Top 5 Content Ideas to Inject in your Blog [INFOGRAPHIC]

Top Content Ideas to Inject to your Blog

Your blog is what makes your brand profound. You can do so much with it. You can communicate the value of your service to potential clients, provide thought leadership on important industry issues, give visitors entertaining and relevant information, the works!

But creating impressive content isn’t all that simple. It can be exhausting at times, with marketers recycling existing content or, worse, using sensitive topics that shouldn’t be used at all.

Fortunately, you can use the following ideas to give your blog a breath of fresh air and your creative juices flowing.

Top Content Ideas to Inject to your Blog



The B2B industry is an ever-changing landscape. There is incessant innovation going around, and along with it, you will find a stockpile of topics that give your content writers a month’s worth of ideas. Newsjacking is largely a way to increase social outreach. So, listen to what the industry is talking about by checking your Facebook newsfeed and identifying today’s trending hashtags.

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What do you think makes BuzzFeed and WatchMojo that popular? Well, you can only look at the interesting lists they constantly produce. Listicles are basically the most shareable type of content around, guaranteeing increased ROIs based on the number of shares generated.

People generally want to know what is the “best” of any category, so making listicles about relevant topics will keep your audience wanting more!

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Product Reviews

Authority comes with the ability to know if something is good or not without looking at the service. To create a truly influential brand, you will need to act influential. And what better way to do that than to create reviews on certain products and services. These reviews ultimately show your target audience how much you know about the industry as a whole. If that isn’t convincing enough, you can ask the customers that “spend 31% more with a business that has excellent reviews.”

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Shareable Videos

If you have depended mostly on articles and graphics for generating quality leads, then it’s time to let you know that these are not enough. Give yourself a break from writing content and add a little variety by creating videos along the lines of tutorials and discussions on relevant industry topics.

With 51% of marketers using visual content via video, you will have to ride on the YouTube wave.

Pro-tip: Keep the length of these videos short without decreasing the quality of the content. Two minutes is enough to secure viral dominance.

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When all else fails, you can always count on making humorous content to increase blog engagements. Humor, after all, is still a major driving force in gaining attention and triggering a response from consumers. There are tons of comedic material out there in the B2B industry, you just have to have a good funny bone to find humor in certain issues.

For a start, you can take a mundane idea and exaggerate it (“Sh&% Cold Callers Would Say” and “Why Dumb Emails are Dumb”) or you can hijack memes and quotes. Tread lightly though. Not all jokes are taken within with a good-hearted chuckle.

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