Who Says Telemarketing Can’t Drive Leads Further Down the Sales Funnel?

Who Says Telemarketing Cant Drive Leads Further Down the Sales Funnel

One of the things that experts don’t like about outbound marketing is that it’s not as sustainable as inbound marketing. The longer the campaign, the more expensive it gets. ROI is difficult to track. Then there are the numerous blocking techniques, from spam filters to TiVo to DNC lists. And to add insult to injury, inbound marketers harp about how inbound leads usually go much further through the sales funnel than most outbound leads.

Well, it’s hard to argue with them. But it’s not like their argument is hermetically-sealed. For one, it doesn’t always mean that outbound leads can’t go further down the sales funnel. In fact, outbound marketing is as important as inbound marketing.

They can, and here’s where good old lead nurturing plays a crucial role.

The Head Start

You have to remember that the telemarketer is the most proactive marketing tool in a business. On the micro level, there’s no other person in an organization that has the same level of correspondence with prospective clients. On the macro level, there’s no other form of marketing where you can instantly interact with a prospect and take note of their needs or address their concerns.

Here are the other advantages of telemarketing:

  • Direct contact with clients
  • Reaching large audiences
  • Pulling in high value leads
  • Ability to segment audiences
  • Instant feedback

These are substantial advantages. In basketball, it’s like leading by 15 with two minutes left in the fourth quarter. In swimming, it’s a half-body lead with one turn to go. It’s like being up four strokes in the back nine in golf. These are not insurmountable leads, but they sure ease the pressure, make you feel comfortable.

But since you’re in marketing, you cannot really feel comfortable for a long time or allow yourself to be complacent, no matter the advantages. Remember, when you’re doing outbound, you have a chip on your shoulder. You always have to outperform yourself.

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Capitalizing on the Advantages

Give it a Little Push

There are some companies that have a relatively longer sales cycle. A custom made lead nurturing program is perfect for these kinds of organizations. These programs are designed to engage with prospects over time, making them more likely to buy the product or avail of the service at the right time. Don’t ever think that leads can push themselves down the sales funnel by themselves. To make things work positively for you, you need to give them a little push. Here’s a detailed guide on nurturing and following up on leads who requested more information or pursue those leads who are not interested. 


When Less is More: How to Make Prospects Buy From You from Callbox on Vimeo.


Right Message at the Right Time

Sending the right message to the right person at the right time is what lead nurturing is all about. It’s more than just writing a series of emails, sending them out to your prospects on a drip schedule or calling them with the most enticing script. It’s not even just about writing different kinds of content for each stage in the funnel and hoping the prospect is all tender for buying. It’s about getting your prospects’ attention, educating them and getting them engaged, by being able to deliver certain messages they need to receive at certain points in the sales process. 

Check out our email marketing video series on How To Make Your Emails Impossible to Ignore. Get more tips on increasing your email open rates. 

 Follow Up

When a person says he has “no time” for something, that person is lying. We have time, but each of us has our own priorities, and sometimes, it just happens that what you are offering isn’t in your prospect’s list of priorities, or he must have forgotten it because of, well, the same priorities. Don’t wait for your prospect to reach out to you. Your goal is to keep communication lines open between the prospect and your company. Remember, one out of five prospects will take more than a year to finally buy the product.

And the best news is, nurtured leads make roughly 50% larger purchases than those who weren’t nurtured.


  • Send “Win-Back” Email
  • Reconnect through Social Media
  • Create Good Quality Content to Lure Them Back

Read more on how to follow up and reactivate the interest of your old leads on your pipeline. Follow up, follow up, follow up!

Keep it Personal

Yes, you have an automated lead nurturing scheme, but don’t let it take away the personal touch you have. Everybody loves being given personal attention. Talk to prospects in a way that you’d talk to close friends or even family. As these prospects go down further the sales funnel, your level of familiarity with them should also go deeper. Make them feel not like customers but partners or associates.

Humanize your marketing automation and lead nurturing process. Learn more on Lead Nurturing: The Callbox Way.

Summing Up

Leads are the lifeblood of every business, and no other tool puts a business directly and continuously in touch with prospects than telemarketing. I’m not saying that telemarketing should be used more than content marketing or social media, because that would downright absurd if not tantamount to committing marketing hara-kiri. What I’m saying is, telemarketing is still as important to companies when it comes to lead generation as it was before content marketing came along.


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SMART Calling: What’s the Edge?

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Keep Prospects Glued on the Phone Like Bees to Honey

Keep Prospects Glued on the Phone Like Bees to Honey

Research says the longer a caller is able to hold a business prospect on the phone, the better his or her chances are in getting a positive result.

Okay, research didn’t say that.

Common sense says every conversation with a prospect is a chance to establish a connection, build rapport, and eventually, a mutually beneficial relationship. So it follows the longer you keep the person you are calling on the phone, the better the odds of your getting a “yes”.  

But the million-dollar question is: How do you keep a prospect engaged in a phone conversation outside of singing your best rendition of “Sweet Child of Mine” or telling the person at the other end you might be long-lost siblings?

The answer may have something more to do about psychology and sociology than marketing.  

See, making phone calls goes beyond business. In a way, it is a social act with a social function – the sociology part. Your success or failure hinges as much as in the solution to their problem as it is in your ability to connect with the prospect, to appeal to the emotion – the psychology part. How you marry the two to your advantage is entirely up to you.

Here are five simple ways to better engage your prospects on the phone:

  • Communicate clearly and professionally and be polite

You probably know the drill: introduce yourself, the name of the company you are calling for, and the purpose of the call. Always do these in a very clear and professional manner. But before going any further and asking the prospect a lot of personal questions, ask if it is a good time for them to spend a couple of minutes listening to your sales pitch. If it’s not, ask when it would be more convenient.

Remember to apologize when you make a mistake – like mispronouncing a name or even the address. And of course, always thank the prospective customer for their time.

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  • Be Genuinely Interested

It’s important to show sincere enthusiasm during a phone call to better engage customers on the phone. More often than not, you have a company-provided script, but during the critical initial stages – when you’re trying to establish a connection — it’s better to stay off script so that you’d sound more genuine. The person at the other end would appreciate an honest conversation more than one that reeks of aggressiveness and hard selling.

If you show genuine interest in your customer, they will feel a stronger connection to you and the company you represent. Giving your customer information that is helpful to their specific situation is a great way to show that you are really interested in their needs. In case the offer is rejected, you can still follow up a call on them after a couple of weeks or months. We’ll never know, it might be the right time to pitch and close the deal.

Know when is the right time to call a prospect. Learn more about Smart Calling!

  • Know your products and services but avoid tricks and gimmicks

You cannot give what you do not have, right? Believe in your product and explain why your product is the solution to the customer’s problem or need. Here’s the tricky part: If the customer is willing to listen to what you have to offer, you can be sure they don’t want to hear you reading it from a catalogue, otherwise, they’ll do it themselves.

When you’re pitching a product or service, make sure you know it like the back of your hand and you take to heart whatever you are promoting so you won’t have to use gimmicks just to better engage customers on the phone. You’d not only sound smart and confident, but it will also go a long way in helping to establish credibility for you and your company. Trust is essential to close sales and win loyal customers.

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  • Use the words they love to hear

Everybody feels good when they hear the words they love to hear. So go ahead, make your customer feel good. Take advantage of certain words that elicit a specific positive effect on a person depending on the situation. Certain persuasive words encourage customers to buy more than others, like: free, guaranteed, new, improved, and instantly. When customers hear these words, it causes some kind of placebo effect — they’ll enjoy their purchases more than they would have otherwise. It’s even better if the quality of the product or service backs up the initial promise.

Bonus tipsFive Telemarketing Phrases That You Should Skip!


  • Active Listening

Listening to customers isn’t enough – you really have to listen carefully, paraphrase and repeat their points or concerns. In other words, you really have to have conscious effort in listening to the person you are talking to on the phone. That’s the only way you can respond in an empathetic and understanding way.

You should not only listen well during conversations with customers, but also take notes. Your customer will appreciate when you show that you’ve remembered a detail or two about them and bring it up later in a conversation.

Using active listening on the phone helps your callers feel heard and appreciated. It makes them more likely to engage with your business and become repeat customers. You can never go wrong giving too much attention and care to your customers!

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Bonus Tip: Don’t stop smiling

I used to attend a class in college where we were trained to handle phone calls. I forgot most of the lessons except for one: Always smile when talking on the phone. Why? Smiling actually gives your voice a positive, friendly tone.

Here’s more: Studies have shown that callers notice when the speaker has a smile on their face and when they do not. Keep a smile on your face when speaking to customers on the phone and you are setting the tone for a positive, engaging interaction that they will not forget.

Bottom line

When you’re calling a prospect, don’t ever think that your job is just to get information and close a deal. Think of it as establishing a real connection that would eventually lead to sales. Don’t be a snake oil salesman everyone is avoiding.

If you want to better engage customers on the phone, be clear, be genuinely nice, know what you are selling or offering, actively listening, and always smile. Worst case, even if a caller doesn’t have an immediate need for your product or service, they’ll refer your company to friends and family if you engage them well on the phone. Best case, you have a new customer.


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The 5 to 5 Calling Rule for Inbound Leads (That Generated Over 40% Increase in Sales)

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Top 5 Sales Blind Spots in the IT and Software Industry

Top Sales Blind Spots in the IT and Software Industry

“Is your sales process be considered an asset or a liability when it comes to closing deals?

Most of the time, it’s easier to see the blind spots of others than our own. In sales, ignorance is a disadvantage. In order to become effective in sales, you must learn to recognize the things you don’t know in your sales process instead of focusing on your competitors and see the reality with an objective eye. 

According to Apttus and Adobe 2014 Sales Survey, many organizations are unaware that their processes are lengthening sales cycles and bleeding top – line revenue.


When we say blind spots, we’re not only talking about Sales Reps. I‘ve divided this article to highlight how we can help Sales Reps, as well as  CEOs and Sales Managers in IT and Software Industry recognize the biggest and the most common blind spots they tend to neglect in their sales process.

Here are some of the biggest blind spots of CEOs and Sales Managers in IT and Software Industry.

#1: “We hire professional and experienced sales reps, so we can save money on training.”

IT and Software industry have their own language. If your sales reps are not familiar with some of the technical words used, then they’ll have a hard time getting the message across your prospects. Lack of product knowledge makes agents lose confidence when calling. Even if they have the skills, they won’t be able to handle objections well because they don’t have enough knowledge and understanding of what he is offering. 

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#2: “We have good relationship with our clients.”

Good job! But do you know about their plans next year? Have you met with them face to face? Does that mean they will continue to patronize your product or service? We all know that there are a lot of competitors that can also provide good and quality service and they might consider later on. Having a good relationship with your client isn’t enough. You have to evolve and continue to provide better services that you used to. You can even offer them a referral promotions and make them refer you.

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#3: “Salespeople are motivated by money.”

Sure, money is a great way to motivate your reps to perform well. But money isn’t everything. Many American corporation spends nearly $50 billion on incentives every year. There are other ways to incentivize your reps. Travel and merchandise awards can motivate them more and are remembered longer than cash incentives. Also, salespeople want to be recognized based on their performance.

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On the other hand, it’s easy for Sales reps to see the problem with the script and list that they’re calling. But they have a huge blind spot on how they deliver their calls and the process on how to do it.

Here are some of Sales reps’ most significant blind spots when calling:

Over or Under-Selling

You might think it’ll do you good. However, over or under selling usually do harm than good. If a salesperson continues his sales pitch even after the prospect has expressed his interest may annoy your prospect and could change their mind. Under selling on the other hand simply shows lack of product knowledge or a lazy sales rep that’s not doing his job well. A good salespeople knows how to identify when to close a sale and when the customer is ready to buy.


Provide your sales pitch to prospects but only highlight those important details.

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Forgetting Warm Leads

You‘ve encountered a prospect who’s interested in your product or service but is not available to discuss about it when you called. The following day, you report to work flooded with return emails and phone calls and you’ve forgotten to follow up on that warm lead. Chances are you’ll lose that sale. Multitasking can make sales reps forget something because a lot is going on inside of their head.


  • Always set a reminder for yourself with complete details as to what happened on the call.
  • Keep details of some of his concerns to answer any questions that may arise.
  • Prepare before making a call. This way, you won’t forget anything and eventually close the sale.
  • If you’re not available to follow up on them, ask somebody to do this for you and provide all of the information needed.

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#4: Leaving little but important  tasks unfinished

During a phone call, sales reps tend to neglect little tasks that might help them on their calls because they think it’s not important. Leaving a job unfinished means leaving money on the table. You might think it’s just a small task but it may be useful for you in the future. The most important part of a salesperson’s job when making a call is to maximize every call.

Here are some of the little but important task that sales reps tend to forget when making a call:

  • Not asking for the best time to call.
  • Not maximizing the call and look for other decision makers to talk to.
  • Not gathering information especially if decision makers are not available.


It’s hard to get hold of IT Managers, IT Directors, VPs and C level people because they are always busy. List down all the things that need to be accomplished on your call and practice doing it on every call.

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#5: Maximizing all possible opportunities

Maximize all possibilities to close a sale. Dropping the phone when prospect says they’re not interested at the beginning of the call without them knowing your product is a lose opportunity. You need to get an answer on every call even if the prospect answers “No”. Also, offer other products or services offered especially if they need something else but you also provide those services.  

Neglecting these blind spots, even the simplest one because you don’t understand the reason why you need to do it may grow bigger over time and can threaten your career. So start practicing and applying these blind spots on your day to day activities as sales reps to improve your company’s marketing strategies.



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The Crucial Benefit of Telemarketing Services in the Field of Healthcare

Healthcare field is one of the largest and the fastest growing industries in the US. With so many rules and regulations when it comes to patient confidentiality and on how to market your product to the right people, healthcare companies are wondering if they would consider telemarketing to help them spread awareness in their target market.

The question is, how can a healthcare company benefit from utilizing a telemarketing?

Here’s the following perks of outsourcing telemarketing services that will help Healthcare companies run their business smoothly.

They have Qualified and Experienced Sales Professionals

The Crucial Benefit of Telemarketing Services in the Field of Healthcare

When calling, Healthcare companies usually target professionals. And for them to consider you and gain their trust, you must leave a good impression. To be able to do this when contacting your potential prospects, you must hire qualified sales reps to represent your company. Here are the qualities of telemarketer that you should be looking for.

Telemarketing companies invest on their people by hiring professional telemarketers who are trained to provide better service. Not only that, they also have sales reps who are experienced in generating quality sales-ready leads for you company.

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They Can Streamline your Scheduling Process using High End Tools

The Crucial Benefit of Telemarketing Services in the Field of Healthcare

All healthcare providers undergo medical billing and can utilize telemarketing to process and follow up on claims with health insurance companies in order for healthcare companies to receive payment for their service on time. Telemarketing companies invest on high quality tools to help them manage and streamline this process using these tools to reach your goals and objectives. They even have reporting tools to help their client keep track of what’s going on with their campaign on a daily basis.

Check Callbox SMART Calling Technology and Pipeline CRM to get a better view of these telemarketing tools. 

They Don’t Just Look for Prospects for You,

They Also Provide Accurate Information through Profiling

The Crucial Benefit of Telemarketing Services in the Field of Healthcare

Telemarketing company has reps that generate leads. At the same time, can profile and verify the information of your patients or the right person who decides within their organization, especially if decision makers are not available by the time they called. Every product targets different market. And telemarketing companies know how important pre-qualifying the company is, to make sure if the company is worth pursuing. They also verify to make sure they have the correct information. Information such as;

  • Email address
  • Complete name
  • Correct job title
  • Company information (company name, address and website)
  • Pre-qualify the company (number of employees/patients, etc)
  • Availability of the prospect

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Reach Out To Patients / Customers through Multiple Channels

The Crucial Benefit of Telemarketing Services in the Field of Healthcare

For medical and pharmaceutical companies, telemarketing can be utilized by following up with existing customers. At the same time by promoting your products with your potential customers. Telemarketers can contact them in various ways; email, social media or mobile. You have to be where your customers are whenever they are looking for your product.

This approach can help improve your marketing strategies by being visible to your target audience. Stay in contact with them gives you an opportunity to find more potential customers through word of mouth. They might not need your product now but they can recommend your product to friends and relatives because they are aware of you and what your product can do.


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Customer Profiling Checklist in Verifying Business Contacts

Customer Profiling Checklist in Verifying Business Contacts

Why it pays to profile your customer?

Every company tries to identify who to market their products before they decide on how to do it. What a better way to find out who your customers are is to have an Ideal Customer Profile. And the best way to market your product and reach your target audience better and faster, is to have an updated contacts. Better business decisions are crafted when you have good data as a basis.

Having an accurate and informative contact list before calling your prospects is one of the most powerful marketing tools in order to learn who the best person to speak with is.  An updated contacts require less effort for your sales team to call companies over and over again just to find out who makes the decisions within their organization.

The information that you need to collect depends on your type of business. Below are some of the essential information that you need to gather and verify when doing customer profiling.

Email address

The direct business email of your target contact. Prior to the start of the campaign, sending out an introductory email is important. It can be an easy access for you to be transferred and eventually speak with the decision maker without anyone blocking your call because it may sound like you’re following up a recent conversation.

TIP: There will be times wherein Receptionists  will provide a generic email. Make sure that your target contact will have access to the email address provided to you. As much as possible, gather a direct business email.

a) Direct Business Email The email address that they use for all business transactions.

Examples: hrmanager@xyzltd.com, erikag@xyzltd.com, egomez@xyz.com

b) Generic Email – Most of the target contacts don’t have access to this email.

Examples: info@xyzltd.com, xyzltd@xyzltd.com, mail@xyzltd.com

First and Last Name 

The complete name of your target contact to address the email properly. It’ll be easier for you to get hold of decision makers if you know their names since you won’t be doing prospecting anymore. Plus, Receptionists might think you know the decision maker personally and will transfer the call directly.

Job Title/ Position in the Company 

The correct job title of the contact person to address your target contact properly in the email. This is to make sure if you are targeting the right person based on his or her position in the company.

Direct line or ext number

The best number to reach your target contact without passing through the main number. Having a direct line or extension number of prospects will have a higher chance of getting hold of the decision makers.

Mobile Number

In case you can’t reach the prospect through their direct line, you can always call them on their mobile. Of course, you need to ask permission from your target contact if it’s okay for you to contact them through their mobile in case they’re not in the office.

Company Information

This includes the following:

a) Company Name – The updated name of the company.

b) Company Address – The correct physical address of the company.

c) Company website

TIP: Make sure to do your homework before calling companies for customer profiling. Company information should be done through research and not on the call.  It’s best that you know all the information about the company before calling so your Reps to sound legit and more professional over the phone.

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Qualifying questions

It is necessary to pre-qualify the company. Why? Calling the same company over and over again and finding out they are not a good fit for your business can be a bit frustrating. And pre-qualifying the company is one way of making sure you’re targeting the right audience. Some of the examples of a qualifying questions includes;

a) Number of employees

b) Annual Sales

c) Number of computers

d) Number of locations

e) Type of industry

Learn more about lead qualification services..

You can always gather all of these information from anyone within the company even if the target contact is not available. Also, you may check on these few resources in getting business list or contacts.

However, only information of the decision maker is considered valid. Here’s a sample script that your team can use when doing customer profiling.

customer profiling script - Callbox

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Avoid prospecting while doing cold calling. Increase your chances of getting hold of your target audience and get leads faster and easier with an updated contacts.


And Here’s Why you Should Be Updating your Marketing List!

Read more on The Problem with (and Solution to) Database Decay


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What is B2B Telemarketing?

What is B2B Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is defined by investopedia.com as the marketing of goods or services by means of telephone calls, typically unsolicited, to potential customers. While according to searchcio.techtarget.com, Business-to-business (B2B) refers to a situation where one business makes a commercial transaction with another.

By fusing these two, the term B2B telemarketing is coined. And with one glance, you’ll know from these two terms that B2B telemarketing is about using calling as a channel for business to business commercial transaction; either to sell or to build rapport between companies. This may be utilized for lead generation, customer profiling, event telemarketing or simply a follow up for an email sent, or more.

Here’s a thing or two about B2B telemarketing. Perhaps, five things:

  • It helps you find and filter out people you want to have as customers;
  • It enables you to raise awareness about your brand;
  • It allows you to build your credibility and image among existing and future clients;
  • It directs you to new opportunities that realize growth; and
  • It lets you create relevant dialogues with current partners.

In a general sense, telemarketing is something your business cannot live without. Especially when you belong in a highly competitive market, telemarketing helps you maintain profitability – that is as long as it provides a continuous influx of quality leads.

Here’s a set of blog posts to lead your way into business calling victory:

Telemarketing tools needed:

Business Calling Guides:

Why Telemarketing is still an effective marketing channel:

Nowadays, quality lead generation and appointment setting is more important than simply implementing a telemarketing strategy. As cold-call campaigns have become more expensive over the years, targeted telemarketing campaigns that ensure high volumes of quality prospects are the way to go in terms of securing ROI. Then again, you will need expert hands to make them work out well.

In this case, you might also boost your performance by employing the services of an independent telemarketing firm.

With its 10-year experience in delivering sophisticated marketing and sales results to clients across numerous industries, Callbox could stand in as a reliable partner. Our expertise encompassing telemarketing and appointment setting have always been helpful to CEOs and managers. Possessing an extensive knowledge on marketing technologies allows us to deliver leads with high sales potentials.

Check out some successful campaigns we had!

Along with the needed know-how, we have the best marketing and sales teams with capabilities in phone surveys, lead nurture and prospecting activities, and setting high-value appointments with pre-qualified leads – all done with utmost professionalism and dedication.

More than a mere process, telemarketing is serious business to us. Isn’t quality sales performance the same thing to you?


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Don’t Waste a Moment! See Sample Cold Calling Scripts

Don't Waste a Moment! See Sample Cold Calling Scripts For You

What makes a movie script get spotlighted as best screenplay by award-giving bodies?

A script that presents a story that can move an audience to a certain emotional aspect, with scenes and characters that stimulate imagination, which translate into verbal or gestured reaction.

That’s how a Cold Calling Script should be.

When writing a campaign script, one has to take note of the campaign’s main objective. Whether you are to gather factual information for a lead generation campaign,  to book a prospect for an appointment setting campaign, or register attendees for an upcoming event, your script must contain keywords and substantial ideas that would stir up the prospect’s interest, otherwise you’ll be putting all call efforts into waste.

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Use words and phrases that will empower your script upon the prospect with trust and confidence:

  • Power words to express courtesy like “Please”, “Thank you”, “That’s good to know”
  • Terms from which industry your service/product belongs. If you are calling on behalf of a financial institution, choose words that are familiar to the prospect like loans, security & interest rate, annual turnover, etc.
  • Assuring words or phrases like”sure”,  “no worries”, “you are right”, can boost the prospect’s morale and would feel that his opinions and ideas are accepted.


Meaty and persuasive. Your script must contain all the important information regarding your offering and how beneficial it would be for the prospect.

  • The branding carries your company’s identity which is your ticket to ride through the call
  • The purpose of the call is the key to grab the prospect’s attention. “I’m calling about  a new software that could lessen manpower but multiply production at a lower cost” – position a benefit so that you could get hold of the prospect’s interest to discuss further.
  • Be keen to mention exact and correct details like a person’s name, company names and  addresses, email information, phone numbers, rates and figures, date and time, product and service.

Campaign scripts differ.

Each campaign script is written based on the campaign type and its objective. The basic components may differ in formats depending on the person you speak with and campaign type.

Script Formats According to Person You Speak

  1. With the Gatekeeper/Operator
  2. With the Prospect/Decision Maker

Format #1: For The Gatekeeper/Operator

  • greeting
  • introduction
  • branding
  • purpose
  • contact information gathering
  • closing

Sample Cold Calling Script


Format #2: For the Prospect/Decision Maker

  • greeting
  • introduction
  • branding
  • purpose of the call
  • qualifying/probing questions
  • setting up of appointment/meeting
  • contact information gathering
  • closing

Sample Cold Calling Script


Script Formats According to Campaign Type

Scripts are customized depending on the campaign’s requirement or need and the essential components may vary or interchange in the order, for each campaign type. Below are sample telemarketing scripts from different types of campaign:

Lead Generation Campaign

A simple lead generation campaign may require just a few important information from the prospect and often would not have probing questions in terms of budget and need. Most of this type is purposed to send whitepaper, conduct a survey, or profile contacts.  

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Appointment Setting Campaign

An appointment setting campaign’s objective is to activate the prospect’s interest to know more about the product or service, and agree for an office or phone meeting for a more detailed discussion. Criteria is set to qualify the prospect’s interest by asking probing questions.

This type of campaign script contain assumptive clauses with possible rebuttals.

Budget, need and timeframe are most common qualifiers.

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Call-to-Invite Campaign

A call-to-Invite campaign script aims to gather attendees for an event. Event details, registration links and process are emphasized in the script. Get to know more about our events telemarketing services.

Sample Cold Calling Script

A campaign script serves as a guideline in order for the agent to deliver the spiel smoothly and confidently. It may be most of the time very technical, but telemarketers have to be innovative and creative in delivering the details based on the script, to keep a professionally trusting composure.

Takeaway: A cold-calling script must clearly and effectively describe who you are, your company, the product you offer and how it will benefit the prospect and his business. Keywords and ideas should be highlighted, that would leave the essentials in the prospect’s subconscious, translating their desire and interest into verbal or gestured reaction.

That’s how a cold-calling script gets spotlighted.


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The 5 to 5 Calling Rule for Inbound Leads (That Generated Over 40% Increase in Sales)

The 5 to 5 Calling Rule

In over a decade of delivering multi-channel marketing programs, valuing our business means valuing our clients’ businesses even more, constantly pushing us to pursue increased productivity for both. We exert selfless effort in acquiring new knowledge and developing skills to be able to achieve the goals we set.

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In this article, find out how Callbox created and employed a ‘5 second to 5 minute” calling process that generated over $350,000 additional revenue or a 40% increase in sales.


During the 2014 goal setting meeting, Callbox saw an increase in inbound traffic from different channels like Email, Calls, SEO, and Social Marketing, which required immediate action to cater to the sudden surge in inflow.

Aside from adding more members to the Calling Team to handle more inquiries, the team addressed the issue by further expediting the process of answering the customers’ queries and addressing any concerns they may have.

Thus, the  “5 to 5 Rule” was created.



The 5 to 5 Rule was, and is still an active calling process effectively employed by the team, in 3 easy steps:

Step1: All inquiries coming through the multiple channels including Inbound/Outbound Calls, Email Responses, SEO and Social Marketing were monitored real-time by the Response Team and checked within 5 seconds.

Step2: The Response Team transfers the inquiry to the Calling Team for further qualification, a process that takes anywhere within 1.5 to 2 minutes.

Step3: Once the query is deemed qualified, the Calling Team transfers the call to the Outside Sales Team to take the prospect’s requirements, and must be a subject for Sales Proposal, before the 5 minutes threshold lapses.


Real-time Monitoring Chance Rate at Second Intervals

5 seconds Rule of Calling Inbound Leads

Software Advice, The Online B2B Buyer Behavior Report by Derek Singleton


Conversion Chance Rate by Minute Intervals

Conversion Chance Rate in Minute Intervals - The 5 to 5 Calling Rule for Inbound Leads (That Generated Over 40% Increase in Sales)

The shortest time that the inquiry is addressed, begets higher chance of converting the query to a Lead, to a Proposal, and to a Close. tweet this!

Once the Response Team receives the inquiry, it has to be checked through within 5 seconds for transfer to the Calling Team.

This clearly requires that the Calling Team be ready at all times to take transfers and be able to qualify the inquiry within 1.5 to 2 minutes only.

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Once qualified, the OS Team is quick to take the transferred call and present Callbox’s products and services to the prospect in a period of 2 to 2.5 minutes.

Practically speaking, conversation between the prospect and the OS may go beyond the 5-minute period, but should only bear clarification of details, verification of contact information and setting of appointment for a follow-up call regarding the Sales Proposal.

Even David Dodd of  Customerthink.com pinned it when he wrote this article, ‘Are Your Lead Response Practices Costing You Sales?’



The team saw a spike in Leads, Proposal Rates and Closes.

Since inquiries were monitored real-time and quickly reviewed and qualified, the number of Leads increased, resulting to more sales proposals drafted and sent to prospects. As these proposals comprehensively present all the details of our products and services, the chance rates of closed sales also increased, while abandoned calls and emails significantly decreased.

Callbox 2014 and 2015 Leads, Proposals and Closes Data - The 5 to 5 Calling Rule for Inbound Leads (That Generated Over 40% Increase in Sales)

The success of the “5 to 5 Rule” is a product of a willingness to innovate at a quick pace and see necessary changes through to the end of the process.



Check out! Ready, Set, Call: Getting the Most of Telemarketing in Generating Leads

Ready, Set, Call: Getting the Most of Telemarketing in Generating Leads

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Ready, Set, Call: Getting the Most of Telemarketing in Generating Leads

Ready, Set, Call- Telemarketing As the Best Marketing Tactic

Telemarketers are THE most hated people on telephones. If you look at feedback, nobody wants to entertain telemarketers’ inquiries or have anything to do with telemarketers at all. It gets even worse as articles on telemarketing are those on how to avoid them. You cannot blame people for hating telemarketing.

However, there are a few good men out there. The blame really goes to marketing agencies that want to get results no matter what. But telemarketing, when used correctly, can become one of your most results-driving marketing tactics.

Here are reasons why you can turn it into your best lead contributor.

Telemarketing is strategic.

This might be hard to digest, but with the right direction, telemarketing can become as strategic as your favored social media plans. Like anything in marketing, telemarketing uses data to be effective. Once data is dismissed, then it becomes a dangerous tool. Data fuels all marketing tactics and through customer data, telemarketing becomes a relevant activity that prospects welcome. When telemarketers work blindly, they come up with calls without respect and clear objectives. Always remember that data makes the difference in telemarketing.

Conduct your market research, analyze your data before you start a call.

Telemarketing has fast turn-around time.

Telemarketing is active as opposed to other tactics that are reactive. When you feel that you need to contact customers and prospects fast, then use telemarketing to do that. This way, you find out what you want to find out compared to waiting for people to come to you for the information that you want. When things need urgency such as important, life-threatening information, don’t wait, pick up the phone and call.

By underscoring urgency in setting appointments, you could get more sales and improve your revenue.

Telemarketing can be a tool to build brand awareness.

When you need prospects to recall your brand, telemarketing can help you start that process. In addition, even if you don’t get to talk to your specific target, you can always leave a message on their voicemail.

It is said that close to 20% of a marketer’s day is spent leaving vm messages.  Tweet this!

Telemarketer should take all the chances and start leaving effective voicemail messages that will keep prospects interested. That way, your calls aren’t wasted.

Telemarketing is your foot-in-the-door strategy.

We all need that window to an opportunity. Telemarketing can be that opening. The problem with most marketers is that they cram every objective into a tactic. Consumers cannot take that practice anymore where you seem to want everything from them without giving them something in return. The best telemarketing strategies out there are the simplest ones; those one liner scripts that save the prospects’ time when talking to you; and that single objective every time you call. Telemarketing is one step at a time and that is how prospects can appreciate calls from telemarketers, so plan your calls carefully.

Telemarketing is here to stay. It is not going to go away. Telemarketing is  not dead, it is STILL an unstoppable force in marketing.


However, this goes as far as how you plan out your strategy with your telemarketing team or your marketing agency. The key is to set solid policies for telemarketers to follow and that it centers on the welfare of your prospects or customers.


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What to do with your Telemarketing Campaign before going on a Holiday

What to do with your Telemarketing Campaign before going on a Holiday

The last quarter of the year marks the homestretch of business to business marketing campaigns. The last three months of the year show monthly calendars of almost daily local and national holidays, observances, and state holidays. However, you may have to take out a to do list first of the things you need get a parking on before you take the leap to the airport and fly to your holiday get away. Take a look at the three-point list below of how to manage a B2B marketing project while catching up with the holiday rush.

Sync your working calendar with that of your prospects’

Start planning a perfect holiday spree by ticking the boxes of important dates of your business calendar for the year. The question, “Do your business prospects take holidays off” & “When”, will help you determine the perfect time on plotting the remaining working days of your campaign, and the start date of your official holiday leave. Have both your active and non-active days synced with that of your telemarketing team to get an organized schedule of pauses and start offs.

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Schedule a “Pause” on the calling activities

The pause should start on the first day of your scheduled holiday leave which should sync with that of your prospects’. Make sure that your working team’s calendar should be blocked from all appointment setting activities – this will ensure that no lead or appointment would be posted during these days off, and no chance for lost deals. The “Start” date to resume the telemarketing calls must fall on the day, you and your prospects, or most of them, come back to work.

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Set an Email Auto Reply

Wouldn’t it be so relaxing to sip on a glass of vodka, while in a vacation island, without the hassle of getting bugged by email alerts – like lapsed appointments? Email is the most legit and formal medium for business to business communication. Though mobile calling and texting, and the social media come in handy for both personal and business connections, it is best that business talks are funneled into just one venue like email. This will help you avoid missed communications and even missed business transaction meetings.

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You may follow a very simple Out of Office (OOO) reply format like “I am currently out of the office for the holidays and will be back on (date). For urgent matters, you may reach me at (number)”. However, leaving contact information in your OOO email reply will be up to your discretion, as this should be dependent on the nature of your work or business.

Ideally, a lead generation campaign must follow a synchronized pattern workflow of tasks, reports and schedules in a streamlined process which involves you, your prospects, and your telemarketing team.

So keep everything in place in the office before you leave for a week or two, with no calls, all bustles.

Enjoy the holiday spree!

Make holidays productive, read more sales and marketing tips and tricks, visit Callbox blog.


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Pages of Success for IT Telemarketing Part 2: The Naked Face

Pages of Success for IT Telemarketing Part 2: The Naked Face

Part 2 “The Naked Face”

Communicate. Speak. Ask questions. Answer queries.

 When ideas are conveyed clearly, actions will be performed correctly.  Any assigned task, like running an IT campaign, requires team work and collaboration of ideas. One cannot perform and deliver the best results without the help of others, may it be a shared effort or just plain feedback. For an IT telemarketing campaign to run productively, we must closely work our ideas and efforts together to be able to put up a fair and smooth project run.

Take a look at the 3 most commonly discussed, and should be well-communicated issues in an IT campaign.

The Target Numbers

We very well understand that your business has specific targets to achieve and we are engaged with the same goal. This goal should be 100% attainable, for you and us. If the target you set would seem impossible for us to clock up, we will truthfully tell you so. We would not want to promise something that we are not certain to deliver. Fair enough?

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Beyond the Success Call Criteria

During the campaign run, there could be instance/s when we would uncover exceptional leads. These are leads that deviate the set criteria but have weight on quality of interest that is quite hard to defy. Although we see this scenario as an opportunity to nurture for future engagement, still, the decision whether to pursue the opportunity or not is on you – would you look at it the same way we do?

 Nurture unready prospects and get access of the latest lead nurturing technology

Appointment Details

Appointments are set based on either your calendar or the prospect’s preferred timing.  Moreover, sending calendar invites is best-practiced and less likely to incur lapses. In case of schedule change, whether forecasted or sudden, notify us at the soonest time possible either thru the team’s contact numbers or email. All stakeholders should be copied in all email communications. Loop in all stakeholders in the project. Each must be able to answer any question, and whose advice could be deemed final on the team’s behalf.

Open all lines of communication at all times as this will ensure that everyone is on the same page on campaign status updates, reports and action plans. Keep an open mind and put on the naked face.


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How Does Callbox Run a Successful Marketing Campaign?

Pages of Success for IT Telemarketing Part 1: The Best Laid Plans

 The Pages of Success for IT Telemarketing Part 1: The Best Laid Plans

Running an IT campaign requires thorough management. How each campaign requirement is handled could impact target results, and would be points of analysis for further actions. Challenges may come along, but those can be countered, and preventive steps can even be taken before these challenges range up to the worst.

Take a look at this two-part in-focus discussion on how to run an IT campaign.

Part 1 “The Best Laid Plans”

First, let’s talk about the Kick-Off meeting.

 Among any other verticals, Kick-off meetings for IT campaigns require more time and points to discuss. So make sure that everything is well laid out, understood and agreed by both parties.

The Campaign objective

Specify your appointment preference whether a phone or office, the number of appointments that you can take in for a day, the time interval between appointments, and the specific timing for each meeting.

Since IT projects require detailed and thorough discussions, for office meetings, it is best to consider proximity – the distance of travel from your office to the prospect’s place should be allotted ample time to avoid missed appointments or rushed proposal presentation which may result to a lost lead. You can’t afford to lose one customer for just being tardy, would you?

The Database Criteria

Know your exact target location. Identify ZIP codes, city, or state, as well as industry type, size, employee size or annual income. Note that the just filtered and approved database is still to be updated by the time the agent starts to use it for calling, where all contact information are profiled/verified during the actual call. This is exercised throughout the campaign period to keep the database clean and accurate for your further usage.

Put more emphasis on data quality. Have a regular data cleanup!

The Target decision maker

Commonly targeted decision makers for IT campaigns are IT Managers/Directors, Chief Financial Officers, Finance Managers or anyone who is in charge and makes decisions for their IT system set up in the company. These are individuals who are knowledgeable on the specifics of the company’s IT system like set up, status, challenges and planning on adding or replacement, as well as the budget allocation for such project.

Reach more potential IT and Tech Buyers!

Identify your Success Call criteria

Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe or the “BANT” criteria, completes a success call qualification for IT campaigns in most cases. At some points, we may have to consider classifying leads into Hot, Warm or Cold, or A, B, C, or D, where 1 or 2 out of the 4 BANT criteria maybe absent, due to some factors like market trends and financial status of the business.

The Call Script

IT scripts should be comprehensive and convey a complete idea to the prospect of how your product or service could be beneficial to the prospect’s business need. Make it short and easy spiel for the agent to get hold of the prospect’s interest in just 1 sentence. Be certain of the jargons used in the script – terminologies which the prospect should be familiar with. People understand each other better when they speak the same language.

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The Resources

At Callbox, we provide you access on all available resources for you to be able to track statistical reports. The Pipeline CRM is your central resource for tracking data, aside from the email notifications and the automated tools that act as virtual workforces for your campaign.

We will get all these requirements prepared within a week or two before your target campaign start date. Once everything is ticked on your checklist, then we’re off to get the agent on board to start the calling.

Now what’s next? Pages of Success for IT Telemarketing Part 2: The Naked Face will be released next week. Stay tuned!


How Does Callbox Run a Successful Marketing Campaign?


Do you have better ideas for setting up your telemarketing campaign? Share it below the comment section.