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Each day we’re giving out our very best to maintain the amount of energy and passion to commit with our goals and now, we are reaping the fruits of success as we are listed by and heralded as one of the Best Lead Generation Companies.

Hardwork pays off. Through the days, we’ll assure to continue to evolve for the betterment and to provide the best lead generation service we can give.

William Blake once said, “You never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough.”

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Callbox Among 10 Best for June 2015


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Lead Nurturing Done Right: Introducing Callbox Pipeline’s Lead Nurture Tool

Everybody’s talking about how important lead nurturing is and how it helps businesses not only facilitate the blossoming of sales-ready leads, but also in building a strong connection between the seller and the buyer.

A lot of strategies revolve around sending a string of emails and basically just preserving constant communication with leads. But what that does is like saying “Don’t forget about us”. For lead nurturing to really be effective, the focus should be on value.

According to a LinkedIn Pulse article:

Leads are like babies. You don’t know how your child will turn out when they grow up, just like you don’t know how lucrative leads can be. But a lead is nothing more than a newborn.

You have to nurture your newborns with value and educational resources. The purpose of lead nurturing is to help your leads grow and reach “saleshood”.

A Tool That Does It All

While most lead nurturing systems are too expensive and time consuming to set up, Callbox Pipeline’s Lead Nurture Tool offers a lightweight (read: simpler and cheaper) alternative giving you all the benefits of a well-executed marketing automation system at a tiny fraction of the sticker price.

Here’s the pitch: this tool allows you to perform lead nurturing actions through six — yes, six — different channels: call, email, postal mail, SMS, online, and social. We’re not bluffing.

This user-friendly automation system is basically a blueprint of actions that are set off by predetermined triggers based on lead behavior, such as downloading a brochure, visiting a website or expressing interest in a certain topic, or even non-action triggers such as appointment no-shows or unreachable contacts

Its drag-and-drop interface makes it ultra-easy for you to design, apply and modify schemes. It even comes with real-time notifications that allow you to send and receive timely reminders and alerts via email and in real-time via Pipeline. You can also make use of its detailed reporting complete with activity logs and campaign statistics in making necessary modifications or gaining insight.

Personalized Automation is no longer a paradox

Callbox Pipeline’s Lead Nurturing Tool features custom email templates where you can create messages that sound like you and look like your business, and upload them to Pipeline for a more personal brand of email marketing.

We also let you bridge the information gap between your company and your prospects by providing landing pages with many conversion-friendly templates to choose from.

With Callbox Pipeline’s Lead Nurture tool, flexibility and efficiency will take marketing automation to a whole new level.

Learn more about this all-around tool, or you may contact us.

Callbox Earns #1 Spot In Two Lead Generation Services Rankings For 2015

For the past year, Callbox is the top lead generation services provider in the land, according to not one but two prestigious review sites.

The company recently marked its 10th year in the business, and the celebration just became sweeter after bagging the #1 spot in two annual industry rankings conducted by Top  Ten Reviews ( and Comparakeet (, particularly in providing quality lead generation services.

Top Ten Reviews (now awarded Callbox their top honors, the 2015 Gold Award and the 2015 Excellence Award in the Sales Lead Generation category. In the global ranking of lead generation services providers, Callbox leads the pack with an overall quality score of 9.8 out of 10.

Callbox Tops Lead Generation Review

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Furthermore, Callbox earned outstanding marks in four major categories: Lead Generation (10/10), Reporting (10/10), Tracking (10/10) and Help & Support (9.8/10).

Callbox has maintained this rank for the past 3 years, cementing its reputation as the industry standard for lead generation services with particular emphasis on quality, adaptability, support and delivery.

Meanwhile, review site Comparakeet also honored Callbox as the best lead generation services provider, beating all global competition in categories such as Sales Lead Generation Tools, Customer Tracking, Reporting Tools, Ease of Use and Customer Support:

Callbox Tops Lead Generation Reviews

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Callbox is the only marketing company in the world that has earned the A++ mark on the list.

Comparakeet’s reviews tend to focus more on the customers’ end of the service, gauging companies according to client satisfaction and overall experience. TopTenReviews, on the other hand, zero in on the company’s ability to offer these necessary services and the level of quality by which they are provided.

On both accounts, Callbox has reigned supreme.

This goes to show that the company’s ability to deliver and ability to satisfy are top-notch. These honors are just two of the latest additions to an already extensive array of testaments that put Callbox in its rightful place — on top of the hill — for this year and the many ones to come.

Congratulations, Callbox!

How Aggressive are you with your B2B Lead Generation?

Lead generation and appointment setting constitute the most complex activities that businesses encounter. They usually struggle with feeding their sales pipelines with qualified B2B leads. This is made even more intricate by the typical analytical processes involved in lead management and nurturing.

And despite available cost-efficient marketing software, we can still hear fireside stories about poor ROI generation and no space for business expansion.

What marketers should do is to think outside the box. They will need to think differently from the competition.

After all, it pays to stay one step ahead and to be willing to try things out. Are you one of few progressive businesses?

Are you willing to get out of your comfort zone?

The problem with many marketers today is that they get so attached with their current strategies. They often believe that their current campaign passes for an efficient lead generation program. They often shrug at any opportunity to try out new things. But being content does not entail progress. Without trying out new solutions, vertical business growth is impossible. Forward-thinking marketers are often curious and fascinated about things they have not tried out before, resulting in better opportunities.

Are you passionate about marketing?

Many businesses stay with the idea of making more money that they often overlook the importance of generating qualified B2B leads. Sure, you can always invest in cost-efficient strategies, but do you think these will maximize your goal of feeding the pipeline with eager B2B buyers? Marketing is not all about having the latest and sickest software. What matters the most is how you wield them effectively so as to gain real results. Marketing is not just “an activity.” It is a discipline that requires a great deal of dedication.

Are you willing to make mistakes?

No business is ever immune to making mistakes. Moreover, no marketing plan proves to be the most effective. We cannot scoff at the fact that there is no telling what a decision maker wants. Nonetheless, businesses should be willing to take risks. You cannot get to an effective marketing plan without having to suffer a great deal of risks along the way.

Are you willing to outsource?

Finally, progressive marketers know best to hire a B2B lead generation services company. Considering that competition within the industry is getting fiercer, it would be practical if you consider the services of a lead generation firm that thinks differently from typical outsourcing firms.

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