3 Cost-Effective Ways to Use Interactive Content in Events Marketing and Driving Relationships

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B2B organizations are presently pinning their successes on corporate events, noting their increasing importance in lead generation.

According to last year’s statistics by Social Fresh, about 67% of B2B marketers see trade shows and conferences as effective strategies for acquiring new business prospects.

Indeed, the appeal of corporate events continues to spread in view of the enthusiasm from business startups and veteran enterprises that have just realized the potential returns of investing in them. It wouldn’t come as a surprise then that events have become more elaborate in an effort to drive leads.

“Live events in general, whether corporate or consumer-oriented have changed because of the expectation of the audience,” says Red Marketing Founder Paula Balzer in an interview with Time, “The expectations are so much more advanced today largely because technology is more sophisticated. Retaining an audience’s attention is now one of the biggest challenges.”

Spending for corporate events is on the rise because of this situation, but it often always implies significant risks in terms of financing and the quality of messaging needed to attract attendance confirmations.

Call to Invite

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It is thus vital for any event marketing campaign to make use of interactive content that underlines a balance between quality and cost efficiency. Here’s how to boost it.

Start mingling.

Prior to the event, you may want your target market to know you have something in store in the coming days. PayScale was able to perform well during the Society for Human Resource Management Conference 2014 through its “Find your Inner Purple Squirrel,” a lead up campaign which encouraged attendees to visit its booth.

Educate your audience.

Because they have invested their time in the event, attendees expect relevant advice and insights concerning their respective industries. Use whitepapers and case studies to go with your events promotion, citing the relative value each featured lecture possesses.

How to get Tangible ROI in Joining Events

Here’s How to Get Tangible ROI for Business Events!

Conduct livestreaming.

People qualified to attend your event but fail to show up during the event have a lot to miss. Several factors are to blame but none of them should prevent a decision-maker to hear your message. You can always setup a livestream of your event and post real-time updates via Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, you can send emails that sum up the highlights of your event and provide links to videos of recorded lectures. These may entail a little extra effort (and expenses) on the side, but they are worth retaining high-value personalities in your database.

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Needless to say, interactive content is not enough. It is essential to combine it with telemarketing for a full on events marketing campaign without unnecessary expenses.





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