5 Instagram Tools to Improve Your Marketing [GUEST POST]

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5 Instagram Tools to Improve Your Marketing

Have you ever wondered how you could take Instagram marketing to the supreme level? Have you ever considered the implying of the various tools that support your practices out there for making your marketing techniques successful?

Integrating has best tools with your marketing strategy can aid you in presenting the much professional impression and let you have the most viable analytic insight.

That is the reason why Facebook has purchased Instagram as the owners have seen it getting tremendously successful in marketing prospects and don’t consider it a tool used for just photo sharing but as an important section of the social media network. It works like Twitter for photos.

Instagram serves as the best platform which can work for maintaining the high-quality marketing experiences. Here are few top tools which are mentioned below that can help you a lot in improving the Instagram marketing.

1.    Put filter on your images for making a signature look

The foremost stage of making the any Instagram account successful platform for marketing is to describe your company’s objectives. The images which you upload there is a strong replication of your business, and what you want to deliver to your target market by creating an emotional affiliation with your customers.

It is necessary that your photos have a cohesive approach which integrates with your brand or product.

A Color Story is the tool that can assist you in this. This tool makes it much easier to tune the pictures in a fine way and give them a professional texture before updating them to Instagram.

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2.    Scheduling Instagram Posts

Most often, various life events may hinder the flow of updating your Instagram posts. You can’t remain attached to your phone at every moment. You may need few hours or days off, that may be just one day. Well, if you are using a promising online platform for the marketing purposes, then your phone is the most important device to work it out, as you don’t remain offline for much time.

During this time, the competition in the market is overall quite severe. Furthermore, you have to be online on the social media accounts to make a standout and manage the schedule of your posts by using the tool like ScheduGram, which allows you to make a post instantly on the Instagram account or make a schedule for creating the posts for the given period.

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3.    Keep track of the performance of Instagram Content

You may desire to work on a complete strategy before making an Instagram post. Are you one of those people who try to make their audience driven towards their posts, make a comment, or visit your website?  Once you have made your objectives clearer about how you want to carry out the marketing through Instagram, it is essential to keep track of the way you are taking to achieve these goals.

You can make use of different Instagram analysis tool such as SimplyMeasured  or Iconsquare or for tracking your status and collecting your statistical data so that you can see if your marketing approach is workable or not.

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4.    Get more likes & followers on Instagram

There are certain tools that help you to get real Instagram likes, followers, and views such as “Vibbi” through which you can get 100 likes for each $2.97. It has got many other features too including free comments, 24/7 customer support, faster delivery and no passwords locks. Vibbi is one of the excellent tools which is presently available that allows your business to buy followers and likes legally.

5.    Repost – Share Others’ Posts

If you want to get a good Instagram feed, it is necessary to make a sharing, supporting and appealing community there. It is one the finest things to do for making your business competent. If you want to integrate with and get support from your Instagram audience, it is important to reciprocate your content and you should remain more active.

Sharing the content in an immense way can create a strong relation with your followers. There is a tool, “Repost for Instagram,” available for both Android and iOS platforms which makes it much easier to repost the Instagram pictures to your feed while sharing the content and giving credits to other users.



Author Bio:



Qurban Shah is a freelance writer who offers blogging, ghostwriting and copywriting services. He works closely with businesses providing digital marketing solution that increases brand awareness and search engine visibility. He’s currently working for Vibbi.com, that provides quality Instagram followers, likes, and views.



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Facebook Marketing Hacks for your B2B Products and Services

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Facebook Marketing Hacks for your B2B Products and Services

Just when you think Facebook is only for rage-posting and telling the world about how cats are awkward, there is actually more to it than meets the eye.

For entrepreneurs, especially those engaged in selling B2B solutions, Facebook is one powerful platform that should (no, must!) have a special place in their marketing.

To start with, CMOs of major global brands manage Facebook accounts for professional purposes, one of which is to search for effective products and services. This gives you an idea just how important it is to focus on Facebook as a major driver of B2B leads and eventually revenue.

But just like any other tool, Facebook is one that needs to be mastered. Luckily, we have just the right advice to maximize your lead generation using Facebook.

Turn to video

Facebook has come a long way from being just an on-campus social networking site. Now, it has several features B2B marketers can take advantage for their content marketing. For instance, the new video service allows users to access a playlist just by watching a single video. The only thing you need to do is make videos that are relevant to your brand. Short tutorials are a good start.

Here’s one we got where we I share some tips on How to Make Emails your Impossible to Ignore [Video]

Email Marketing Series: How to Make Emails Impossible to Ignore [VIDEO]

Watch this 4-part video on Email Marketing!


To help you, here’s our video starte guide: The Three S’s for Creating Viral Video Content

Keep it short and “human”

When it comes to tech products, a lot of people including CMOs would expect to cut out all the geeky parts and come down to the main point. It is also true for other products and services as well. People nowadays do not have the luxury of time to dig up what you are trying to say from a litter box of technical jargon.

To truly connect with your Facebook audience, you need keep your posts conversational and human. And that simply means using industry words sparingly and centering the message on the result that people want.

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Language and Location Tagging

Is your social media lead generation not getting the B2B leads it needs? One way to fix that is to target your messages based on language and location, and Facebook has one nifty tool that enables you to do just that. All you have to do is to allow Targeting and Privacy for Posts. This allows you to effectively push your messages to the proper audience by simply choosing the location and language of your ideal audience.

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Make regular content daily

One surefire way to increase traffic using social media marketing is give something your audience would expect from you on a regular basis. Be it a photo of the day or a short video review, basically anything you post following a schedule is an effective way to draw in interested prospects.

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Engage through tagging

Build your brand by tagging industry partners, companies and influencers to your Facebook posts. Not only does it give your products and services an added boost in appeal, it also gives your audience some new content to feast on.

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5 Methods that Will Help Increase Conversion Rates Using Social Media [GUEST POST]

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5 Methods that Will Help Increase Conversion Rates Using Social Media [GUEST POST]

Most SEO experts focus on ranking but that is never enough. The reason why you want to rank high is so that you can get more traffic that turns into paying customers. However, this is not possible if your website does not convert. For you to make money, the visitors who get on your website must be compelled to do business with you. Ranking high on search engines is not enough. There are a number of things you can do with social media to increase conversion.

#1: Use the medium for social proof

The decisions of most shoppers today are influenced mainly by what other people are saying. This means that if there are too many negative reviews surrounding a product, most people will not want to purchase it. In Minneapolis, you can leverage the power of the social network to increase conversion. There is a good chance your happy customers are leaving positive mentions and comments on your social pages.  You need to feature some of these positive comments on your website.

This is important, especially considering the fact that 71% of consumers are more likely to purchase something based on the referrals they get from social media.

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#2: Use it to create customer-generated content

Most people know that they can’t always trust the information they find online. This is because most of the content is meant for advertisement purposes. Creating user-generated content will increase your chances of convincing customers to do business with you. Most of the big brands, including Coca Cola, are using this strategy to win the hearts of consumers.

You engage the crowd by launching competitions or asking for their opinions on something. You can then use their contributions to create user-generated content. Do not imitate these business branding failures.

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#3: Make use of social logins

The reason why most people never sign up with you is because of the tedious process of completing the signup forms. A survey by Blue Research found that 54% of users would rather leave a website and go to another one than spend time filling registration forms. The good thing is that you can now allow consumers to sign up using their social media details. All they need to do is to login into their social media page and they are done with the signup.

Social Influencers The powers that be

Follow these Social Media Influencers!

#4: Find the most converting demographics

It is good to know which strategy is working and which demographics are more interested in your products and services. Social media will help you do exactly that. You can create different audiences on Facebook and preset them with relevant offers. This will enable you to know which audience shows the most interest. This can help you refine your marketing strategy.

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#5: Make your content go viral

The more people see your content, the more traffic you will get and the more conversions you will enjoy. Create content that is shareable and invest in good visuals.

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There are so many ways that social media can be used to boost conversion. You just need to keep an eye out on what other marketers are doing. Being persistent and consistent is also important.


Author Bio

Derek Iwasiuk run’s national digital search engine optimization firm headquarted in Minneapolis. Also spends a lot of his free time educating the minds of thousands of young SEO’s and top agencies. He advises his clients to engage the crowd as that is the key to more conversion. You can also follow him on twitter @Diwasiuk



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5 Reasons Why Prospects Aren’t Responding To Your Social Media Posts

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5 Reasons Why Prospects Aren’t Responding To Your Social Media Posts

Are your social media marketing techniques not working on your current target market? Well, you’re probably not doing it right. Social media feeds or online articles have to be compelling enough in order to catch the attention of the readers and visual media will always play an important role in this aspect.

So if you’re ready to know the common reasons why your target buyers are not responding to your social media posts, here are the following highlights and learn from them.

#1: You’re not building trust right from the start.

The peak point of any sales funnel today begins in building an audience and generating leads. And when you are able to establish relationships with customers, rest assured that it’s a long term success to benefit from. Once your customers trust your brand and you connect to them consistently, sales can be easy to boost online.

Learn a thing or two about building trust and relationship on social media with “Return on Relationship” Expert: Ted Rubin.

#2: You’re not feeding buyers with great content they need.

In order to create long lasting engagement, make sure that your online articles have something valuable to offer to buyers. Also, they want interesting posts that are both informative and creative. For instance, you can provide them with practical advice on crafting an engaging email or an attention-grabbing subject line. Fuel their curiosity and create ultimate brand impressions they will not easily forget.

#3: You’re not giving your buyers the kind of experience they look for.

Many companies today are taking advantage of visual media when creating content because buyers love to consume those types of information. In fact, according to Nielsen, average consumers watch more than 206 videos per month. Remember that video emails result to 200-300% increase in terms of click-through rate.

So if you are not integrating videos into your content today, you better start. Stick to these three S’s for creating viral video content and you’re good to go!

#4: You’re not maintaining customer relationships after making sales.

Buyer-seller relationships don’t end after making a sale. Truth is, it’s only the beginning of a healthy engagement with buyers. If maintained, this will lead to a successful marketing strategy in the long run. So once you’ve made a sale, the next step is to give helpful guidance, educational resources, and professional support. Do it properly and you’ll get referrals from your current buyers.

#5: You’re not concentrating on setting your brand apart from competitors’ products.

The best thing marketers can do for their brand is to differentiate its value from competitors’. Define the company’s image and present it clearly to the target market. If buyers find your brand unique, they are more likely to buy from you.


Getting buyers to engage with your brand takes more than skills. Businesses should treat it as both art and science that calls creativity and accuracy. So the next time you wonder why buyers don’t respond to your online posts, review these guidelines and be sure to make room for improvement and you’ll be sure to see better results!



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Influencer Interview Series: Mike Allton Wears The Social Media Hat

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Influencer Interview Series: Mike Allton Wears The Social Media Hat

Social Media Marketing isn’t new, but everybody makes it sound like it’s the coolest thing since the internet. It probably is, judging by the how much of the budget goes to it and how much of the collective effort is devoted to perfecting it. No one can or ever will, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. One of the people whose calling card shouts social media marketing expert shares some valuable insights to us. Here’s Mike Allton of The Social Media Hat.

The Savvy Marketer: You’re one of the most influential thought leaders in Social Media Marketing. Tell me, how do you create and maintain a vibrant online community?

Mike Allton: Creating a vibrant online community is not easy. In fact, I’ll be the first to point out that there are many who are far more adept than I am at community building (i.e. Martin Shervington). But, what I tend to do well is to create helpful content and make sure that it’s distributed to all of my channels in ideal ways.

That means, first, understanding my audience’s needs and creating articles that fit that need. And then, when sharing to social, making sure that I do so in the best way possible for each network – use hashtags, formatting, etc.

While I certainly share new content (and evergreen articles) to all of my major networks, I tend to rotate which network I’m actually focused on and spending additional time on so that they all get equal coverage. Most businesses should, instead, focus on just one or two primary networks (as a social media marketer, I feel obliged to be familiar with them all).

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TSM: No matter how prolific and efficient you are on social media, if it can’t be measured, it’s almost an exercise in futility.  What are the most important sales-centric social media metrics we should track?

MA: Businesses need to measure:

  1. Follower Growth- While the number itself can be a vanity metric, it’s still important to pay attention to the rate at which you’re growing your audience and ensure that it is in fact growing.
  1. Engagement & Reach- Next, pay attention to the percentage of that audience that your social posts are reaching, and how much engagement (likes / comments / shares) those posts are receiving. Again, these are metrics that should be trending upwards.
  1. Referral Traffic- Next, watch how much traffic your site and content receives from each individual network, and pay attention to how that trends over time. If you’re regularly creating new content, you’ll likely see spikes in referrals each time you publish something new, which is fine. You’ll also though want to see continued organic traffic from your own and other’s shares of older content.
  1. Conversions- Finally, you must be able to measure conversions. Whether it’s sales, leads, email subscribers or something else, measure it. The easiest way to measure is to create Google Analytics Goals so that you can then review where those conversions have come from.

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TSM: How can we organically grow our Twitter followers/Facebook friends, etc?

MA: Organic growth of any particular social channel is done through a variety of methods:

  1. Follow and engage with other people in your niche.
  2. Create good, engaging posts.
  3. Participate in group activities (i.e. Tweet Chats, Facebook Group Discussions)
  4. Reference your social profile in emails, website, etc. so that people can find you.

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TSM: What are the biggest social media trends to prepare for in the next couple of years?

MA: The biggest trend currently in social media is video, specifically, live video. Businesses need to consider how they can leverage what is currently an insatiable appetite for video.

Whether it’s live video or pre-recorded. Whether you’re interviewing experts or demonstrating your own expertise. Whether you’re showing off a product or answering questions – video can be a tremendous asset to any business.


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Influencer Interview Series with The Return on RelationshipTM Expert Ted Rubin

We are in the search for our next influencer interviewee,

we would love to read your suggestions. Comment below!

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7 Amazing Ways “Social Media” Can Build Your Business Email Subscribers

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7 Amazing Ways "Social Media" Can Build Your Business Email Subscribers

Do you want to build your email list? Or, you want to grow your social media following? Then, social media and email marketing are two intense business devices for your business. If you unite them you could significantly enhance your promoting response.

Both social media as well as email marketing are related in that they both give you the chance to build relationships with your subscribers or followers. By boosting your social media engagement you can also building an email list that is brimming with quality prospects and clients, you have the opportunity to expand your sales and boost your brand. This aides in boosting up your business as well.

Here are 7 ways to go about building your email list via social media.

#1 Sign-Up call-to-action on Facebook

Callbox - Lead Generation Company - Facebook Profile

Make sure to add subscription forms when conceivable to your social pages. Make it very simple for users to sign up. Exploit your Facebook Call-to-Action Button.

It was in 2014 that Facebook updated the call-to-action button, which dwells on a cover photo of a page. There are seven call-to-action buttons that pages look over including, “Shop Now,” “Contact Us,””Sign Up” and “Watch Video.” When fans click your email sign up button, it basically takes them to your landing page that includes a short list of reasons why they ought to give you their email address.

#2 Review Premium Content on Your Social Channels

There are many businessmen who create premium content for their businesses. Blogs are another strong gateway to get email sign ups, particularly if your email newsletter highlights some of your best work.

Hillary Clinton joins LinkedIn, pens article on small business solutions

Hillary Clinton joins LinkedIn, pens article on small business solutions on nydailynews

Social networking is one of the best conveyance channels for your content. Draw in new clients to your site with convincing and unique content. It helps in generating traffic to the landing pages. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, are the social media sites that help to drive traffic to their premium content using valid points and hashtags that match the interests of their audience to drive email subscribers.

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#3 Discount Offer, Sweepstakes Or Give Away Post

FREE Lead Generation Kit for Businesses

Who doesn’t love a good giveaway or a discount? You must be seeing this more and more in commercial ads from popular companies as they work, and they are ideal for private companies as well.

Here’s a case of how you can create a contest to drive your social media subscribers onto your email list:

  • To begin with, think of a hashtag uniquely for your contest. Use an expressive and snappy hashtag that business sectors your offer with a touch of fun and identity.
  • Then, take a quality image of the product you are giving away
  • Lastly, declare your contest via social media along with the photograph of the prize, your hashtag, and a link to a landing page that obliges them to enter their email address in order to participate.

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#4 Use Twitter’s lead generation cards

twitter lead generation card

How to Use Twitter for Lead Generation on tribeboost.com

Twitter has a lead generation alternative and it is a blessing from heaven for direct marketers. The good thing is that you don’t need to leave Twitter to be added to your pamphlet or newsletter. You do need to spend some advertising cash, however, to take part. But, with a single click of a button,  your Twitter follower can now be your subscriber as well.

When you have a Twitter chat, you’ll not just begin a discussion that can assemble your social clout, yet you’ll likewise be interacting with new Twitter clients without fail. Actually, this prompts to a devoted, interested group of potential email leads.

To figure out how to have a Twitter chat, first attend a few chats in your industry to discover how they function. At that point, look at this guide on the best way to have a Twitter chat.

To get email leads from your Twitter chats, ensure you are fusing Twitter Lead Generation Cards. These cards permit you to gather email addresses straight from Twitter.

#5 Generate a Pinterest offer

If you know how to set up an advertisement on Pinterest, and you have some cash to put resources into your email list, then you can fully develop your email list in this way. Once again, it’s critical to make a landing page that you’ll send new visitors, instead of sending them to your site’s landing page or something with huge amounts of diversions.

Pinterest Promoted Pins – Is Pinterest as we knew it dead?

Pinterest Promoted Pins – Is Pinterest as we knew it dead? on thispuglife

The site permits you to visually stimulate your prospects and give them a pinnable and interactive offer. On Pinterest, you have the choice to market any offering like coupons, blog posts and videos, basically by posting a photo that will lure clients to click, and also going on landing page with link.

#6 Post compelling photos on Instagram

As far as email marketing, Instagram can be used in various ways. Here are three well known ways;

  • You could post an image of a thing that is discounted completely for your email newsletter subscribers.
  • Even a video can be uploaded by highlighting the advantages of agreeing to your email newsletter.
  • Post a photo or video that describes your selective email content.

There are two alternatives on Instagram in terms of link posting: You can either copy and paste your link onto your photograph, or incorporate it in your bio. If you select to paste the link onto your photograph, ensure you incorporate clear headings.

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#7 Share your webinars on social media

Sharing a webinar about your business or industry on social media is an engaging way to share the human side of your business by presenting a man from your company to talk about a relevant topic with your audience.

One of the objectives of a webinar for your business is to capture leads in the form of email subscribers. Your target audience won’t see your one-off promotion on one social platform. You should be steady with your promotions and use various platforms, keeping in mind the end goal to pull in and draw in your complete audience.


Thus, Social media and email listing can be such avaluable tool for growing a business. All you need is to work effectively.

Out of these 7 ways, which one are you using to grow your email list with social media? Do let us know in a comment box given below!



Varun SharmaAbout the Author

 Varun Sharma is a Co-Founder at KVR WebTech Pvt. Ltd., one of the fastest growing Online Marketing Service Providers in Singapore. He analyses Digital Marketing strategies, trends and practices emphasizing on Mobile, SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.



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5 Ways of Using Instagram to Earn More Business Returns and Profit [GUEST POST]

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5 Ways of Using Instagram to Earn More Business Returns and Profit [GUEST POST]

Instagram is used by millions of people across the globe as taking photos and sharing them with friends have become very easy with it. For businesses, the social media is an instant way to gain recognition and visibility. It is used for marketing purposes to drive more sales and earn profits. If you have an online business, social media can be a fabulous way to promote your business. However, it is important to learn how to use the portal properly.

Make Use of Hashtags

Hashtags in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook work like real magic. When it comes to Instagram, users interact only by using hashtags. For businesses, this feature of social media is extremely useful as online users can find you out. If the content is searchable, it will be triggering more viral effect to benefit your business at large. You will have more followers to your account.

Photo Credit: marketoinc

Tell Stories with Photos and Videos

A photo or video can tell a thousand words, if used efficiently. If you use Instagram for marketing purposes, taking random photos will not help. Employ the photo filter feature to edit the images. This will make the image attractive enough to invite more likes and thus, fan following. To boost sales and to create brand awareness, take a video of your products’ features. If the video is influential, it will help you to gain exposure. Post the images of your products on a continuous basis to boost sales. Highlight the functions and features. Ask the buyers to post feedbacks, so that others get to know more.

If you are lucky enough to gather more positive feedbacks, you will have more followers and earn more revenue. Sharing videos on Instagram when you are with your employees also helps. Try and give live product reviews to let your videos go viral. Those who are new in this online world, need to post photos and videos on Instagram even more.

Photo Credit: marketoinc

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Hosting Contest

If you wish to do more business or earn more revenue, get more Instagram followers. An absolute way to boost the followers to your profile or get more likes to the photos is by hosting contest. People love free gifts and freebies and so you can distribute free samples from time to time. Ask them to promote your products and services.  Then, give any of the products for free as winning gift. You can capitalize on discount offers and promotional offers to gain more followers and customers. For online businesses, a contest is a real win-win situation. By giving out any of the products, they earn huge fan following, which increases brand recognition. The finest way to gain more exposure is asking the winner to post a selfie with the product received. This will seem very original and suggestive. Use the tools to embed hashtag feed or Instagram feed.

Keep a Track on the Success Rate

Keep track of your Instagram marketing campaign and make changes from time to time. By using applications, you can know about the growth in your customer base. This will let you know the right time to  post the content.

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Connect More with your Users

Stay in touch with your customers. If they post comments on your products, immediately reply to them. This will let customers have an emotional touch with you. They will like to associate more with you. Improve your business credibility by attracting more user-generated content.

You cannot underestimate the power of followers to the Instagram account. Followers will contribute to the success of your business. To improve brand awareness, improve sales and ROI follow the effective ways of using the photo-sharing app.


Author bio:

Evans Walsh has more than ten years’ experience in SEO and social media marketing with a focus on helping businesses to increase their Instagram likes by utilizing the platform fully. He has shared information on this and more topics in many online forums.



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How to Provide Effective Customer Service via Twitter?

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How to Provide Effective Customer Service via Twitter?

Twitter is an essential tool for customer service, and the two newest features added by the microblogging platform have pushed its potential in this direction even further. Some of the aspects that make it an ideal platform for interacting with customers are the character limit and the promptness in responding.  

Since they are limited to 140 characters per tweet, it may seem like users are restrained from speaking at large about the issues they have run into while using a company’s product or service. This should actually be regarded as a strong point, as customers are determined to be more concise and to pinpoint the problem with great precision. In turn, this helps the ones responsible with customer service to be more efficient at solving the reported issues.

Responsiveness is yet another factor that could determine customers to appreciate your brand even more. As a matter of fact, 60% of Twitter users expect to get an answer to their inquiry within an hour, but on average, companies take 1 hour and 24 minutes to respond. The difference may seem significant, but this is still a lot less than what e-mail customer support takes. That being said, you should strive to respond in less than an hour. Depending on how long it takes for customers to have their questions answered, they may feel positive or negative towards the brand.

O2, the British mobile carrier, took real-time customer service to the extreme, by launching the first #TweetServe back in December, 2013. Using a series of hashtags, customers can find out information pertaining to their account, without having to call Customer Service. The 9 hashtags that can be sent via DM to the company’s account upon following it and tweeting #TweetServe are:

  • #charges
  • #data, #text or #minutes
  • #ios, #android or #windows
  • #offers or #handsets

Opting out of the service can be done by using the #stop hashtag anytime.

Taking a personal approach can also help customers feel catered for. Instruct your customer service representatives to include the Twitter user’s handle in their reply. When getting a personalized answer, 77% of consumers are more likely to recommend the brand to their friends. An impersonal customer service interaction, on the other hand, determines 66% of consumers to be reluctant about recommending the brand.

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The two new features introduced by Twitter in February have facilitated Direct Messaging, on one hand, and have provided a means for providing feedback, on the other hand. In the process of requesting customer service there comes a time when people need to provide some personal information in  order to expedite things, and this is typically achieved using Direct Messages. If until now customers had to go back to the company’s profile to select this feature, they can now access it straight from the tweets, assuming that the company has provided a deep link to DM.  


Source: https://blog.twitter.com/2016/making-customer-service-even-better-on-twitter)

In what concerns Customer Feedback, as the second new feature is called, companies using Twitter for Business have two industry standard question formats at their disposal, namely Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). Using one of these tools, consumers can appreciate the quality of the customer service, and can provide feedback regarding the interaction with the CS representative.


twitter 2(Source: https://blog.twitter.com/2016/making-customer-service-even-better-on-twitter)


Still aren’t convinced of what Twitter can do for you in terms of customer service? Here are some statistics and tips that certify the social network’s potential:


Author Bio:

Michael Kamleitner is CEO & Product Manager at Swat.io, a Social Media Management solution that’s helping companies to improve their customer support & content management on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and others. Swat.io is currently used by companies such as 3Österreich, Hitradio Ö3, ÖBB, Focus Online and Burda Intermedia.


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Guide to Writing Social Media Posts When Promoting Your App

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Guide to Writing Social Media Posts When Promoting Your App

When launching an app for iOS, Android, or another marketplace, a great social media outreach strategy is a necessity. In 2014, 88% of all marketing professionals were using Social Media Marketing (SMM) to promote their products, and that number was anticipated to keep rising. With the modern nature of application development for smart devices, this means of promotion is especially important. Before you formulate your SMM plan, read this advice to help spark creativity and enhance your promotion tactics.

Have You Created Diverse and Powerful Content?

Before your promotions even begin, you need to be utilizing content across various media. A standalone blog or a YouTube account with no website generally isn’t enough. People learn and are captured in various ways. So, blog, create infographics, compile slideshows, upload videos about your app. Make sure everything you create is powerful, interlinked, and shareable.

The study Digital WOM: Motivating and Engaging Millennials with Shareable Content, shows that Millennials seem to follow businesses mostly on Instagram, and then Facebook and Twitter.   And the majority of them have accounts on Facebook.

When determining whether your content is shareable, keep these platforms at the forefront of your mind. If, for some reason, you are not targeting Millennials with your app, you should be able to do some research to find out where your target demographic is spending their time.

Is your content shareable on Instagram? Can you somehow make it more inviting this way? Try throwing hints into your writing, saying things like, “I took a screenshot of this and sent it to my sister who loves X.” The little things will make a world of difference.

This is Why You Should Always Keep Influencers in Mind

Do you know a well-known online businessman or popular writer you can approach to share for you? Can you somehow organically grab the attention of a leader in your niche? If so, you should always focus attention on this. Once an influencer shares your promotional app materials, all of their followers will see it, and the chance of it going viral is immediately increased.

Kevin Allocca, YouTube Trends Manager, had this to say in his TED talk about Why Videos Go Viral. You will see from it thatfinding an authority or influencer to share web content is the key to successful promotions. Never leave it out of your app outreach strategy.


Universal and Mandatory Advice for All Social Media Platforms

Create incentives for users to share your stuff.

Run a contest or offer a free download to those who share. You’ve seen those social media posts that say, “Like, share, and comment for a chance to win.” Those posts work for creating engagement. It’s a great way to generate new leads, gain new followers, and earn credibility in many social media platforms’ algorithms. The more important you are, the more they will want to show off your content. Engagement is the gauge if importance in this case.

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Provide lots of opportunities to share within the app.

Sharing should be easy. If your user can’t make it happen with a click or two, they won’t do it. So, set the app up with tools that seamlessly connect people to their social profiles. Do the same on pages with promotional content. This ensures ease of shareability and increases the likelihood of your content getting seen by the masses.

Involve users by sharing their photos

…and encourage users to use them with screenshots of your app or while using it for some real life purpose. When they do, share their photos with your followers. Be sure to tag them and caption with a personalized message. This will instill a sense of appreciation in your users and facilitate an introduction to your app from their followers.

Use hashtags and trends often on all platforms.

Guide to Writing Social Media Posts When Promoting Your App

Create your own #hashtags and use those that are trending as well. When you do this, users can click through the links to see recent posts from all users on the same topic. You can use original hashtags when you are encouraging your users to share their photos and trending hashtags for most other types of shares.


App Promotion Tips for The Most Popular Social Platforms


Using Facebook to Promote Your App

  • Create posts that are related to the app, but not about the app – Facebook users want to see information that provides them with value that they can share with their personal networks. They will not generally be sharing blatant ads with this crowd.
  • Connect with influencers – Follow the influencers in your niche. Mention these people in your posts. Comment on their posts by providing valuable information so they and others on their page will like your pages and send you friend requests.

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App Outreach Best Practices on Twitter

  • Mention influencers to reach them in your tweets – If you place a period in front of the @ before a fellow tweeter’s username, the post becomes visible to their followers as well (do this: “.@android” rather than this: “@android” for optimum visibility). The number mistake in twitter.
  • Use Twitter Cards to boost your app visibility – Twitter Cards help drive engagement and downloads, and allow you the ability to measure the results of your cards with internal analytics.

Google+ is Not Dead
Google+ arguably has the power to give your posts more targeted authority in the search algorithms, and followers will often be notified, by default, of new posts, so don’t ignore this platform. Also, by default, followers will receive notification of your new posts via gmail. This is still a viable traffic source.

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No More Personal Networking on Instagram

  • Show videos/ images of real people – Instagram’s visual platform makes it easy for people to share personal photos. The Instagram audience likes to see images that make them feel personally connected to a brand. Share office photos and even get more personal if you dare. Nikki in marketing had a new baby? Share a picture of him on your profile.
  • Update followers with progress on projects – as you come to interesting points in your project phases, share real-time photos of the progress. Get creative with this portion.


So, you’re not just sharing a link to your new app all over the web. You need to have shareable content created to help you promote. Use the social platforms that your niche is most likely to be on in the ways that are best suited for those platforms. Integrate this into your next SMM strategy and your app outreach will be a success.


Author bio: Eva Creerson is a content marketing manager at Master Papers writing company. She is constantly exploring new ways to craft outstanding content and promote it. She is also a social media enthusiast.


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How to Use Social Media for a Crowdfunding Campaign [GUEST POST]

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How to Use Social Media for Crowdfunding Campaign

Today, anyone can run a crowdfunding campaign thanks to the internet. More specifically, people’s connections on social media allow friends, family, colleagues and associates to support each other’s funding efforts.

Whether you have an invention you’d like to turn into reality or a charity or event you’re raising money for, a good crowdfunding campaign starts with mining your social media gold.

But how can you make the most of your social media contacts in order to achieve your funding goal?

Here are some top tips to successful crowdfunding through social media:

Assess your Social Media Situation

Which platform do you tend to use the most? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? Which one are you most comfortable using? Which one is most relevant to the project you’re trying to fund? Which of your contacts do you expect to be most willing to help out? If you have time, begin expanding your contacts base before you start your campaign.

Get Organized

Crowdfunding can involve a lot of unexpected twists and turns and you want to make sure that you have your core strategy set before you get started. Plan and outline your social media posts, videos and texts and create a posting schedule before you launch your campaign. This will give you more time to focus on responding to followers and donors and analyzing your success as the campaign progresses.

Use a Hashtag

A hashtag has several benefits. They allow you to track the progress and spread of your campaign. Using a hashtag also allows others to share your campaign easily. You can ask or request your followers to use the hashtag when they repost. Make sure your hashtag is relevant to the project or event you’re trying to fund.

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Consider Starting a Facebook Page for your Project

That way, you can post information that’s specific to your campaign without interfering with your personal page. People who are truly interested in your project can have a place to post, share and comment as the project develops. It also gives you a platform to share information with your supporters about how things are progressing. A great benefit of a Facebook page is its Insights section where you can track how many people you’re reaching and break down the demographics of your followers.


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Don’t Be afraid to Use LinkedIn

Though you may have fewer contacts on LinkedIn than on Facebook, the possibility of drawing the attention of potential funders may be greater on LinkedIn than on other platforms. Just make sure you follow linkedIn rules or you’ll get busted.

You can reach out to professionals with similar businesses or goals who may be interested in helping with funding.

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Post frequently

Generating interest in your campaign is just the first step. After you’ve earned yourself some followers, your responsibility is to keep them engaged. With the amount of traffic on Facebook and Twitter today, it’s important to post several times a day. You don’t know who will see your posts or when people check their Newsfeed. So make sure to post periodically throughout the day in order to reach a greater number of people. It’s important to give frequent updates so that people know how things are going.

Have you reached a milestone? Are you halfway to your funding goal? How much more do you need in order to reach your goal? Break down some statistics: If 1,000 people gave $5 each, we’re at our goal. How many people do you know who can spare $5 for this charity event?

Don’t Just Talk About Money

In fact, only about 20% of your campaign should mention finances. The rest should be informative about the project.  Give them facts and research to continue generating conversation and interest. If you’re running a charity event, you may want to profile an individual who will benefit from the money for the event. If you’ve created an app or invented something, explain why it’s important and how it will benefit people.

Say Thank You

Be sure to recognize all the support you get. Whether it’s sharing or donating, make sure to say Thank You for your support for everyone who’s involved. Consider all the different events and projects people are presented with on a constant basis. Thank them for going the extra mile to support yours.

Analyze your Progress

If you’ve posted on several different platforms, make sure you track your progress on each of them. Look for shares and reposts on Facebook and mentions and retweets on Twitter. If there are glaring differences between your success on each of them, see what you need to tweak in order to increase your success on the one that’s lagging.

A successful crowdfunding campaign is one that’s well-organized and includes frequent updates and posts on social media. Don’t forget to say Thank You to the donors who helped you meet your goals.


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Twitter Round Up: And The ‘BEST TWEET AWARD’ in Marketing Goes To?!

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