Why Outsource Your Telemarketing Campaign?

Why Outsource Your Telemarketing Campaign

Advertising about your company is one thing, but converting that interest into actually sales leads is something that you should consider as well. That is why you need to use some effective marketing tools to support your campaign. Now, lead generation is a task that should not be taken lightly when it comes to advertising and marketing. Successfully negotiating a deal with a business prospects requires a lot of telesales experience, not to mention communication skills. In case you are lacking in those two points, it might be a better idea to outsource to a professional appointment setting firm do the job for you, just to make your job more convenient.

While it is understandable that you want to personally handle the task of generating B2B leads, you have to admit that this is a task that may be beyond your skills. Besides, given the other things you have to attend to (market planning, product development, management of production floor, etc.) you just cannot afford waste your time and effort in finding business prospects, creating interest, nurturing that interest, and then converting them into actual sales leads. The overhead costs and the initial outlay to conduct your own telemarketing campaign might be beyond your capacity. You really need to get others to do the work for you.

Yes, you will hear a lot of critics saying that outsourcing is not a good idea, that it will drain your company’s resources, that the business leads produced are not good, that you might get conned by fraudulent firms, among other things. But these happen if you are not careful enough. If you are, then your telemarketing campaign would be in a better spot.


Telemarketing Troubles? This Is How You Solve It

Telemarketing Troubles? This Is How You Solve It


Yes, there will be times (it will not be surprising how often it might be) that you get a bad day when generating sales leads. You  may get a lot of rejections, curses, fails, losses, in a single day. But that is all right. Everyone gets that once in a while. And it can have a negative impact on your lead generation productivity. Now that is something no one would want to get in the long run. You will need to solve that, and to solve that fast. So here is how you do it:


  1. For bad calls – instead of taking a break after a particularly nasty call, why not take a deep breath and go straight to the next appointment setting call. Believe it or not, you will forget about that bad call, allowing you to concentrate better in your current calls.
  2. Telemarketing is an art – yes, there are graphs and numbers that you should consider, but when the going gets tough, generating B2B leads is dependent on your communication skills. And mind you, communicating is an art that you have to master.
  3. Remember that no one is perfect – everyone makes a mistake. What matters is how you handle it, how you rise up to the challenge (or maybe save your skin). Sharing your experiences with others might help, as well as learning from others.

Keep these tips in mind, and you will be able to handle your telemarketing troubles. It is that simple, you know.


Will Social Media Replace Telemarketing?

Can Social Media Replace Telemarketing ?


Social media is the rage, there is no doubt about it. With the Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and pictures all catching the attention of a huge number of people, it does have a lot of potentials for a professional lead generation campaign. It is new, it attracts a lot of prospects, and it can certainly help you engage them in a conversation. Surely, this is the best way to attract more B2B leads. It could very well replace telemarketing, right? Well, some marketers might disagree. Before you start saying that those who beg to differ are relics of the past, we must first identify the reasons why social media could not replace telemarketers in generating qualified sales leads.

For one, social media is just that, social. It is merely a platform in which to engage prospects in a conversation, probably about things in common and interests. While it is good to talk to business prospects, the problem here is that some marketers are tempted to replace their entire campaign process with social media – which is a very bad move. Social media is meant to communicate with prospects. Other methods like telemarketing is meant to convert prospects into qualified sales leads. Believe it or not, calling people on the phone is a much needed medium for inside sales people.

Another point to consider are the required steps in qualifying business leads. Social media will help you find prospects, yes, but it is not that efficient in qualifying the prospects. Indeed, there will be some details that will not be clear through this medium. If you want to be sure that your prospects will indeed become viable leads, then you need to perform a more in-depth check on them. And you can only do that by talking directly to them. Even if you cannot do it in person, at least you can use the phone for the job. A skilled lead generation specialist will be able to wring out the true details when the call.

Of course, there is no reason to look at social media as below telemarketing. Indeed, both should be working side by side. You can only say so much on the phone without the prospect losing you. In case you need to say a few more details, social media services can provide that. You have to admit that these can be very powerful tools for inside sales. There are a lot of opportunities that can be found this way. And there are other tools available, like email and blogging. These can help you bring more customers to your business. Which will be all good for you.

Basically speaking, the aim here is to make talking to prospects easier to make. Sure, cold calling may have its detractors, but this is where social media can help. While talking to prospects in blog posts and tweets, you can create there an opportunity, an opening in which you can directly communicate with them on the phone. That will help you get the job done better.

What To Look For In A Telemarketing Team

What To Look For In A Telemarketing Team


Recruiting a good telemarketing team is crucial for a successful lead generation campaign. For one, they are the people who will stand on the frontlines, getting in touch with business prospects and turning them into qualified B2B leads. The problem here, so far, is the actual recruitment of your telemarketers. While it might sound easy, putting things in motion can be quite complicated. You can interview them on the phone, or maybe do a demonstration, but these pale in comparison to more intangible qualities that truly differentiate excellent telemarketers.


  1. A positive attitude – generating sales leads is no joke, with stress and rejections rates on the phone pretty high. If you can find a telemarketer with a natural sense of humor, or lives with a positive attitude, you should give them a second look.
  2. Enthusiasm – the work can be draining, especially if this is a long-term campaign. Excellent telemarketing representatives are buoyed with an enthusiastic outlook, keeping them going despite the drudgery.
  3. They worked hard, and they have something to show for – this is where past job experiences come in. No matter how promising a potential hire is, if they have shown a lackluster performance, this might make you think twice. It is your call to hire them or not.
  4. Self-motivated – you cannot give your team pep talk every day. You have a lot of things on your plate. It would be a great help for you if you simply hire someone that can motivate themselves, and get things done.
  5. They have a clear and friendly voice on the phone – in telemarketing, voice quality is important. You need someone who has this quality if you want to be effective in appointment setting tasks.
  6. Willing to go on an incentives scheme – a commission-based payment system can be a win-win arrangement. If your agent does not perform well, you minimize your losses. If they exceed expectations, they earn a larger paycheck. It is a risk, but the rewards are worth it.
  7. Can work with a team – lone wolves may be good, depending on the account, but you will need team players in a campaign that can might go through several stages before getting qualified as business leads.
  8. Confident – these people are sure of themselves and their capacity to excel in their work. Such people are rarely the type to sulk or get depressed after a bad day. Hire them astelemarketers and you will save yourself from performance headaches later.
  9. Empathetic – someone who can put himself on another man’s shoes is someone will be able to build rapport with prospects. And in lead generation terms, rapport is a big deal.
  10. Persistent – not taking ‘no’ for an answer is a quality that defines an effective marketer. They will keep on going until they finally get what they want.


See? If you can find someone who embodies most of these qualities, then your telemarketing campaign will be successful. What more if you can find one who has them all, right?


Do Large Businesses Still Need Telemarketing?

Do Large Businesses Still Need Telemarketing?

This blog was updated June 16, 2017

Large companies basically have all the resources they need to implement and maintain an effective lead generation mechanism. They are capable of investing in updated technologies along with a wide range of tools that will benefit their marketing in the long run. Especially now that modern technology has allowed large companies to expand their brand’s appeal through email marketing, SEO and social media, the only path for these companies is to adapt to digital trends.

We now beg the question: Where does telemarketing fit in? Is it still significant in today’s digital ecosystem?

For many entrepreneurs, the decision of whether or not to use telemarketing as a lead generation tool remains to be a critical issue. On the one hand, it would seem like an old-fashioned way to generate quality leads. On the other, it remains to be the hallmark of establishing effective clients interactions.

 In fact, Margin Media [2013] reported that marketers qualified over 80% of leads as high or medium quality from telemarketing activity. 

Read full article on Keep Calm and Cold Call: B2B Telemarketing is Still an Unstoppable Force

Still, a marketer worth his salt knows better than to ignore the capabilities of telemarketing and, in particular, cold-calling. Prospects, for one reason, prefer to be educated rather provided with consumable information. Decision-makers nowadays want to know more about a product before they consider making a purchase. And e-mails and newsletter just won’t cut it. Though it provides for a broader reach to potential clients, a purely digital campaign does can only secure minimal results. The thing is, your prospects want to know more, and providing them with content that does not respond immediately to the issues and queries they raise can be limiting.

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We can always agree that telemarketing is, in some way, traditional since it does not jibe well with contemporary marketing trends. Still, when it comes to appointment setting and B2B lead generation, picking up the phone has some level of appeal to decision-makers who want to lend an ear and consume the kind of information they wanted. If anything, telemarketing allows you to speed up the process of qualifying leads and ensuring that prospects end up making a sales appointment.

We’re need saying that social media marketing is all that bad, but you need to supplement it with the old fashioned method of actually engaging your prospects in meaningful conversations, responding well to their issues and providing them with the right kind of information to court them into a purchase.

As much as we can say about digital marketing being convenient and fast and all, telemarketing remains to be effective in terms of nurturing leads. And we can ramble on on how content marketing is king, but what really matters nowadays is that the fact that you are able to interact with your clients in their own terms. And that is something you can only achieve by listening and speaking to them.

On a side note, you can always engage your clients via social media and email right after your initial contact. This will make sure that the bridges you have made are still intact and that you are keeping your prospects all warmed up for another engagement over the phone.

After all, companies have a lot of resources on their side to support whatever marketing campaign they want to implement. Logistical and financial issues aside, making the crucial step of investing in telemarketing can open up a whole new world of possibilities.

It’s just a matter of reinventing the way you view on how telemarketing works.



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Are Your B2B Telemarketers Doing Cold Calling Monologues?

Are Your B2B Telemarketers Doing Cold Calling Monologues?

Are your sales representatives talking too much? That may just be the reason why your b2b sales leads aren’t converting. A lead generation campaign is only as effective as the number of qualified leads it allows you to convert. But if your sales people are using the old style of telemarketing or telesales, then you will obviously not get your desired results.

Here are 6 reasons why monologues are no longer effective in converting b2b sales leads:

  • B2b leads are listening more to what each other thinks, instead of listening to a company’s praises for itself. They have lesser and lesser trust in the brands promoting products and services, and often ask the opinions of their peers, friends and relatives before making any sort of purchase.
  • Business leads want to feel special. If your cold calling b2b telemarketers are only the ones talking, then your sales leads will feel alienated instead. They want you to listen to their problems, and they want you to give solutions that will help them remedy these problems. It’s never about how innovative or advanced your products and services are, if it doesn’t give them the right benefits, they won’t purchase it.

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  • Cold calling monologues are considered as trademarks of narrow-minded companies, and business leads know full well that these kinds of companies are only after their money. These companies are only after the quick sale, customer service is usually not one of its strong points, and the prospects are seldom qualified b2b sales leads.
  • Purchases resulting from sales monologues often lead to unsatisfied customers or clients because it was never discussed if the offer actually solves a problem of the client in the first place. The cold call was all about how great the offer is, not how appropriate it is to the current situation of the business sales lead.
  • Telesales monologues don’t promote feedback from business sales leads, which means telemarketing scripts remain largely the same for countless campaigns. If the current script offends a business lead, then it would simply continue to do so. Here are some sample cold calling scripts for you.

Don’t Waste a Moment! See Sample Cold Calling Scripts

  • Because b2b leads can’t talk during telesales monologues and no information can be gleaned from the call, so nothing is essentially gained during the call (but there is a large chance that the b2b sales leads have already been lost). This means that monologues never make for a good b2b lead generation campaign.

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If you want to have a good b2b telemarketing campaign, whether for lead generation or telesales, then outsource to a professional b2b telemarketing service provider whose b2b telemarketers are properly trained to build rapport with business sales leads and promote conversations.



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The Digital Marketer’s Guide to Telemarketing Performance Metrics
4 Ways to Get Past Gatekeepers and Reach Prospects Every Time [VIDEO]
Things to Do When Dealing With A B2B Prospect that’s Difficult to Reach

Three Handy Tools For Niche Telemarketing

For a lot of companies, niche marketing can be a very effective tool in getting more business coming into your firm. It has a lot of applications in various industries, including those in the lead generation business. Think about it, regardless of what marketing medium you use, be it social media or telemarketing, you will need to know whether you are reaching out to the right audience. Being able to tailor your products or service to potential clients can make all the difference in your campaign to generate B2B leads. But really, how can you be sure that what you are doing is right? Luckily, there are three easy tips to remember when you try niche marketing:

  1. Address the needs of the market – yes, this is the first rule that you must remember. Being able to tailor your lead generation service to a specific industry can help improve your chances of getting potential clients. For example, you can offer lead generation services to companies that have marketing teams of their own, while you can also offer appointment setting services to those who have none. Such level of personalization maximizes your company’s ability to capture more clients. It will also help you save on costs since what you do can use more localized, and usually, cheaper, marketing mediums to get your customers. For example, you can hire a local telemarketing team to do the job for you.
  2. Know the language – you need to know what is the language spoken in the niche you wish to enter. Remember, you need to sound and be part of the community. Failure to consider the nuances of the locality may bring negative, if not hilarious results. Remember Electrolux? One of the biggest makers of vacuum cleaners in Europe tried to enter the US market with the tagline “Nothing sucks like Electrolux”. Innocent enough, but caused a complete fiasco with the Americans. You also need to be careful when translating into another language, lest you make the same “finger-lickin’ good” mistake of KFC in China – the Chinese characters read “eat your fingers off”.
  3. Test the waters – even if you see no competitors in the market, it does not mean that you have just found a gold mine. More likely than not, many of your competition have tried entering the market but were unable to penetrate. It does not mean that you should just give up. Who knows, you might have something that the market is looking for. Try examining your competition. See how they tried to market their products and services.  What you learn from them can help you craft a better marketing plan. And always try testing the market before you fully roll-out, tweaking out any areas of improvement. This is an essential precautionary step.

These are just a few of the many tips that you can use when you want to try entering a niche market. As long as you follow them carefully, you will be able to work in this market better. Who knows, this might be the best investment you can make in marketing.

How NOT To Manage Your Telemarketers


There are plenty of avoidable mistakes that business managers make when managing their telemarketing teams. The allure of gaining new clients or customers and achieving high revenues can lead business owners to disregard proper management practices that eventually add to the negative image of professional telemarketing. To get better results from this direct marketing channel, here are six suggestions on how NOT to manage your telemarketers:

  1. Hiring telemarketers en masse – hiring a large number of telemarketing people within a short period of time means you spend less time evaluating the skills of each person. This will only jeopardize your business and require you to pay people for work that they are not qualified to perform effectively.
  2. Giving them a calling list that includes…just about everyone – your telemarketers receive the full force of rejection and anger from irate sales leads everyday, strive to reach quotas and yet still manage to assume a happy disposition for every call. The least you can do to help your professional telemarketers do their job properly is to arm them with a well-targeted list to give your telemarketers a better chance of reaching their quotas and limit the number of unrelated, irate calls, effectively reducing stressors.
  3. Setting unrealistic goals – setting impossibly high quotas that your telemarketers could never reach will cause a huge blow on their morale. Eventually, they’ll just stop trying to get even one successful sales lead because they feel all efforts towards reaching your absurdly high quotas are useless . On the other hand, giving them realistic goals will encourage them to strive harder and even surpass the limits you’ve set, which means more sales leads and higher revenue for your company.
  4. Undermining a telemarketer’s free will – give your telemarketers some space to actually use their own God-given skills to solve problems. Hawking over them to monitor every little detail of their work will only increase their stress levels, which means they are not in optimal shape to qualify leads, handle technical support issues or even sell products and services.
  5. Eagerly promoting top performers to management – do you really expect your sales leads to soar by removing your best telemarketers from the production floor? Unless you are confident that your top performers have the skills to become great managers, you might want to keep them burning the phone lines a little longer.
  6. Scrimping on additional training – experience beats training, you might argue. But keeping your frontliners regularly updated with current trends in telemarketing best practices will help improve their overall work performance in the long run.

Choosing Data for IT Telemarketing Campaigns

by: Rich Bendall

For businesses carrying out an IT telemarketing campaign a key part in its success or failure is the quality of the data being used. Despite this many companies still treat data as an afterthought rather than as a key part of their strategy.

When selecting data, businesses have the choice of either building their own list or buying existing content. Building data means carrying out your own research to create a bespoke database of contacts for your IT telemarketing campaign. If you don’t want to perform your own research then you have the option to rent the data from a third party company. Find your list and have the same company do your telemarketing for IT services as well. Both options have their own benefits and drawbacks.

When deciding whether to buy or build there are several things you should consider. In many cases the person you need to contact within an organization will depend on the campaign you are running. If you need to reach a specific person you need to be sure that any data you buy is sufficiently well targeted. Some data providers will just provide a very general contact for each organization and more tailored information may not be available. In this case you may have no other option than to build your own data.

Generally building your own bespoke IT telemarketing database will tend to be a more expensive process than simply buying from a third party. However if from this targeted data you are able to generate a higher number of sales then clearly this can be seen as the more cost effective option. As a compromise many businesses choose to combine the two options. That is they rent data which they then qualify themselves through their own research.

In summary the more niche and targeted your telemarketing for IT and Software campaign needs to be,the more value you will get from generating your own database of contacts.

Cleaning Company Telemarketing Tips

Cleaning Company Telemarketing Tips

Most of us have tried cold calling to obtain new contract cleaning customers… and found out the hard way how unrewarding and ineffective it can be.

More often than not, the reception is somewhat unwelcoming if you call facility managers out of the blue. You’re liable to receive practically nothing BUT rejection, some of it extremely impolite too.

But does this really PROVE that telemarketing doesn’t work… or does it merely show that we’ve not had the experience and insider knowledge on WHAT to say when we reach the target person and which APPROACH to take in b2b telemarketing?

Well, to find let’s take a look at how people see telemarketing.

Cleaning services telemarketing has a bad name only because there are so many inept, unskilled and badly planned approaches in use.

The fact is that most telemarketing calls succeed only to UPSET (or bore to death) the facility manager within seconds… and once that has occurred, there’s NO WAY anything good could ever come out of that conversation.

Some telemarketing for commercial cleaning services activities are just idiotic, trying to FORCE things on the target persons. Here, we need not search farther for the cause of failure.

If telemarketing people had a little less aggression and a bit more cleverness in planning their approach, janitorial telemarketing would have a far better image than is the case currently.

But most of the better-planned telemarketing activities also manage to achieve very low results because of a more hidden cause: Unwittingly, they upset the target person by overstepping his willingness and/or ability to accept what is being said.

It’s very normal for telemarketing speeches to try to force the facility manager into accepting chosen facts. This is the “sales-oriented” cleaning services telemarketing strategy wherein one tries to SELL ideas (and, cleaning services) directly on the telephone to a stranger.

They want to FORCE the facility manager into saying that he is dissatisfied with his current cleaning service. They attempt to manipulate him into answering their questions “correctly.”

But logic doesn’t work in telemarketing for janitorial services… well, not logic forced on the target person anyhow. That’s because the success of telemarketing is solely based on the EMOTIONAL RESPONSES that the telemarketer creates in the person he is calling.

The fact of the matter is that people react to new things emotionally much more so than rationally.

That’s to say whenever something new springs upon us our initial reaction is based on EMOTION, not logic.

For some, logic takes over quite quickly. But the majority needs help in being able to start thinking rationally in a subject with which they’re NOT FAMILIAR.

And for most facility managers, the subject of evaluating and comparing contract cleaning services is factually a subject in which they’re not experts.

Therefore, LOGIC can only be used to plan an emotionally correct approach, NOT to plan a logical approach.

In other words, you cannot “talk sense” to facility managers at this stage if you want prospective clients. Instead, you must talk “emotion” so your approach meets with their approval on an emotional level.

Thus, the strategy of janitorial telemarketing must be built on…

  • how facility managers look at cleaning services, what’s their level of familiarity, awareness, and understanding on the subject of contract cleaning services…
  • how willing they are to view the quality of his current cleaning services exactly as it is and SEE if there is reason to be dissatisfied…
  • how much (and how fast) we can INTEREST him into a discussion on the subject of cleaning services (and avoid being rejected)…
  • how well your approach is built to meet his emotional response to the subject of cleaning services…
  • how well and fluently YOU can introduce new factors that help to explain the problems in a way he can ACCEPT (basically by finding causes other than HIM for the unfortunate state of things)…
  • how gradual your approach is so he can take the next step without having to face too much discomfort or responsibility (commitment)…

…and so on.

Now, it may all seem a bit confusing and theoretical, but essentially it simply means this: To be successful, your cleaning services telemarketing approach must ALIGN with how facility managers currently SEE cleaning services and how they FEEL about it and all the subjects it involves.

It must also include comfortable, interesting and small enough steps for him to take so he can “graduate” onto the next level of action following the initial prospecting call.

Now, if you attempt PLANNING that from scratch you’re up for a project lasting several years. I know for we’ve done it… and it did take years.

You need to survey the target audience several times, test various scripts, find the problems in the script AND in how the telemarketers use it (and differentiate between these so as not to change what works), adjust the speech and the way people use it… back and forth for ages because each phase needs to be done LONG ENOUGH so you can be CERTAIN of its mistakes and results… on and on.

It’s very complicated and time-consuming.

However, once there, once the work has been done, once you’ve fought through all the confusion it all becomes utterly SIMPLE.

B2B Telemarketing

by: Mahavir

The major advantage of third party b2b telemarketing companies is their ability to use dozens of telemarketers to get your message out quickly. Unless you have a fully-staffed internal b2b telemarketing division, outside firms will make thousands of calls in a relatively short time frame compared to what you can do in-house. However, b2b telemarketing services firms tend to be expensive and lack selling skills; they are limited in engaging in dialog about technical products or services and are better suited for information gathering, appointment setting and “yes or no” types of campaigns. And unless you supply the telemarketing list, telemarketing firms have a history of using poor quality b2b telemarketing lists.

There are advantages to using an in-house person for your business-to-business telemarketing efforts. People staffed by your organization can be trained in sophisticated selling techniques, so that they will be familiar with the technical aspects of your product and can engage in more extensive dialog with potential clients and pass on telemarketing leads to your sales staff instantly. Also, when the telemarketing efforts are done internally, you control telemarketing list buys, and can be more diligent on which lists to use.

But, as we mentioned earlier, small businesses rarely have enough people on staff who can provide telemarketing services on an ongoing basis. A cost-effective alternative may be to hire college students, retirees or part-timers and train them on a specific telemarketing project. And here’s a training tip for you… if your telemarketers are going to be reading from a script, have them practice sounding like they are improvising. Knowing that the person on the other end of the phone is reading is a sure turn-off and can hurt your response rate.

In short, both internal and external b2b telemarketing services has its benefits. Regardless of which direction you decide to go in, make sure you have the right telemarketing lists. It’ll make all the difference in the world.
Next, the b2b telemarketing company quickly recruits some people to do the actual cold-calling whose qualifications include something like showing up for the interview and smiling a lot. Or they ask a temp agency nearby to send over some people who have been through a similarly rigorous screening process. Next, they dust off an ex-client’s script, change a few words, give it to the newly hired business-to-business telemarketing reps and say, “Start calling.”

Hire a top-notch B2B telemarketing company. Look for a company with a proven track record of calling into the same industries and the same titles as you will want them to be calling on your behalf. Thoroughly check references and insist that the b2b telemarketing services appointment setting company assign experienced callers to your project. Then both you and the firm must invest time and effort in creating call guidelines (rather than a verbatim script) and training callers on the unique aspects of your business and your prospects. Finally, give the callers a well-targeted list of prospects to call, and have them start dialing.

Outsourcing B2B Telemarketing Services

By: Mark Swanson, Director of Business Development, Tele Resources, Inc.,


There is no better source for b2b telemarketing services than the B2B environment. According to recent statistics published by the DMA, B2B companies spend 27.9 billion in telemarketing services. In addition, the 2006 DMA Response Rate Study found that Telemarketing in the B2B environment has a response rate of 9.11 percent.


Business to business lead generation is more than just the process of having a room full of agents making calls. In fact many organizations have sales agents making calls during the daytime. This is commonly construed as something other than telemarketing services. However, nothing could be further from the truth. No matter what size the sales force, if they are making outbound calls to prospects then they are telemarketing. It is important to have the legal requirements for this process as well as the technology to support FCC ( NewsAlert) regulations. Most of the sales force process can be handled by telemarketing agents and the data can be better processed and follow-up calls better organized. In the face of data requirements and federal regulations, outsourcing B2B telemarketing services to help increase business to business leads has become one of the most effective telesales options.


One of the major advantages when outsourcing your sales force is to consider the technology involved with a telemarketing operation. Telemarketing centers have dialer systems that can allow telemarketing agents to do in a day, what an agent with a manual dialing agent would take a week to do. More and more companies have utilized B2b telemarketing services for their B2B calling because it is simply more effective and significantly more affordable.


In addition to direct sales, the DMA has found that 17.5 billion is spent generating business leads and there is no indication that this spending will decrease. Despite new practices in lead generation telemarketing leads still convert faster and more effectively. In addition, any respected telemarketing center houses lead recordings and has a quality assurance department verifying each lead. Telemarketing agents generating leads can often ask questions and essentially warm up a lead for sales agents and keep them nurtured throughout the sales process. Business to business lead generation provides the most highly qualified leads and ultimately the most cost effective sale available. With the majority of all ground work covered for internal sales agents, telemarketing services provide the most positive addition for the internal sales force.