4 Email Marketing Tactics That Are Not Just About Crafting Emails

4 Email Marketing Tactics That Are Not Just About Crafting Emails (Featured Image)

Some say you should use a lower word count, others say make sure that graphics play a larger role, and the rest might disagree altogether. However, what we never really talk about are tactics that you can use to boost your email campaign that has nothing to do with the email itself!

Yes, you read that right; you can even optimize your email marketing without even focusing on the email itself.

In today’s post, we’ll go over these 4 email marketing tactics – why you should be employing them and how they complement your email lead generation efforts.

#1 Pair It With Your Telemarketing Efforts

So you have already sent your email to your prospect and you’re now left with time on your hands. What do you do?

If you’re using an email tracker you can find out if they’ve already read your message but even if you are, it’s a great idea to follow up on your prospect using other means such as the phone call.

This is effective because it makes the prospect feel like you are providing them with tailor-made services; you are a company that cares, and that you are personal with your approach.

However, you also have to time it right. You can’t send them three emails in one day and follow up with a phone call before you leave the office. You have to properly space it out in order to make a great follow-up call.

Nurturing your leads through follow-up calls is considered as one of the most effective email marketing tactics.

#2 Social Media Plan – Retargeting, Engagement, and Exposure

Sometimes persuasion isn’t enough and you have to pre-suade someone before you can even get them to a point of opening your emails.  In your email list, how many people are you retargeting on platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook?

There are a lot more platforms where your potential prospects could be lurking in; having their email is already powerful as it is in this digital marketing age. Wherever your prospects are, there, too, should you be. You want to be able to show them that you are active in the platforms that they are in. This makes you relatable.

While you’re at it, engage them on these platforms as well if you can, a “like” can go a long way and a well-thought-out comment can really work wonders in enabling relationships to move forward towards growth.

In short, there’s a reason why social is always present in most email marketing tactics lists – it’s just that effective!

#3 Are Your Landing Pages and Web Properties Built to Convert?

If you send an email with links to your web properties and landing pages, then it’s time to think about how they are built.

One thing that some people forget about is conversion rate optimization. This is the study of how to get your customers to convert utilizing the properties that you have online. 

Do you have a proper call-to-action button that is visible? Do you have way too much text that leaves the customer bored? Are you asking for too many forms to fill?

These are all the questions that you should be able to ask yourself when you look at your landing pages. Landing pages have to be able to convert your prospect into doing something.

You have to understand that since your customer is already on your landing page, this already signifies interest in what you have to offer, now that they are already halfway in, what do you do to fully capture their hearts?

#4 List Preparation

The issue with some of the emails that you send is the way your lists are organized. Yes, you may be targeting per industry using two or three different email campaigns to split-test what works and what doesn’t. However, are you looking at your email list from a different perspective?

For example, when you send an email to a point person in one company, is it enough that you just send it to that person? Sometimes you need to be able to target two or three other individuals that you know will talk about what you have to offer. Remember that DMUs (decision-making unit) are composed of several members.

If you’ve sent it to someone on the sales team, why don’t you consider making an email addressed to a couple of members of both the sales and marketing teams? In this way, you have created buzz and if one person loses your email, you’re sure that you have a backup plan.

Bonus: Practice List Hygiene

Make sure that non-responsive contacts on your email lists are frequently cleaned and purged. You do not want to risk your emails being flagged as spammy nor do you want to skew your feedback data by reporting a large number of non-responders when the only issue was that you forgot to clean up your list properly.

Marketing is a very holistic science that deals with a variety of different moving parts. If you just focus on one aspect, you tend to forget about the bigger picture. This also halts your creativity and forces you to be one-sided. Make sure you look at the big picture and consider everything – even email marketing – from more than one angle.