How to Conquer Complex Content Distribution for Lead Generation

It is undeniable that lead generation thrives on content. If anything, it depends on content to be able to produce the types of B2B leads that one’s company looks for. The whole point of it is to find the right kind of people to target, and this is where the challenge behind content distribution lies.

Everyone reiterates that content is king. But it’s a very spoiled king that wants all the attention it can get. You would have to consider complex factors such as audience preference, ROI calculation and web traffic.

On top of these, you would need to determine the best possible venues through which you can communicate your brand to your audience.

The first problem deals with metrics, which can be measured through the use of automated marketing software. Though, deciding which software brand for your lead management priorities entails due consideration. The cost of purchasing the software has to be considered as well. The second problem is directly related to the first. Accurate marketing data is needed in order to plan and implement a B2B campaign.

These problems can easily be remedied if one knows how to deal with content distribution efficiently. Here’s how.

Stay true to your audience profiles

Not having a specific audience profile can impact your B2B lead generation in a negative way. You are probably looking for high profile leads pertaining to C-suite executives in a specific industry. Hence, effective vertical targeting is suited for this wherein you focus on audience data based on company size and reputation.

Maximize your social media use

Social media is still an important tool specifically suited for lead nurturing. However, it’s not actually suited for B2B lead generation. In a 2013 study by, only 5% of B2B marketers see social media effective for certain purposes. This however depends on the type of content you feed your social image. The bright side to this is that social media is cost efficient in terms of stimulating brand awareness.

Focus on whitepapers

Recent marketing statistics point out that whitepapers for specific industries are the most effective content types for B2B lead generation and nurturing. Information after all is an important key to initiate and maintain business relationships. Professional insights to industry trends can beef up your credibility as well as help potential B2B partners in decision-making. They can also help you in your lead nurturing processes.

We just cannot imagine the B2B world without content. But often, we cannot imagine content existing without the competency to handle it. Try acquiring professional lead generation services.

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