How to Reach Influencers and Grow Your Content Audience [VIDEO]

How to Reach Influencers and Grow Your Content Audience

You spent ages crafting and perfecting your content marketing masterpiece, and then you hit the publish button. Hours, days, weeks go by, and yet your engagement metrics still haven’t breached the low double digits. So, you went back to the old drawing board and posted an even more compelling piece of content, but still got the same dismal results.

This is an all-too-familiar situation that many marketers face today. Consider this: 76% of marketers blog, while another 73% produce case studies. That’s just for written content. There’s an entire ocean of infographics, whitepapers, social media posts, videos, and other materials that your target audience has to navigate in order to find your content.

Influencers can give your content the needed boost to reach a wider audience and, more importantly, drive action. This video series gives an overview on influencer outreach, going over some quick tips and ideas you can use, plus a brief walk-through of how we were able to successfully work with influencers in one of our content projects.

Episode 1: Why Reach Out to Influencers?

Influencers are what your content needs to achieve escape velocity and generate the right kind of response. But before we talk about the “how” of influencer outreach, let’s first find out the “why”.

Episode 2: Knowing Who to Reach

In B2B marketing, it all starts with the list–and Influencer outreach is no exception. Knowing who to reach out to is the critical first step that determines your campaign’s success or failure. There’s obviously going to be a lot of factors that an influencer must meet to make it into your list. But it all boils down to three C’s: connections, context, and conversions.

Episode 3: Refining Your Message

It takes a special kind of message to get influencers interested in your content. In this video, I’ll walk you through a few things to consider in order to craft a compelling pitch that contain everything that influencers want to find in an outreach message.

Episode 4: Offering Value

If your pitch is what makes influencers take your request seriously, then it’s the value or benefit you offer that gets them to say yes. There’s one secret to making your offer impossible to refuse, and that’s what I’ll talk about in this episode.

Episode 5: Putting Into Action

It’s now time to apply what we’ve learned so far in this series with an actual example. I’ll go over how we were able to significantly improve the performance of one of our blog entries with help from influencers. Spoiler alert: It worked beyond our expectations.

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