Paid Distribution for your B2B Content Marketing? Here’s your Guide

Paid Distribution for your B2B Content Marketing - Here’s your Guide

A business that aspires to improve its online presence and up its chances in getting B2B sales leads would have to engage with paid advertising sooner or later. Search optimization, maintaining social media profiles, blogs and email campaigns just aren’t enough to sustain a thriving operation.

Paid advertising programs don’t need to be pricey. As long as you can determine where exactly your efforts need to be targeted, you can multiply your B2B sales leads with just a measly investment. The key is to know what suits your business type, goal and approach.

In a post at by B2B marketer and analyst Eric Wittlake, almost all of the possible routes to paid online distribution are listed for you to choose from. 12 of these choices are discussed below:

1. Promoted Tweets
Targeting on Twitter requires some creativity but it is one of the best places for B2B content to be promoted. Identify key influencers and combine influencer and keyword targeting.

2. LinkedIn Sponsored Updates
With Sponsored Updates you can put your content in the home stream with all of the benefits of LinkedIn’s targeting.

3. Facebook Ads
Facebook’s targeting options for B2B marketers are far better than many people give it credit for. Try typing job titles, industries, affiliations or companies in the self-serve platform.

4. StumbleUpon Paid Discovery
StumbleUpon’s paid program delivers traffic directly to your site, they never even click. That translates to lower cost, but also lower average traffic quality.

5. Reddit
Reddit, with the right content, has the potential to deliver an interested and engaged audience at a lower cost than almost any other social outlet.

6. Outbrain
Campaigns run as related content or additional content text links, generally at the end of articles, across a broad range of publications.

7. Disqus
Disqus brings a large base of blogs and mid-sized publishers.

8. SlideShare
Don’t just embed a SlideShare presentation in your content. Ensure your SlideShare can stand on its own and promote it directly on SlideShare.

9. YouTube
If you use video, there is a good chance it is already on YouTube. Don’t forget that you can also promote your YouTube videos.

10. Google
Google still reigns as the king of search. For the best results when you are first starting, do not run on the display network and consider further limiting your program to only core search.

11. Yahoo/Bing
Although combined they have about 40% of Google’s overall search volume, they are less important to most B2B marketers than the market share would indicate.

12. Retargeting
The most cost effective element of a display campaign is generally retargeting. With relatively low media costs ($2 to $5 CPM) and the opportunity to extend your nurture program logic into display, retargeting is a useful option for sharing additional content with people who have already visited your site.

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