Is Quality B2B Content Dead?

Is Quality B2B Content Dead?

The idea that content occupies a commanding place in B2B lead generation never fails every marketer. In fact, numerous blog articles and experts in the B2B marketing field have already pointed out that most businesses today are spending a great deal for brand awareness, which is not surprising.

The conquest for competitive content has been a priority for many – to a point that it is ironically losing its mojo. In fact, the Content Marketing Institute noted that content adoption within the B2B industry has decreased to 7.5% from 2013 to 2014. Several factors can easily explain this.

One reason is that there is more volume of online content than there ever was in past years. Now that many businesses have seen the potential of producing massive amounts of social content, it has become difficult to attain better brand visibility. What is more, search engine algorithms have experienced numerous changes over the years, making it hard for SEO teams to adapt to keyword trends.

Judging from these facts alone, can we say that B2B content marketing has indeed lost its appeal?

Not quite. It still has a lot to offer that only savvy marketers can harness.

Trade shows are still a thing.

Now, do not get surprised. Trade shows are still being applied by B2B companies of all sizes, mainly because in-person events remain a great way to foster and solidify B2B partnerships. Not only trade shows but also seminars and conferences provide opportunities to increase one’s audience reach and establish the credibility of the organization.

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Conduct a webinar series.

Creating effective blogs and providing them with equally effective articles is considered passé, at least to businesses that want information in real-time. Considering the geographical restrictions of holding in-person events, it is often advisable to start your own series of webinars. This way, you can directly reach out and interact with your audience without spending a great deal, since you get to do them in the confines of your office!

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Experiment with trends.

No doubt, the challenge in producing content for lead generation involves having to wrestle with market preferences. It is a daily struggle, but you will have to go with the flow anyway. One way to do this is experiment with prevalent pop culture trends by incorporating them in your campaign without of course deviating from your real intention of educating your audience.

Say what you must about content, it is here to stay. As long as you are dead-set at generating a good amount of B2B leads, you must admit that content will not fade away anytime soon.

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