reason why it is still a great tool to use for your marketing efforts and you should really take advantage of that. 

Do not forget to observe best practices when sending emails and try to make sure that your market research is solid beforehand. Try not to forget the basics such as email hygiene and making sure that your segments are at their proper positions in the sales pipeline.