Forget About Marketing, Focus on Improving Software Solution


Forget About Marketing, Focus on Improving Software Solution

Are you a smart,safe driver? Becoming one may impose numerous prerequisites like knowing how to park with precision, proper seating position, checking mirrors for blind spots, being awake and alert throughout the trip, maintaining allowable speed, merging in traffic and handling tough driving conditions. All these would help you cope traffic hassles and reach your destination safe and unharmed. But sometimes roads are tough and you may need to slow down, pull over or swerve.

Marketing is akin to driving. IT and software companies conjure in-house marketing strategies and tools which they believe drive best results; and as their name suggest, have the technological capabilities to create and innovate strategies that would help them:

  • connect them with clients online via professional and social networking sites, and
  • answer client’s queries anytime, 24/7.


The 5 to 5 Calling Rule for Inbound Leads (That Generated Over 40% Increase in Sales)

Learn from this 5 to 5 Calling Rule for Inbound Leads (That Generated Over 40% Increase in Sales)


But sometimes IT and Software  as well as other business types, may tend to recklessly spend on innovation, believing that this would speed up revenues; however product quality is sacrificed.


“The most innovative companies are not necessarily the biggest spenders, but the ability to build the right innovation capabilities to connect with their overall business strategy and other critical capabilities.” says Booz & Company


So before you start driving, consider the following ‘table-stakes’ from Forbes:

  • Actively engage with customers to validate concepts and to gauge market potential and risks, and leveraging on current platforms to create new ones during development stage. Here’s a Fresher Way of Reaching IT Decision Makers.
  • Work with pilot users to roll out products properly, and coordinate with the entire team for a stellar launch during commercialization

But no matter how carefully you drive, humps and bumps may come up on the road and in-house efforts and tools may not be enough to cope. When this happens, swerve on additional or even optional innovations like Outsourcing.

Assess the success of your marketing campaigns? Read 4 Signs That You Badly Need a Lead Generation Team

The decision to outsource a business strategy doesn’t come easy as dropping by a store and grabbing a bottle of soda to quench your thirst, but must be rooted from a conclusion that: current in-house strategies may not be the best for the moment and new ideas are needed to achieve best results.

Before you drive further, Pull over and ponder on The Benefits of Outsourcing:

  • Cost Advantages. You will get rid of overhead expenses and labor costs and just spend on the period when the campaign runs.
  • Increase work efficiency. Your outsourced company will take care of piling up the leads and you can focus  on core areas of the business
  • Reduce risk. Every business investment carries an amount of risk like market competition and financial conditions, but outsourcing providers assume and manage this for you.

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Moreso, outsourcing providers fuel your business by:

  • Acquiring  new customers and nurturing unqualified leads for your business while  leveraging on leading-edge prospecting processes and technologies.
  • Creating a connection between you and your customers through all available media like web, mobile, email and social that will build a strong business relationship. Here’s How to reach C-Level Decision Makers. Check this out!
  • Innovating strategies in addressing not just customer queries but their specific needs in ways in which your full business potentials are unleashed.

Remember this when driving success for IT and Software businesses: load the “table-stakes” and gas up with liters of outsourcing benefits to ditch distraction and to keep yourself focused on the road and where you’re heading.

Bon voyage!



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How are digital strategies evolving with the integration of new technologies into the marketing world? [GUEST POST]

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How are digital strategies evolving with the integration of new technologies into the marketing world? [GUEST POST]

Digital economy is growing at a rate 10 times faster than the traditional job opportunities. Almost 50% of all businesses and industries do not have a worked out digital strategy and this creates a massive opportunity for the digital market-savvy to secure lucrative jobs.

As far as 2016 was concerned, almost 900,000 new digital marketing jobs emerged due to the lack of trained individuals who could tackle the digitization of the country’s market and economy. Standing in the dawn of 2017, if you are one of a few thousand individuals who are currently aspiring a career in digital marketing then you should consider the following tips.

Always stay one step ahead of your competitors

To stay on top of industry updates and latest news you need to follow all late digital marketing sites and people. Google has changed its algorithm about 500-600 times in the last 2 years and if you do not keep a lookout you will soon be under a huge pile of changes you have no idea how to tackle. Start with Moz, PPC Hero, Search Engine Land, Hubspot, SEO Gadget and Social Media Today for the latest news on social media updates and algorithm changes.

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Revolutionize content

Content is an integral part of digital marketing. Your customers will judge you to a great extent based on the quality of your content. However, thanks to drastically shortening of attention spans you need to entice your readers and followers within 2 seconds or you will lose out on website traffic. Digital signage has ushered in a revolution in content that allows the transition of the digital barrier into the physical world. This is more popularly being referred to as “Digical” (digital + physical), that is being used in dominos, Macy’s, Wal-Mart and Barnes & Noble’s.

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Define your network

Start small on social media networks like Facebook, twitter and Instagram by following your target audience, current customers and potential consumers. To increase your reach start following social media influencers who can share your post with millions with one small click.

Attend all kinds of “social meets”, webinars, and conferences and share the news to build and nurture valuable relationships online.

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Build your own brand

To make sure that your followers recognize you as a digital marketing expert, make sure you start defining your online presence quite early. This is called personal brand building and you can begin this process by optimizing your personal website, business website, LinkedIn profile and other social media profiles.

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Push personal projects

It is difficult to get noticed on the first leg of your journey. To make your online presence more visible you can definitely try publishing your personal projects on social media. These can be projects on SEO, PPC, content marketing and other nuances of digital marketing that occupied your early days as a digital marketer.

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Being a digital marketer may sound easy, but always staying on top of your game can become really tiring without the right guidance. The advent of digital marketing, LED touchscreens and mobile device optimization has made digital marketing a lot challenging that it used to be.


Author Bio: Charlie Brown is an innovator, thinker and author who have written several blogs and columns on digital marketing. Off late he has been writing extensively on the effects of digital signage on the evolving world of social marketing and digital strategies.



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Marketing is from Mars, Sales is from Venus

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Should there be any relationship that badly needs counseling this Valentine’s Day, it is the one between Marketing and Sales. These two separate branches have been going at each other as to who could provide more profit. Needless to say, both should remain equal despite what most people think that Marketing is from Mars and Sales is from Venus. Like in any given relationship, both should come together and try to align their differences in order to gain a long-lasting and fruitful connection.

Here are some ways to foment romance between your Sales and Marketing teams:

#1: Accept and move on

The most difficult yet very significant endeavor couples often face during the first stages of their journey is in trying to accept their differences and shortcomings. This stage marks the point where they could either make it or break it. Once they get through this stage, the journey will most likely be smooth sailing from there onwards. This holds true for both marketing and sales. While marketers call for awareness and salespersons push for more deals closed, both are actually geared towards one common goal – rake in more revenue.

Take good tips from this 5 to 5 Calling Rule for Inbound Leads (That Generated Over 40% Increase in Sales)

#2: Serve and support

Another essential ingredient that strengthens the bond between partners is the principle of give and take. Each should complement what the other person is lacking. In business, putting all the burden of selling into the hands of the sales team alone calls for a burnout.

This is where your marketing team can prove its worth and provide aid by means of effective marketing campaigns. What this does is it develops and nurtures prospect relationships over time, putting your sales team a step ahead the next time they should make a call.

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#3: Speak the same language

The key to a healthy relationship is to know what your partner really wants. Imagine when someone in marketing says they have brought in 100 leads, and your sales team takes this good news as all of the prospects are ready to buy.  Check out how this 5 to 5 calling rule for inbound leads generated over 40% increase in sales!

This could lead to some confusion. When this occurs, you will definitely find yourself amidst an endless debate, especially when things do not happen according to what one expects. If this is the case, each party should reconsider how to communicate with each other in order to get their message across more efficiently and accurately.

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#4: Meet regularly and keep talking

What makes commitments stronger and last longer is not with the things each partner could provide, but it is what both could do together which makes them earn the right to be called a sound couple to begin with. Once you have bridged the gap between your marketing and sales team, be sure to keep them working on the same page. Each party should always find time to come together and discuss about success and how to continue supporting each other to achieve future goals.



Long-term relationships require hard work. “Making it”does not happen overnight, or by accident. Same goes for bringing together sales and marketing. Each has their own defined roles, but definitely needs the other to end up generating more sales and revenue for your company.

Unlike with Romeo and Juliet, each party does not have to go into the extremes just to convey the message across and sustain the unrelenting beat of the core of your business.



6 Growth Hacking Lead Generation Techniques for 2017

Find out these 6 Growth Hacking Lead Generation Techniques for 2017


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How to Reach C-Level Decision Makers and Boost B2B Sales

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How to Reach C-Level Decision Makers and Boost B2B Sales

Are you looking for ways to reach out with C-level executives and boost B2B sales? Well, an optimized B2B marketing plan can indeed help businesses to overcome certain pain points when dealing with clients.

But that can only be achieved if you will work with a professional marketer in the industry. So how do you do that? Check out the following tips for a successful strategy in reaching marketing success this 2017.

New Ideas for a Winning B2B Marketing Strategy

CEOs need to understand the importance of an ultimate business to business marketing plan to guarantee great results. Although it’s really hard to catch the attention of customers today as they are always busy, there are effective tips to help you get positive feedback or at least make them notice your brand.

Don’t worry because here are some of the best techniques to make them recognize the value of what you offer.

#1: Use multi-channel marketing approach.

With an effective multi-channel contact plan, you can connect to a wider clientele base easily. One important channel is LinkedIn. You can email them a killer offer to make them accept your call and make sure to follow up your call with another message via email. Learn more about Multi-Channel Marketing Approach!

IT Decision Makers Find a Fresher Way in Reaching out to Prospects!

#2: Offer something valuable to build connection.

Many B2B businesses believe that their products or services have clear value to potential clients but sometimes, not receiving a positive feedback means that the value isn’t clearly presented. In order to ensure that they see the value of your offer, it’s important to give freebies such as SEO services to create rapport. In return, customers will see how determine you are in offering them something they need. Remember, sales are all about establishing relationships.

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#3: Get referrals.

If you want to grow your network, you need to meet your friends’ friends. It’s more likely that they know what kind of people you need in your business. In fact, the guiding principle in sales referrals is that the people you like exactly know the people you would be interested to know of.

They have to be: 1. someone who did business with your company before 2. Or anyone who have dealt business with people in your LinkedIn contacts.

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#4: Leave optimized voicemails.

Most of the time, salespeople don’t know how to leave compelling voicemails. Did you know that too long voice messages are dull? If you create unprofessional sounding voicemails, tendency is that potential clients won’t give you a shot. The best thing to do is make it at least 30-second long, sounds more than interesting, sparks curiosity, and ends with easy-to-remember contact information like your phone number or email.

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#5: Provide Targeted B2B Content

Also, one important thing to highlight in your B2B marketing strategies is that B2B content shouldn’t always be about white papers, long-form presentations, or lengthy content format. What matters is the value it offers the clients.

With 95% of customers choosing shorter content formats, you really need to provide direct-to-the-point information if you want to capture buyer’s attention in a span of 30 seconds.

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Utilize all the possible marketing channels to reach your B2B prospects and allot more attention to platforms that gives you more revenue than expenses.



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Top 7 Trends in Software and IT Industry: What to Expect?

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Top 7 Trends in Software and IT Industry: What to Expect?

The huge changes happening in the IT industry significantly affect the mega software trends that data centers currently integrate. For instance, companies manage unyielding business demands, immeasurable infrastructure, and major change in terms of system control. But with the availability of advanced software products, IT professionals are sure to cope with these changes.

Check out the current trends in the industry and be ready for 2017:

#1: AI and Advanced Machine Learning

Natural-language processing, neural networks and deep learning are technologies related to AI and advanced machine learning. However, it also covers more complex systems that can predict, adapt, learn, understand, and operate separately. That way, smarter programs and devices are created based on the information provided by the systems.

#2: Open Philosophies

With the help of open development philosophies, data centers are able to go deeper in the lowest level components to efficiently understand the process and outcome. There are 2 percent of project applications engineered to facilitate horizontal scaling. But instead of project IT integrating legacy applications to open infrastructure, it should use new workloads to renegotiate companies’ hardware contracts. This will prep them up for better open-standard software and hardware.

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#3: Intelligent Apps

Technologies that can potentially change the workplace through easier daily tasks like VPAs (virtual personal assistants) are called intelligent apps. Also, they include enterprise apps and security tooling like ERP (enterprise resource planning) that can match AI-enabled systems. Hence, it will concentrate on AI-powered interfaces, self-directed business process, and advanced analytics.

Here’s How to Clinch that Million-Dollar Sale in the Software Industry

 #4: Software-defined Tools and Systems

When we say software-defined, it means controlling a system through the hardware; and that is applicable on any equipment used by data centers today. And this 2017, software-defined storage and networking will get more significant than ever. However, companies shouldn’t view this as a cheaper way for their business. Agility is one advantage that they should focus on instead.

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#5: Intelligent Things

Autonomous vehicles, drones, and robots are the main categories of intelligent things. And IoT (Internet of Things) devices can be developed as intelligent things through AI-enabled systems such as in medical facilities, factory floor, office, and home systems. This year, they are expected to shift to collaborative from stand-alone models.

#6: Big Data

Big data analytics are important in solving today’s problems in the industry. For instance, real time data can help the healthcare industry reduce mortality rates by tracking a patient’s progress through an updated database.  The real time input provided by big data can greatly help every sector in becoming prepared for what’s to come.

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#7: Mobility

Clients, workforce, and companies are mobile. This only means that bringing data segregation into business and personal apps and data can facilitate IT systems’ success and effectiveness. And though apps are isolated from one another, they are still located in one single device for ease of use.

These are only some of the big trends in the software and IT industry that you need to prepare for. Always keep up to date with the current developments for a more successful software integration with your business.


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Multi-Channel Marketing: A Fresher Way of Reaching IT Decision Makers

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Isn’t it funny that as more and more channels of communication become available, high-level decision-makers are getting harder than ever to reach? Well, it is if you are the decision-maker, and definitely not funny if you are the one trying to reach them. Now, if you’re looking to reach the most senior people in big IT companies, then consider not selling to them. These people know a sales pitch from afar like wildebeests know rain is coming even if they’re hundreds of miles away. The secret to doing the job is quite easy, actually: Connect with them.

To do that, you must be where your customers are. And they are everywhere. That makes the process easier said than done.

But that’s why you’re here. You want it done as easy as it being said. Enter Multi-Channel Marketing – a marketing program that runs through, well, multiple channels to be able to reach and penetrate your target market – delivering the right message to decision makers at their most available time. At the end of the day, it’s about giving the customers choices how they want to get information.

Targeted Email

Unfortunately, not all your customers are interested in all your products or services. Depending on how complex your product is – it could take time and involve a process before a business or organization decides to make a purchase. However, you can initiate contact through targeted email – that is, having attention-grabbing subject lines, brief but precise body text and compelling call to actions, which almost always guarantees better open and reply rates.

Targeted emails allow you to usher prospective customers through your sales cycle without being too expensive or you spending so much time on one prospect. You can then send follow-up emails equipped with open and click tracking, and KPI reporting to make sure you keep track of all relevant data.


Get some tips on our oldie but goodie last year’s article:

There’s so much negativity in this world already so why not make this your email marketing new year resolution, sound positive! Spread good vibes on your emails and you might as well as pull more customers in.


Telemarketing is still the quickest, cheapest, and most interactive way to make a contact and a sale. Consider this: many of you could pick up the phone right now, call someone you don’t know and who has never heard of you, and have an electronic payment transaction minutes later. Such is the magic of a telephone call. 

But in marketing, cold calling is somehow getting obsolete. That’s why, to generate conversations and responses from prospects, you should employ an intelligent way of calling prospects. To do this, it has to be in tandem with your targeted email system since the smart calling system facilitates outbound calls by analyzing email open and response times and other online activity.

Smart Calling System - Callbox

Predict the Best Time to Call your Business Contacts. Learn more..

An example is our very own SMART (Sales and Marketing At the Right Time) Calling system, which makes sure prospects that are most reachable at any given moment are moved to the top of the calling list, resulting to higher conversion rates for the campaign. If you don’t believe telemarketing can drive leads further down the sales funnel, then you should read this. Yes click it. There you go.

Get your telemarketing plans lay out perfectly with these guides:


To complement your outbound efforts through email and calling, you can employ inbound marketing by providing a dedicated landing page. Designed with marketing aesthetics in mind, it features your brand and highlights the main features of your product or service. You can add content, as long as you tailor content to the needs and requirements of the intended audience. It should be varied, informative and  engaging, while at the same time adhering to the essential core messages and values of your business. It can be one-way or more interactive but most of all must be relevant to the audience.

Also, make sure your landing page is equipped with a web form to allow prospects to send in a contact request and if you prefer and a 24/7 live chat feature that will allow your web visitors to talk to your team in real-time, allowing for quicker conversion.

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When we talk social, it is not enough to simply release a message into as many social platforms as possible. The idea is to reach the business’s target market effectively through selective use of the most appropriate and proven social channels for that target market.

Knowing the differences between channels also helps build the right content. For example, Twitter needs to be direct to the point, within the 140-character limit. Tweets should use links to websites or other channels, directing the flow of traffic to your advantage. Facebook and Google+, on the other hand, can be much more visual through posting articles, links to blogs, pictures. The more interesting the content is, the more likely it will be “reposted”, “liked” or “shared”; therefore reaching more people. On top of this your social media feature should also allow your team to systematically search the web for prospects whose profiles match those that are in your existing contact list as well as social influencers.

For Mike Alton, there are two important things that should be on your social marketing list:

“First, understanding audience’s needs and creating articles that fit that need. And then, when sharing to social, making sure that you do the best way possible for each network – use hashtags, formatting, etc.”

Influencer Interview Series: Mike Allton Wears The Social Media Hat

Read more: Influencer Interview Series: Mike Allton Wears The Social Media Hat


Of course, all this wouldn’t be complete if you don’t have a decent mobile capability. May it be sending text alerts and reminders or making sure your digital format is mobile-friendly, decision-makers may be reached through the right channel at the right time, reducing costs and improving the efficiency and productivity of your marketing efforts.


As soon as you breach the gatekeepers and reach the decision-makers, the next challenge is convincing them to buy in. You can do that by:

  • Being Unique. Think outside the box. Offer something that the prospect may not have heard before.
  • Researching their Company. The head honchos are always impressed when you know more about the company than ordinary people do. That extra effort goes a long way.
  • Focusing more on Benefits than Details. Always, always sell the solution to the problem, not the product.
  • Looking for a Mutual Connection. It makes the person you are talking to feel secure and more comfortable knowing that you have common connections.

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Parting Shot

When it comes to multi channel marketing, creating consistent customer experiences across all channels is as important as being able to implement the system seamlessly because your customers experience your brand as a whole, whether their interactions with you are online, over the phone, or even via a simple SMS. Believe me, your prospects would know. They wouldn’t be where they are if they didn’t.



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Simple New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business

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Simple New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business

If you’re still shopping for Christmas presents, good luck to you. You’re too late. There’s one thing that you can do and not be late, though. It’s coming up with a New Year’s Resolution for your business. See, the start of the new year is the perfect time to start with a blank slate because when you’re back to the drawing board, it’s easy to see things and easier still to measure your achievements (or lack of them) versus your goals. So when the clock strikes 12, don’t hit the ground running just yet. Make sure you have this list of things you can do to start the New Year right.

Get New Business Cards

Your logo can stay the same for as long as you wish. You know what they say about “fixing things that ain’t broken”, right? Good logos never grow old. You what does? Business cards. In this advanced digital age, business cards are one of the few things made of paper that still manage to have meaning. Yeah, I’m surprised, too. But with all the high tech marketing options out there, business cards still remain essential tools for many business owners, executives, and professionals. Whether you’re attending the next Dreamforce or similar trade shows, networking events, or just going to client meetings, it’s important to have professionally designed business cards with you at all times so that you can present the best possible materials to potential clients or customers.

I don’t need to tell you what a good business card looks like. I’m guessing your graphic artist has that figured out. Add this to his list of must-do’s and make sure to have it printed before the year ends. Learn how we got leads from joining events like Dreamforce.

Spruce Up Your Website

Ok, your website may still have Christmas-sy feels right now, but for the love of the Beatles, please do away with that before January 1 sees the light of day. Get rid of the red-and-green and snow/snowflakes, flowing ribbons and glitters and all things that remind you of Christmas. On January 1, your clients and prospects need to know you’re back to serious business (not that Christmas isn’t serious) and your online presence need to amplify it. Your website should also look consistent with all of your other marketing materials, online and otherwise. Of course, it should still be easy to navigate and use, especially for people using mobile devices, because you know, mobile is still going to rule.

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Give your Social Media Pages a Makeover

Did your social media guy avail of his paid VL the last two weeks of the year? Don’t worry. Just tell him he has a lot of catching up to do. Uhm, in case you don’t know, social media can be an incredibly effective way to reach out to customers, and if your social media profiles are going to be the first things people see when it comes to your business, they need to also present a strong branded image to potential customers.

So get rid of that profile photo and cover picture or pinned tweed you’ve used for the longest time. Find the most recent photo and the one that you believe best puts your business or organization in the best light (sometimes, literally) and let it do the talking.

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Determine which Channels to Focus on

As soon as the year starts, you have to have a channel to focus on. Will it be email, blog posts, Facebook ads, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.?  Get a clear picture of your channels so you can develop strategies for each, and perhaps an overall strategy that makes them all a cohesive unit. You’re familiar with “the whole is more than the sum of its parts” thing, right? While at it, you can develop landing pages for specific products, promotions, or events. Based on experience, these convert much better than a standard product detail or event page. Makes sure you always have a way to track your results.

Do you know that Inbound and Outbound Strategies is a Match Made in Marketing Heaven

Be More Familiar with Your Clients/Prospects (and the Competition)

Lastly, don’t just spend the holidays in an attempt to increase your waist size. In between stuffing your face with pasta, ham, chicken, pastries, and marinating your liver in alcohol, spend some time studying the trends of your clients and/or prospects. Study your keywords. If you could label your campaign in one word, what would it be?

This is the moment when you should be at your most creative. Always ask yourself what your competition will be doing. From there, study how you can differentiate and stand out. The ultimate goal is more revenue, but at the start of the year, your initial goal should be for more people to connect to you and your brand.

Parting Shot

Setting things right as soon as the New Year starts is crucial in your success or failure for the the year. It’s great to start with yourself, such as your bad habits and things that you need to minimize doing to improve your productivity. But sometimes, it doesn’t always have to start with yourself.

Before you plan out, make sure you read the following blogs:


Start with simple things you can do for your business or organization

and maybe, just maybe, it will rub off on you. Advance Happy New Year!


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Top Healthcare Marketing Trends to Expect in 2017

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Top Healthcare Marketing Trends to Expect in 2017

Social media has significantly impacted on the current trends in the healthcare industry today and by closely monitoring these developments, individuals and businesses will understand how far they can go in 2017. This is like a comprehensive preparation for the upcoming year with the help of the available online data. Certain information will support innovative marketing strategies while acquiring insights to create an ideal plan for long term success.

Prepping Up for the New Year

So if you’re ready to dominate 2017, here are some of the trends you need to consider in healthcare marketing:

#1: Live videos will become more prominent.

Global consumers need real-time feed when it comes to finding trustworthy healthcare brands in the market. And with faster connection and feedback, they can easily decide which one to take. However, marketing strategies will less focus on pre-produced videos and script. Authentic experience is what businesses should concentrate in so that consumers will feel involved.

In creating your video content, lean on these tips. Read Three S’s for Creating Viral Video Content

#2: Social messaging applications will be the top marketing platforms to use.

Whether you’re planning to launch your marketing campaigns on Twitter or Facebook, the popular hangouts will certainly give you enough follows. And when people recognize your brand on these major platforms, it’s easier to market your healthcare products and services at lower costs. Other popular social messaging apps you can take advantage of include WhatsApp, Messenger, and Snapchat.

41% of social media users say social media does influencer their healthcare decisions. tweet!

 #3: Share-worthy content will dominate the market.

If you can produce smarter content that is within the interests of your target audience, you can effectively boost your customer base. For instance, be sure to provide authoritative and compelling blog posts that are relevant to the current needs of the healthcare market. Patients also give importance to valuable information available online with exact medical costs included. Here’s how to craft an industry-related content.

#4: Mobile optimization is key to successful healthcare marketing in 2017.

If you’ve thought of a reliable strategy in gaining more customers next year, consider optimizing for mobile. This is in fact the latest universal standard in which businesses need to conform. More and more people are using smartphones and tablets when looking for information on the internet. Make sure that your website quickly loads on this devices.

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62% of smartphone owners use it to search for health information. tweet!

#5: Telemedicine will pursue to monetize.

Through medical technology advancements, telemedicine has now become more relevant in healthcare practices and services. With the aid of connectivity conveniences including email and text, doctor-patient relationships will surely grow while contributing to the profitability and efficiency of service providers. This also promotes brand differentiation among companies.

Here are more stats. The number of people who are open to telemedicine in primary care.

 80% of survey respondents are open to looking beyond traditional doctor visits for care. tweet!

#6:  Time will be equally precious to doctors and patients.

In the healthcare industry today, convenience becomes the new aggressive currency. Patients need prompt and convenient appointment experience while doctors want real-time information regarding their patients. With advanced healthcare technologies, time management is well played by these roles.

Looking at a broader picture, the main point of these healthcare marketing trends is more personalized communication means between the prospective patient and the healthcare provider. By providing ultimate convenience, companies belonging to this industry can effectively market, advertise, and provide the ideal service that consumers need.



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The Crucial Benefit of Telemarketing in the Field of Healthcare

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6 Tips How to Make the Right Career Choice In a Startup [GUEST POST]

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6 Tips How to Make the Right Career Choice In a Startup

Choosing a startup over a corporate job comes with so many benefits. There’s a lot of flexibility and a lot of growth potential. All of these opportunities, however, come with tons of responsibility, as well. Making the right startup career choice is incredibly important to feel 100 percent fulfilled and confident in your decision.

Even if you’re in a rush to get started with a new project, it’s important to take your time and define the right opportunity. Here are six tips on how to make the right career choice in a startup.

#1: Choose a Field that You’re Passionate about

Being a part of a startup can be quite challenging in the beginning. This is why you need a lot of motivation to keep going even when things feel rough.

In order to have the drive and the passion, you have to choose a field or an industry that you have a particularly strong interest in. Having good knowledge and passion about the topic will both determine your growth potential and your ability to persevere when things get rough.

If you’re pressed for money and you need to start working immediately, you may feel tempted to compromise with your beliefs and dreams. Try to hold in there and wait a bit. Otherwise, you may end up regretting the hasty decision you’ve made in a time of need.

#2: How Much Risks are You Willing to Take on?

A startup is not a universal term. There are dozens of fields, possibilities and developments. Each one comes with a certain level of risk.

Generally, startups are the ones that are inclined to take on some risk. Still, the business format will be heavily dependent on the amount of risk that you can cope with.

Some startups are pretty revolutionary and daring, which means that the risk level is very high. If you’re not adventurous and ready to accept the challenges, such a business format will only put you under a lot of stress.

Other startups require a minimal upfront investment and they start generating revenue right away. Such businesses are a lot let risky.

Need some motivation today, read this Running Low on Passion? Remember the First Day Feeling

 #3: Lifestyle and Freedom Needs

As already mentioned, startups allow for a lot more flexibility than regular jobs in the corporate world. Prior to exploring opportunities, you have to decide how much freedom you want and how the particular opportunity is going to match your lifestyle.

Is it important for you to spend more time with your family? Would you like to have a flexible work schedule and a chance to work from home? How many hours per week can you contribute to project development? These are all important questions you need to answer in order to choose the right career development path.

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#4: The Team

A startup is only as powerful as its team.

If you’re starting a new project, you will need to focus heavily on finding the right professionals. These people can contribute with tons of ideas and enhance the growth potential of the startup.

If you’re looking for startup employment, you should definitely obtain a bit of information about the team. What’s the size of the company? What kinds of experts work there? Are there plans to hire even more people?

The people that you work with will be responsible for giving you support, helping you bring ideas to reality and pushing you forward. A startup that doesn’t feature such an environment of cooperation will be very difficult to develop into a successful business.

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#5: The Financials

When it comes to a startup, having a pretty good idea about financial parameters in advance is one of the keys to survival.

Many digital companies need a tiny initial budget to start operating. Still, a financial plan is a must for sustainable development. There should be clearly defined goals, budgets and estimates. Financial stability will determine profitability and the satisfaction of employees while the company is growing.

Figure out how much money you need to survive and be happy on a monthly basis. While many startups can’t offer major salaries, it’s still important to know what the absolute minimum is for you.

#6: The Market

The assessment of a startup idea usually involves analysis of the potential market. Take a look at the products and services. Do they meet a specific market need? What’s the competition like?

Good startups have products and services that are unique and niche. They appeal to a highly specific market persona and they don’t compete against the biggest players in the field.

Making the right career choice in a startup will require some time. Do your homework in advance and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The more data you have, the easier it will be to choose a successful opportunity and ensure your professional growth.

Author Bio:
How to get Tangible ROI in Joining Events

Alice Clarke is a content marketer and a writer from Australian essay service review.  She is always in search for the next thing in marketing, technology and startups.




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Introducing: The Ultimate Lead Generation Kit To Jump start your Business!

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How to get Tangible ROI in Joining Events

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How to get Tangible ROI in Joining Events

Joining events is one of the most effective ways to market your product, service, or brand because you can leverage the awareness and the hype of the event to showcase the value and benefits of your product or service. Of course, the main goal is to earn from, but the modest objective is to drive brand awareness and traffic among a specific audience. Here’s a tip, though. Pick only the events that allow you to emphasize the value of your product or service. 

At Callbox, we make it a point to never miss big events because we see it as a vehicle for product marketing. Take the case of the events we attended this year – Dreamforce by Salesforce and DMA’s &Then, two of the biggest annual marketing events. If you are in marketing, you want to be at Dreamforce and &then because they’re like the comic-con of marketing people – you don’t only want to see and be seen, but learn and take home useful ideas and information you can surely use in the future. More importantly, being there gives you a lot of marketing media mileage, and in turn puts you in a better position to get maximum ROI in terms of contracts and future partnerships. The point is, you have to identify your target events, and once you have them, follow these steps in order to get tangible ROI.

One: Conduct Keyword Research

The good thing about Dreamforce is that, because it’s become an identifiable name (at least among marketers), we didn’t have to find the perfect keywords that would attract awareness, hype, and traffic around the event. We only had to use the name of the event itself, and voila, we were as good as launched in social media.

But if it’s something else that’s not as popular or something that you organically created, you really need to conduct keyword research to determine what related terms your audience is searching for around the event. The more relevant keywords you use in your campaign, the more people you’ll reach and the more traffic you’ll drive.

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Two: Build an Optimized Landing Page (or at least a – what do you call that thing we did with DF16?)

There are three reasons I change my cover photo or profile picture: 1) When there’s a celebration, 2) a memorable experience, or 3) a milestone. But the bottom line is, I really want people to notice it, to attract attention. Hey, I’m human.

Your cover photo or profile picture is like your website’s landing page. If you’re attending an event, you need a landing page specific to that event. Your campaign should be relevant to the event you’re targeting and add value for people interested in it. 

Twitter profile during Dreamforce 2016

Your campaign and landing page should also be branded so as people use your product, they learn about your brand as a solution to a pain point. Use hashtags or keywords. Make sure to have a clear call to action to try your product on your landing page. Here’s an example of the one we built for our Dreamforce 2016 and &then campaigns:

The look and feel of your page matters too. Use only attractive colors, high-resolution graphics or images, proper spacing and generally good aesthetics to keep your visitors. These characteristics will increase the likelihood of your target market staying on, sharing, and event signing up for your campaign.

Three: Promote Your Campaign

Creating an optimized landing page is, in essence, promoting your campaign, but it’s like saying you love your wife because you married her. It’s not enough. You really have to show it. Every single day. By promoting your campaign, I mean taking to social media, creating a series of blog posts, and press releases. It’s a combination of these that would stir the curiosity of your audience and perhaps, even earn an appointment.

When promoting an event you’re going to, just remember to reach out to relevant media sites.  

In social media, identify catchy hash tags and those the people are using to talk about the event in advance. Tweet them regularly, using witty, shocking, or emotional language to pique interest and intrigue.

In terms of content, write articles or produce videos related to the event. This gives you something to promote other than just your landing page. By linking to your landing page, you’ll also help improve your landing page’s search ranking (as long as the content is high-quality, of course).

In our case, we took to Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ using our hashtag #CallboxatDreamforce and #Dreamforce16 to create more hype about the event. We published a series of blogs about the event, the reason we’re attending, the key people in the organization that will be there, and why our audience should be there, too. 

We have published two blog posts for Dreamforce and published it 2 weeks before to gain traction and be able to set more appointments before the event and the face to face meetings.

We even used throwback pictures, you know, for good measure.

Four: Analyze the Results

No campaign is complete without measuring its success (or lack of it). Once the event is over, you should get and take a long hard look at all the numbers including traffic, conversions, engagement, and so on. To put things in perspective, compare your current results with that of the past and determine why one was more effective than the other.

For the Dreamforce campaign, we were elated to have had 12 sign-ups among the 55 inquiries. Three of those who signed up scheduled an appointment, and two signed contracts. It was a huge improvement compared with last year’s numbers – 32 inquiries, 6 sign ups, 1 appointment, zero contract signed.

We didn’t stick to one marketing channel instead we utilized whatever is useful to our campaign. They say it takes two to tango so we used inbound and outbound marketing strategy to garner the leads we need. All of these results will help you determine what works and what doesn’t.  To have positive ROI, of course, you have to throw out what doesn’t work and focus on those that do.


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How to Clinch that Million-Dollar Sale in the Software Industry

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How to Clinch that Million-Dollar Sale in the Software Industry

Sometimes, getting from point A to point B is as simple as following a straight, direct path. Sometimes, it’s more complicated than molecular biology or space science or politics. Getting that ice-breaking million-dollar sale doesn’t sound as complicated and grueling a task as getting somebody on the moon, but it’s not simple either.

At the very least, it’s much like acquiring your dream house: there’s a process on how to get it. But before you go about peddling your product, here’s a very important thing to remember about sales: people buy from those they trust. When I say trust, I also mean believe, like, look up to, admire, respect. There’s no shortcut or cheat sheet to this. That’s why, no matter how hard you try, there are some deals you will never close. That said, here’s your cheat code to landing that coveted sale.

Know How Decisions Are Made

In order to implement you own process, you have to know the “enemy’s” process. To close a deal, you need to understand how decisions are made. If you don’t understand the process, you’ll just be wasting precious time, effort, and resources. While every organization is different, there are generally three ways companies decide on a huge deal.  

  • Sole Decision Maker. This person makes the final decision, no questions asked. This person is usually the CEO or President, thus he has the veto power in every and all decisions.
  • Main Decision Maker (who requires board approval). This person has the clout to decide on very important matters (such as million-dollar deals), but still has to get green light of the members of the board.   You have to understand that getting the nod of this person isn’t enough until the next board meeting comes and the members approve of the decision.
  • Multiple Decision Makers. Talk about more heads being better than one. Some companies are structured such that many trusted people are required to assess and review important deals. This leads us to the next item on the cheat code.

Find the Decision Maker(s)

Some organizations empower the end-users – those people in the company who directly use the product or software they will purchase – in such a way that they have a strong say in the technology the company gets and utilizes. It makes a ton of sense; after all, the ones in the grassroots are the ones who understand how things work at their level. Sometimes, it also pays to forge a solid connection with these people.

There are also organizations that institute a clear official procedure when it comes to acquiring technology. In this case, you really have to go with the flow. However, just as there are organizations that have the bureaucracy of the government, there are those who do not. This is good for you because more often than not, you can save time and effort by going straight to the decision makers instead of going through half a dozen gatekeepers who might tell you to wait for a month even when the main decision maker would have wanted to have an audience with you right that moment. Once you pinpoint the decision maker, you have to reach out to that person.

Here’s how to Identify the Key Decision Makers for Lead Generation and reach out to them effectively

 Sell the Solution

As a rule, you never sell the product, but the solution to a problem. Obviously, your product itself is never the focal point of the deal but how you alleviate your prospect’s pain point. Making this your emphasis highlights the value your software actually provides. When you’re selling a document management system, you’re actually telling them to save time, effort, and resources. That’s after you have identified that your prospect has been wasting time, manpower, and money on document management. See, if you focus on your customers’ issues, you can help them solve their problems.

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But of course, you’ll need to be an authority in your field in order to have the credibility to sell something that aims to alleviate a pain point. In other words, your goal is to become a valuable addition to the company, not just a vendor. You want to be the person they call when issues relating to your expertise unfold. When you become indispensable, that’s when you’ve found a gold mine.

Learn how to become a solution rather than just a product. Read this article for example: Marketing BI Software: Be The Heaven-Sent Solution to Customers

Find a Partner

Just like a tag-team wrestling match, sometimes you need a partner to win over your target. However, the partner you have to find should be a non-competitor for obvious reasons. How? Find a company that has already worked or partnered with your prospect. You don’t have to be a very good researcher to find a list of companies your prospect have worked or are working with.  Seek out these relationships and share your solution with them. That’s how you get a warm welcome in the company you are eyeing to conquer.

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Be Ready for the Waiting Game

Nothing big comes easy. Courting large companies is a lengthy process. Sometimes, it can take a month or two just to secure an appointment with an executive. Reaching a final decision may take even longer.

That’s why average sales cycles can range from six to 24 months. tweet!

If you want to get that huge sale, make sure you’re ready to wait and wait some more. Meanwhile, nurture your prospect through the sales funnel. The wait will be worth it. Read this: Top 5 Sales Blind Spots in the IT and Software Industry

Trust the Process

Everyone in sales dreams of that big sale, that game changer, that confidence builder. It may or may not take some time, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is it’s within the realm of possibility. So if you trust yourself, trust the process, and put in every bit of effort you can, you’ll get it eventually.


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Diversify or Die? Here’s How to Thrive in Newer Markets

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Diversify or Die? Here’s How to Thrive in Newer Markets

When you’ve been in the industry long enough to establish a name, a loyal following, and profit that’s trending upwards, the next best thing to do is to expand the business into a new market. And why not? Expanding can be an effective way to leverage your business growth into, well, more growth. But like most things that involve a lot of money and put the future of other people on the line, it’s easier said than done.

Expanding is almost always a good option, that’s why oftentimes, decision-makers are faced with the question “When” and not with “Will I?”

General Tips

The golden rule is: Don’t make the mistake of attempting to grow too soon, but wait until you have a period of significant success behind you to support the fact that your business model works. Add this with some simple market research and due diligence and you’ll be able to ascertain whether there is enough demand to justify expansion.

So how do you know it’s the right time to expand? You have to answer this question:Do I have a realistic market advantage in the new market?

Now, if that is fairly easy to answer, the next question isn’t: How will I sustain that advantage?

Tough, right? But that’s why you’re here, so let me help you out. Remember that we’re not after fast growth; we’re looking at a steady, sustainable one, and it is easier to achieve in an environment where you don’t have much to stray off much from your existing business model. Here are the proven strategies that should help you succeed in the big leap. Thank me later.

  • Attract new customers through increased investment in promotion and advertising.
  • Sell more to new customers by leveraging on your relationship and credibility with your old customers. This may involve working harder to build relationships and taking on more sales staff. Can your current clients provide you with referrals into new markets? There is no better business than referral-based businesses. Here’s how to make build tremendous credibility and make clients refer you.
  • Expand existing sales channels, or create new ones. This might include, for example, developing an online sales channel. Are there certain social media platforms that you can use to attract new leads? Try them out.

According to an article on, we found that companies in our database that expanded domestically typically had an average ROA of +1% after five years, rising to +2.4% after 10 years, with 53% exceeding 3%.

  • Introducing new products or services to your marketplace can give you an instant edge – providing you have researched your market thoroughly and have a clear product strategy.

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  • Introduce new technology to your business. Better equipment can increase your capacity and has the potential to free up staff time if used efficiently.
  • Review compensation for sales people in the new market. Do you need a new sales team entirely to go after the market? You need your best hunters at work, not your best farmers.

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Kenichi Ohmae, a prominent globalization expert indicated in his Book ‘Going Global says “When people make over $20,000 annual income, consumers purchasing habits, spending patterns are the same all over the world.” See more:

  • Create partnerships with other businesses. Sharing resources and expertise with another business will enable you both to flourish without overstretching yourselves. It also opens the door to public sector contracts.

Of course, it always helps to prepare for all kinds of surprises, whether they are pleasant or discouraging. Think ahead about all possible scenarios and create contingency plans. Keep an open mind and be ready to adapt to any situation that might arise. Like I always say to myself whenever I have a new endeavor, “hope for the best, prepare for the worst.”

Here are some of our successful client stories as they expand their business across borders:



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Expanding Business in Asia

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