Top 3 Important Apps to Keep you Motivated Throughout 2018

Marketing isn’t exactly for everybody. If anything, it takes a special kind of willpower to come up with successful strategies for generating quality B2B leads. Each day, marketers are often faced with the prospect of getting rejected if they don’t work hard enough to keep a target client interested. Then again, the sales pipeline doesn’t feed itself, so they have to keep the ball rolling when it comes to lead generation and appointment setting.

Productivity remains a crucial issue among B2B companies no matter the size. One thing’s for sure, there is simply no other way to improve the bottom line than making your corps of email and phone marketers constantly active. Still, gears get worn down by the grinding, and in an industry as competitive and chaotic as B2B, marketers would easily find themselves at their wits’ ends.

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Well, it’s not as if there’s a job out there that requires less effort and compensates more. In fact, there’s never really an easy job. There are only hard workers, and as the old evolutionary mantra goes, the fittest are the ones to survive. Those who get to prove themselves in their own arenas get to reap the best rewards.

Another year has gone by, and it has become crucial for marketers to learn more about how best to increase the efficiency of their campaigns. But whatever strategy or path they choose, they will have to understand that it’s actually manpower that drives corporate growth. To be able to move forward, you must be able to encourage yourself into staying productive and focused.

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So, what’s the forecast for 2018? Nothing much, only that the B2B industry across such sectors as financial services and IT will get to experience increased competition. This would require major players to come up with better marketing plans aimed specifically at the heartstrings of their target audiences. But more than that, companies will also need to find ways to get their marketing teams high on their heels for leads.

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While it takes time to develop such strategies, you can recommend these motivational apps that will certainly maintain high productivity levels all year round!

Productivity Challenge Timer

No doubt about it, procrastination is a bad thing. It basically keeps you from completing crucial tasks on top of developing an apathetic and careless mindset. Still, you have to realize that there’s basically no place for procrastination in the B2B world.

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This is the reason why most marketers these days depend on the Pomodoro method to keep them highly productive. There are tons of Pomodoro apps out there that can improve one’s ability to turn in outputs in a matter of days. Among them, the Productivity Challenge Timer takes first place. Not only does it function as a Pomodoro timer, it also allows users to track their progress over time, enabling them to develop a more focused mindset.

If there’s anything that passes off as a more effective ways to increase productivity, it’s coaching. External motivation is a key factor in becoming a successful marketer. This has been proven by, an app that will allow just about anybody to develop better working attitudes and lessen that “can’t do” attitude that keeps on tugging you by the sleeves.

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Want to keep yourself distraction free? Try Forest. It’s a cute app that lets you plant a virtual tree and let it grow as you focus on your task. The moment you leave the app, the tree dies and you will need to plant a new one in its place. Having problems with using social media during the times when you have to be working? Forest allows you to keep your mind busy long enough for that little sapling to grow well into adulthood.

With an interface that’s too good to be ignored, Forest is one application you would want to keep opened on your desk. Besides, it gives a good feeling to be able to grow your own forest just by spending a lot of time focusing on the task that matters the most right now.

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Top Five Mobile Productivity Apps for B2B Business

There are tons of apps available for a variety of purposes. But while B2B executives can always download addictively absurd games like that one about a bird with limited flight capabilities, productivity apps are always there whenever you’re ready to do some real work (or when the aforementioned game starts to get really frustrating).

As the IT industry continues to produce innovative mobile productivity apps for business owners, it is important for them to select the right apps that can help them make the most of their time, whether inside or outside the office.

Here’s a list of useful apps B2B enterprises shouldn’t mind installing in their iPhones.



Before, content management was all about sending files to an editor via email. The editor then sends the file back, indicating his or her revisions. Sometimes, too many revision requests would result in long email threads that will take you forever to search for the original file if the situation requires it. It was prone to errors and miscommunication within the content marketing team. Then came DropBox, and content management became less of a chore. All you have to do is copy your file into the DropBox for all to see. And if ever there are revisions into the content, you just open the file and edit away. No need to scroll down a lengthy email thread!

Analytic App

Analytics App

Managing a business is all about numbers. And when it comes to B2B marketing, business owners know better than to ignore the latest stats in their campaigns. With the Analytics App, can gain a great deal of insight into their lead generation efforts, plan better strategies, and improve their sales numbers.

 Read this Running Low on Passion? Remember the First Day Feeling and get motivated!



Back then, itinerant executives would carry their work in bulky and heavy laptops. But with the advent of mobile productivity apps, they can now save files in their smartphones. With CloudOn, they can edit spreadsheets, word documents, and slide presentations on the palm of their hand (literally!). Got stuck in traffic and you haven’t drafted that report for the big meeting later? You can write it in your handset. Just keep your eyes on the road though!


Evernote Business.

Looking for an effective way to track your tasks? The Evernote Business app is specifically meant for making your professional life easier. You can create to-do lists and schedule your appointments. No need to buy a business journal or planner. Every important event you can put in your tablet and smart phone with ease.



Momentum is a great extension app in google chrome that reminds you of your main focus or priority task for the day. It keeps a conducive flow of creativity juices and motivation as it display calming cinematographic shots and productivity booster quotations. It will help you get rid social media distraction and finally check all your to do list.

Do you have any apps in mind that haven’t made the list? Share them in the comments below.

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Grab a copy of our FREE Ebook, Why You Should Bet Your Money on Digital Marketing (And Win)! We brainstormed ideas, analyzed data, and interpreted recent developments vis-à-vis previous trends before coming up with a realistic view of this year’s marketing trendWhy You Should Bet Your Money on Digital Marketing (And Win)

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4 Surefire Solutions to Grow your Sales without Exhausting your Staff

It is clear that managers want only the best for their businesses. And in order to obtain the results they want, they seek ways to improve the performance of their lead generation and appointment setting activities.

While increasing lead quotas can be considered to enhance sales productivity, the amount of added responsibilities may not bode well for your staff.

Too many leads can cause your sales staff to burn out, affecting their ability to concentrate on and qualify promising leads. In effect, high lead turnouts can directly drag conversion rates down rather than hike them up like they supposed to.

There is also the possibility of pursuing the wrong kind of leads, so businesses need to be wiser in implementing ways that produce the best results and lessen the burden placed on their salesforce.

Hit two birds with, uh, four stones by following these important steps.

Simplify your sales process

If your sales process involves too many steps, you might need to reevaluate it. Lengthening the buyer journey only complicates lead transfer from one level of the buying cycle to another. Documentation and tracking of each prospect becomes difficult, requiring your salesforce to work harder on lead nurturing. Ideally, you should be able to gain a close in as little as four steps before a lead is considered for a sale.

Deliver targeted messaging

Delivering the right content to the right people is a marketing matter. But your sales personnel can always pinpoint the specific leads that need a little shove to purchase a product or service. If the first attempt at a sale fails, identify problem areas in your messaging and apply necessary adjustments. Then, execute an immediate follow-up using content that links up with specific concerns.

Aligning your marketing and sales efforts is essential if it is not the only way to drive high quality sales leads. Both departments are able to share intelligence and come up with a common definition for a sales-ready lead, allowing them to focus on high priority prospects.

Implement effective lead scoring

Marketing automation software developed in-house or otherwise is essential for determining sales opportunities through lead scoring. Implementing a lead scoring and synching it with your ideal client profile can help drive qualified traffic to sales and reduce (if not eliminate) low quality leads that only cause a waste of time and attention.

Callbox offers groundbreaking marketing automation solutions. Check out our services page.

Labor Day Tidbit: Nurture your In-House Marketing Team

Every first Monday of September, the United States pays tribute to the hardworking men and women of the labor force. From the cubicles of Wall Street to the factories in San Antonio, the labor force has been instrumental in the success and improvement of businesses and lives.

Indeed, there is much more to grant other than brief “Thank you” notes or referrals for promotions.

Players in the B2B marketing industry should make a great deal out of this annual affair. Especially, with regards to their in-house marketing personnel, it is imperative for these companies to give their teams the best. Consequently, they could expect the best results from them. But for this to happen requires a great deal of humanizing the work force.

It can be pretty difficult for lead generation people to hunt for, converse (or put up) with prospects if they persistently starve for external motivation — that which entails environmental, interpersonal and yes, monetary stability — for them to be able to perform their jobs.

Luckily, one doesn’t need to be an expert in human resources to view the human side of labor. It only takes a few crucial tidbits for improving telemarketing campaigns and boosting sales conversions:

Provide a conducive atmosphere.

The work place, the cubicle, the production floor. These are where successes are built. And it makes all the difference when they have the facets of comfort and usability. As business leaders, your job entails providing your personnel with a healthy work environment. Give the office a new coat of paint, beautify the surroundings with plants and motivational posters, and make sure that employees have the freedom to explore outside their boxes.

Avoid micromanaging.

The film Office Space gives a clear representation of the dangers of micromanaging. The manager in the film oversees the work of individual employees. But his bullying tactics prove to be counter-efficient, with each employee enacting passive-aggressive retribution. The low budget comedy has striking parallels in the real world. Micromanagement is not something you should opt for. If you want to improve productivity, wear your employees’ shoes and not the jackboots of a Fascist dictator.

Give rewards and incentives.

Positive reinforcement helps. It is known to be an effective means of conditioning your employees to embrace work, learn to love it, and dedicate themselves to it. And what better way to achieve this than giving incentives to your employees for every extra effort. Make every minute of work count by establishing a reward system that recompenses punctuality as well as for every closed deal with a qualified lead.

And always remember that Labor Day doesn’t happen once every year. Employer-employee partnerships are enduring bonds as long as you have important goals to meet.

Productivity in B2B Lead Generation: Why Complacency could be a Bad Habit

Success in any undertaking is usually judged on paper, but sometimes, numbers and data aren’t enough to paint the whole picture. Marketers are naturally inclined to rely on evaluative statistics to assess their progress, but there is a catch.

There are things that statistics cannot measure, such as your marketing team’s determination to reach your lead generation goals. You also cannot measure – with absolute certainty – the level of satisfaction of your clients.

That is why business marketers should avoid being complacent on the current progress of their campaigns. While measurable data can represent the growth and outputs of your marketing activities, it’s still important to check those which can only be measured by allotting personal attention to discuss about the present and future conditions.

    1. Hold regular meetings to check up on individual and team progress. Most leaders only hold meetings to plan for something or to resolve any issues. This doesn’t mean you can’t have meetings even if everything is going smooth.
    1. Talk to your sales team even though they’re not giving any negative feedback on the leads being passed on to them. Any sort of disconnect between you and them can ultimately be damaging to the entire process.
    1. Update, up-train. Make available a continuous developmental program for your team members, especially your telemarketers, for they provide the voice of your campaign. Make sure they are kept abreast with the latest trends and approaches in most if not all channels of online and traditional marketing.
    1. Listen to calls. Do you have Quality Analysts that monitor and evaluate calls and online conversations? Even seasoned veterans of the field still need to be checked up on, especially when dealing with new industries or modern interactions. Also, this a great way to discover what challenges telemarketers often encounter so they can be addressed as soon as possible before they blow out of proportion.
  1. Ask input from anyone in your team. It’s a team effort, at the end of the day, and that entails having everyone’s voice being heard. Leaders cannot be complacent and think that their members don’t have any problems just because they’re not saying anything about it. Conversely, members cannot be complacent and think that their leaders are always happy with their performance just because they’re not complaining. Hear each other out, and come up with the best way to carry out your marketing campaigns.

How To Coach Underperforming Employees

When employees slow down in their work, your business operations will also slow down as well. We can blame that to a lot of factors, like slow sales cycles or non-delivery of important equipment, but one of the most commonly overlooked (as well as the most damaging) could be as simple as a change in marketing strategies or processes.

As a business manager or entrepreneur, we all want to employ the latest tools or innovations in the sales process in order to make a profit. But with our desire to change quickly, we often forget to prepare our own people for it. For this reason they end up in the dark and have a hard time meeting your demands through your new parameters.

You should have coached them in the first place. But since you have most likely implemented the change already, you might as well prepare your marketing team throughout the process. And that means coaching them at times when their performance goes down.

To do that, you need to remember the four steps of effective coaching:

Explanation – when implementing a change in your marketing process, you need to first explain why you are doing it in the first place. You need to give meaning to what you are doing. You need to share with them your strategies, your plans in reaching your goals, the contribution of each member, as well as the rewards for a successful completion of the task.

Clarification – after the explanations, you need to ask your employees if they got what you are saying. Never move to the next step unless you and your team are clear already on what you want to achieve in your marketing campaign. In case of problems with performance, it is best that you choose the right time for a quick discussion, like employee breaks or something similar. Do not judge them until they have explained their reasons for their lackluster performance.

Participation – for performance issues, get the on board in problem-solving and strategies. Tell them clearly what you need done and help them come up with solutions that they can work on. Try to figure out the root cause of the problem (is it the new business process you implemented, personal issues, employee interactions, etc.).  Usually, they can provide you details that can help you nail down the cause and resolve it to the satisfaction of both sides.

Appreciation – as a manager, you should be able to recognize success in whatever endeavor that your prospects can do. Monitor their performance. If you see anything that is worth your praise, then do so. Show them your appreciation, considering their actions based on who they are, not just on what they are doing.

As a business manager or entrepreneur, you should know how to guide or coach your employees well. With the way business and marketing evolves rapidly, you should also be up to the task of preparing them for the changes. This is for the sake of your continued success in business.

What Will Make Telecommuting Work In Lead Generation?

When you want to improve your lead generation process, you need to use different marketing and business tactics to maximize your performance. One of the most popular methods you can employ is through telecommuting. This creates a very flexible set-up for the generation of qualified B2B leads. Still, there are issues with this tactic, namely in reliability and collaboration. This is a very serious concern, especially where teamwork is needed. Even so, once you identify which areas in sales leads generation are precisely lacking, then you can proceed to solve it. There are many ways to do that, but the most important are:

  1. Technology – this is one point that you have to remember well. When it comes to remotely working with appointment setting specialists, you need to make sure that you have the technological tools needed for communication.  Without it, you will not be able to monitor or keep tabs of what you need to do. Keeping in touch will require some good technology.
  2. Humanity – this is also a point that you need to consider well. No matter how advanced is the technology you use, if you fail to improve the human part of your marketing campaign, then you will not be able to generate qualified sales leads. This is an important consideration, especially if telemarketing is used as the communication medium.

Of course, outsourcing the job to professional lead generation services is also a feasible plan. As long as you choose the right people, then you will be able to do well.

Why Is Telecommuting Bad For Lead Generation?

Right at the heels of Yahoo CEO’s Marissa Mayer’s announcement that there will be no more telecommunicating for its employees, there have been howls of disapproval from many quarters. They say that telecommunicating is an important part of their operations, and it should not be taken lightly. For those in the lead generation business, working outside the office is key to increased productivity in B2B leads. Still, there are reasons why telecommunicating can be a bad idea. Among these are:

  1. Less opportunities to collaborate – believe it or not, it can be fairly impossible to get new ideas from your colleagues when you just talk through a computer screen. Man is a social animal, never forget, this is practically an area that you must remember well. Such social interactions require a face-to-face meeting.
  2. Knowing the company’s direction can be difficult – despite advancements in technology and imaging, webinars and conference calls can only do so much. If you want to fully immerse your B2B telemarketing team regarding your company’s direction, you had better arrange for them to report to your office regularly.
  3. Company culture could be lost – a company culture is the result of interactions between people in a specific area. When you telecommute or work from home, the interactions that could create a positive culture will no longer be there.
  4. Poor performers will be undetected – this is easy, despite the advancement of monitoring software. Nothing beats actually breathing down the necks of your employees, making sure they actually generate sales leads.

So, what do you think? Is telecommuting really bad for lead generation?