Twitter To Help Businesses With New Lead Generation Card

When it comes to using social media for b2b lead generation, few can contest that the results tend to be inconclusive, and sometimes even downright confusing. What do you do with all the likes and shares and retweets that your offer generates? It’s all fine and dandy when all you’re thinking of is to widen the exposure of your brand or product, but if you’re really planning on turning these followers into qualified b2b sales leads, it might not be that easy to accomplish. Enter Twitter’s new service, the Lead Generation Card.

Though still not available to the general public, Twitter has revealed that this expanded tweet features a call to action form pre-populated with the @username, email address, and name of the person viewing it on Twitter, making it less likely for your sales targets to abandon signing up because everything has been done for them.

The Twitter lead generation card finally puts to use the thousands of user data that most social networking sites tend to simply horde. It’s a really effective means of lead generation: the leads generated are far more qualified than simple followers or likers because those who joined the offer can actually be directly contacted once the offer becomes available for purchase or you have new products and services, giving your sales and marketing people more opportunities to increase profits. Once you have the emails of your target b2b leads, moving on with the sales process becomes much easier and your business contact database can will be regularly updated as long as you provide attractive offers to the public.

This is definitely one social network service that you must watch out for because once it becomes public, it will change the social media marketing game.

Top 10 secrets of SEO

Today everyone wants to have better search engine result pages rankings. However only one can have the rank 1. Therefore you need to optimize constantly your websites and to have an edge over others you need to do something different and unique. You can do search engine optimization in-house, or if you don’t have any idea how to do it, you can hire the SEO services of an seo expert to help you. Following are 10 rare tips/secrets which can help you get high search engine ranks.
First, many people still use directories and search engines give preference to websites listed in directories. There are many free and paid directories available today. The free directories usually ask for link exchange, however you should remember that if you have many links on your web page, search engines can reduce your page ranks or rank on search engine result. If you are paying for link submission in a directory, make sure that the page rank of the directory is high and it has good traffic.
Secondly, many search engines also provide sponsored links. Therefore you can pay to get listing at the top of the result page. However, you have to pay for every visitor sent to your website. This way you can get traffic very quickly.
Thirdly, submit articles to article submission websites. Write quality articles related to your websites and products and you can submit those articles to famous articles submission websites. You can also have links in the articles. Therefore you can get backlinks and traffic from an article submission website.
Fourth, get as many links as possible. You can buy backlinks and many websites display links for free also such as classifieds’ web page.
Fifth, join as many forums and online communities which are related to your websites and products. Talk about your products there and you can also provide links to your website. This way you can traffic as well as backlinks.
Sixth, advertise your website in media such as Television ads, newspapers, magazines etc.
Seventh, have proper content. Optimize the content on your web page. The content should meet the expectations and needs of your visitors. Further, the content should be keyword optimized.
Eight, you can have many email campaigns where you send mails to thousands of people with clickable links. This way you can get good traffic.
Ninth, always have a sitemap for your website. This help the visitors to explore the website more freely and conveniently.
Tenth, you must burn feeds for your websites. This way person get informed when there is some new content on your websites.

Preparing a Business Plan for Cleaning Services

If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to get started in the cleaning service business, you should start with a business plan in order to get cleaning service leads. The business plan targeting commercial cleaning leads should start with a vision statement that will serve as your sales and marketing guidelines.

A cleaning service business plan should visibly assess the area that the service will cover. With this, you have to estimate the number of households in the area. You also have to estimate the number of all the households of your cleaning service. In your cleaning service business plan for carpet cleaning leads for example, you have to put some information about businesses offering the same service that are already operating in the area. Your business plan should show the size and scope of the probable competition for cleaning service leads.

Include the estimate of the probable expenses, since with this kind of business; you need to buy equipment such as vacuum cleaners, polishers, machines for shampooing carpets and the like. Estimates of the number of employees and the skills that each employee must should also be in your business plan. This is important if you want to have quality staff that can generate janitorial leads for you. The business plan should clearly indicate the required skills for your employees.

Of course, your business plan should present your rates. Once you have those carpet cleaning leads flowing in, you would need to provide your prospects information on the rates and coverage. While you work on your business plan, also include a description of your potential clients and the services that they may desire. With a well thought-out business plan should help you map out strategies that can help you attract quality commercial cleaning leads.

Is SEO Really Enough?

By: Nick Stamoulis

If the Internet didn’t exist and you found a way to drive thousands of people to your brick and mortar store in one day without spending a dime and you knew that way would work every time you did it, would you take advantage of that opportunity? Who wouldn’t, right?

Well, that’s essentially what search engine optimization is. Do it yourself and it doesn’t cost a dime. The only commitment is the time it takes to optimize your website properly. Otherwise, there’s no expense. And the traffic is targeted traffic. Do it well enough and you’ll get a lot of targeted traffic. Why wouldn’t you do that for your business? But of course, if you have the budget for SEO services, why not?

There are a lot of reasons to perform on site optimization for your website. I can’t think of any for not doing it. But is SEO alone enough?

I’m probably one of the few SEOs that will tell you that you should probably do more than employ SEO techniques for your website. Optimization is the place you should start. But, generally speaking, you don’t ever just want to rely on one marketing method alone. You want to get the word out about your company as far and wide as possible. That means using social media, pay per click advertising, display advertising, offline advertising, local networking, and as many other ways as you can find as well. Try new things. Do not be afraid to maximize your site with search engine optimization. Keep the things that work, toss out the things that don’t.