Two Faces of B2B Lead Generation Content: Quantitative, Qualitative

Everything you need to know about blogging and how it can help you achieve your B2B lead generation goals can be broken down into two parts: quantity and quality. The measure of good content is subjective, but its influence in brand awareness, engagement and action responses are measurable variables that make up the perfect reason why marketers need to blog.

One struggle is that content marketers sometimes confuse themselves in terms of what things to focus on, especially in maintaining and measuring the effectiveness of the articles and its built-in lead generation tools. However, by just looking at its quantitative and qualitative attributes, everything can be simplified:


As far as quantity goes, there are four metrics, in order of importance:

  • Views – If no one reads your blog, that’s obviously a problem.
  • CTA – It’s important to know if people are noticing your call-to-action buttons, and whether or not they result to a lead conversion.
  • Social shares – Social media is the coliseum of brand awareness and viral marketing. It’s good to know whether your content is making rounds online.
  • Form conversion rate – The pièce de résistance.  Clicking on your CTA is one thing.  Your offer must be so valuable that giving up name & email is worth getting it.  If you want to generate leads, you want a high form conversion rate.


Still, nothing is as important as quality. It’s what sets your content apart from the thousands of articles scattered online, and it bears the most important asset you could get from your audience: a good impression.

  • Blog title –Ingenious blog titles help you rise above the fray.  It’s the packaging. It’s the marquee lights. It’s the movie poster. It’s what drives people in.
  • Hierarchy of sales message – You don’t just throw everything at your reader; it must follow a logical sequence for them to effectively absorb what you have to say.
  • Persona match – Your content must be resolutely directed to the buyer personas you’ve established while getting to know your target market.
  • Body – The main content of your blog post has one objective: communicate as effectively as possible.

There is a direct relationship between great blogging and lead generation, so if you want your blog to produce leads, evaluate both its quantitative and qualitative aspects.  To make sure everything’s working well, visit these values from time to time.