Why Use Slide Presentations for B2B Lead Generation Content?

Why Use Slide Presentations for B2B Lead Generation Content

Even before lead generation has exploded on the World Wide Web, business people have been using slide presentations in conferences and even in small office meetings. It’s no question that this medium is a great way of summarizing key elements of information so the audience can absorb them more efficiently.

Most of the time, slides are fun, too.

No wonder marketers have taken advantage of slides as a form of lead generation content. Aside from the usual benefits, Scott Schwertly, CEO of Ethos3 and author of How to Be a Presentation God, shares more reasons why slides are an effective marketing tool.

From ConvinceAndConvert.com:

You Have a Story Worth Sharing

Let’s first establish that you have a story to tell. This story will often take 500-750 words to communicate online but what if you can do it with one image or a series of images.

Enter the world of presentations.

Your product, service, or organization can easily be showcased through the medium of a presentation via sites like SlideShare and SlideBoom. Take advantage of the opportunity to tell a visually engaging story rather than defaulting to the written word every time.

Becoming a Thought Leader

People all over the web are looking for someone to lead them. They want expertise. They want new knowledge. They want something of value and benefit. A presentation will provide you with this opportunity to showcase your knowledge in a visually compelling way. The old Chinese proverb states that a picture is worth ten thousand words. Imagine how many stories you can tell through big images via a presentation? A ton.

Get Ranked

A strong organic search presence is what every great marketer desires. Luckily, sites like SlideShare are incredibly search-friendly. Their platform will automatically transcribe the copy from your presentation making it one of the web’s best hidden gems. The lesson for you: Build presentation content around the search terms your business dominates and you will win.

Lead the Way

If you are doing the marketing grind day in day out, you are probably focusing all that time around the main objective of capturing leads.

When you upload your presentation to the web, you can sit back, and watch the leads get captured through innovative lead capture forms tied to your presentations.

Share with the World

The best thing about a presentation on the web is that you can embed and share it everywhere. Just think YouTube but for PowerPoint. If you want to share a message with your LinkedIn Group, post your slide deck there.

Measure Your Success

Once you have done the hard work take joy in knowing that all your efforts were measured. Total views? Check. Traffic sources? Check. Social actions? Check. It’s a beautiful thing!

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