Writing Authentic Content the Proper Way

Proper Way of Writing Content

Your company blog and website are in the forefront of your content marketing campaign.

In fact, it is what you put in your blog that creates the difference between success and failure of your lead generation campaign.

Creating content isn’t all about writing a copy based on what you have read from English Basics manual. The dominating discipline here is SEO.

This leads us to a standoff between using keywords effectively and creating posts that are compelling and authoritative. It is thus imperative for a lead generation blog to wield Google’s limitations appropriately.

We should not look far in search of a peace treaty for the two. The following pointers would suffice.

Catchy Headlines. The titles for your articles should be expressed in as few words as possible and should be intriguing enough to catch anyone’s attention. No one would go through the trouble of reading a paragraph-long headline that has the structure and intentions of a film synopsis.

Be True as a Writer. There’s a quote that goes, “Good artists copy; great artists steal.” Okay, it says a lot about surviving in the highly competitive realm of fine art. But in the equally grueling world of demand generation, authenticity is an abiding principle. This is especially true if we consider the lawsuits that would pile up should you haphazardly plagiarized from another source. At least paraphrase or, better yet, credit the original source of used information.

Read the Copy to Yourself. Serious writers make a great deal of effort trying to sound human in their pieces. It’s important because your primary intention is to engage other humans who are a great source of leads and future sales. No one would like to read something as bland as an instruction manual of a fax machine. Make your articles both informative and personal.

Offer Something New. Repetition is an important technique in maintaining customer retention. But it wouldn’t make sense if you keep on insisting your target market to swallow redundant messages. It’s annoying and it drives prospects away. Instead of beating around the bush, cultivate your online garden with innovative bonsai.

Keyword Analysis. And here, we can see how repetition is taboo. When writing your posts, make sure that important keywords are distributed between 1 percent and 3 percent. Going beyond that would render you a sitting duck to Google’s search engine algorithm.

Generating content for the web can be a mind-boggling affair. But if you keep these tips in mind, you may be a step closer to the top of the results page.

Source: http://www.jeffbullas.com/2013/02/27/5-questions-to-ask-when-writing-content/