Keeping Your Content Marketing Fresh: Preparing for 2022


Traditional marketing methods such as TV ads and billboards are still doing well today, but offline marketing is definitely not enough to optimize your results. Everyone literally lives on the internet now and is even more accessible to everyone. Online marketing has proven itself as an overall more sustainable and affordable way to market your brand and reach your target audience anytime, anywhere. 

That being said, we should also be aware that our content marketing strategies have to keep up with the times as well because the business world is ever-changing. It can get a little tricky on how you can keep your content “fresh” when there is almost nothing completely “original” anymore, but it’s not completely impossible either. It’s all about making the content your own by adding your own twist to it. 

So, if you’re wondering how to prepare for your content marketing for 2022, keep on reading! 

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Consider Podcasts

Podcasts are not only fun and enjoyable to listen to in the background while you’re working on something, but in the world of business, podcasts have become an integral part of content marketing.  There is an increasing demand for educational podcasts and many companies have already jumped onto this trend this year. 

As podcasts have slowly become a constant in content marketing, think of the right podcast approach that is tailored to your audience where content marketers can share their stories. Focus on highlighting the positive attributes and impact it has on your niche audience. Another reason why you should consider integrating podcasts into your content marketing is the fact that they integrate well into your social media pages and can be easily added into your blog posts for your audiences who prefer audio content. Podcasts provide a personal touch that merely written posts cannot convey

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Result-oriented content

Result-oriented content is something that will definitely help you stand out with your content. Result-oriented doesn’t mean that your content is subtly persuasive or driven by keywords. These are already expected from quality content, but what it means is that you want to help your customers that read your content get their solutions as fast as possible.  When you give your audience a good user experience, you also build their trust and relationship with you

Focus on skimming through your list of metrics in order to learn about how to achieve their particular desired content marketing goal so that all your audience has to do is just click on the goal they want to achieve, and it will show them all the results for those metrics. This will make your content easier to consume and it’s focused on letting your audience get what they want. 

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AI Technology

The age of AI technology has already arrived and businesses have already started integrating AI into their content. Even with the limited resources available, businesses have already found ways to optimize their AI technology. 

Integrating AI technology helps you accelerate your data processing and examination, which in turn makes decision-making much easier. In addition, customers prefer and are also expecting faster real-time responses from us. So, sincerely consider integrating AI-powered chatbots until they become a staple in your content marketing strategy. 


Inclusivity has become a big part of our society as a whole especially in the past year and businesses are also striving to keep the momentum of inclusivity going. It’s important to show dedicated support and impartiality when dealing with all customers and clients, regardless of their background. When companies show their support towards fairness, they are more likely to benefit from it. Most importantly, your clients from all walks of life will always appreciate seeing their favorite company not treating them indifferently. 

Interactive Content

Content has truly matured over the years and it has gone from plain text with some stock photos sprinkled in here and there to content that’s engaging, resulting in interactive formats. Interactive infographics are fun and dandy as well as online quizzes, but even those aren’t sustainable for everyday content. In the year to come try to start integrating your own augmented reality into your content. 

Creating interactive content does mean that you have to put in added investment in both time and money, but we promise you that it will be worth it. Take your content to the next level and stand out from the rest of your competitors. 

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The overall key to content success in this day and age is consistency and personalization. These two are crucial for your business success. Combine that with outstanding user service and experience and you will see your brand credibility skyrocket. 

Last word of advice, don’t wait for 2022 to roll around to start implementing these strategies. Start as early as now so that you can start experimenting with what works best for your business.

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