World's Computer Giant Gets Even Bigger with Callbox [CASE STUDY]


World’s Computer Giant Gets Even Bigger with Callbox



The Client is a global systems integrator and provider of end-to-end enterprise IT and software solutions. Its service portfolio includes strategic outsourcing, IT consulting, application management, training, small business services, asset recovery, and software services. It serves a huge client base in 170 countries with several business partners around the world.


US, Singapore, Malaysia, APAC


All Industries


CIO, CTO, IT Managers, IT Decision makers


The Client wanted to expand its market and open new accounts in the Asia-Pacific Region as well as in selected US cities. Not being satisfied with the performance of its previous telemarketing provider, they actively sought for a better lead generation carrier.

The Client had the following requirements for this campaign:

  1. Highly flexible, non-scripted telemarketing approach to fit the different needs of various sets of projects.
  2. Technically sound telemarketers to promote the Client’s software and IT products, and answer technical questions from prospects.
  3. Excellent lead generation and appointment setting skills to produce substantial business leads in a limited time.

Having raised the bar, and seeing Callbox’s previous experience in B2B lead generation for multi-level marketing campaigns, the Client greenlighted the partnership.


  • Successfully launched 5 multi-channel appointment setting and lead nurturing campaigns
  • Helped client achieve its goal of market expansion in APAC and USA


Appointment Setting Campaign results


A brief kick-off meeting was held where the Callbox agents were trained on how to present the Client’s offerings including fourteen different software and three hardware products. The Client instructed Callbox to generate a database of potential customers in the Asia Pacific and North America. To their amazement, Callbox had already prepared a comprehensive list of contacts from its own contacts database. With the entire team geared up, the calling campaign started without delay.

Customer Nurturing Campaigns

Callbox deployed three customer nurturing projects designed to identify and communicate with the Client’s business partners in Malaysia and in the US. For the first campaign, the Callbox team was tasked to introduce the Client’s reseller incentive programs, and promote their new products and services. It was followed by two more projects aimed to verify the contact details of the Client’s business partners and to update them on the new reseller certification courses offered by the Client through its continuing education program.

Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Campaigns

The next set of campaigns was a lead generation project launched to support the Client’s marketing team in the US and Asia-Pacific. One campaign was launched on behalf of its business partners in Singapore to market a back-up storage solution. Time was of the essence in this campaign, and Callbox was given three weeks to call prospects and deliver as many leads as it could generate. It was soon followed by a much bigger campaign aimed at generating sales leads for sixteen Client Business Partners in four countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and the US). The density of the campaign was a huge challenge. Callbox submitted daily and weekly reports so that the Client’s salespeople could respond to new leads and appointments without delay. Lead distribution was facilitated through PipelineCRM, allowing the Client a real-time dashboard view of lead activity.


The five successive campaigns ran flawlessly for over a year, generating excellent results for the Client:

  • Callbox produced a total of five hundred qualified leads resulting in increased sales activity among the Client’s salespeople.
  • New accounts were opened adding significantly to the Client’s customer base.
  • Callbox was able to contact and work with the Client’s fifty business partners in the Asia-Pacific region.

Pleased with the competence, exactness, and success of Callbox’s performance the Client’s business partners often expressed satisfaction:

You are a great gun. Keep it up, mate. Good work. This team is good. The information provided and quality of leads is much, much better than what we had from two other options we had earlier. This is real call success rate. This team is giving similar results to what our own internal team was doing. Finally, we have something working.

I am pleased to say that the team has done a very good job of calling and generating leads for our organisation. I am sure we will have another round of campaigns with your team very, very soon. Loved the way your team works timely reports, timely information regards the leads, proper scripts. Good. Keep it up!! Best part is you understood what we are selling and devised your own process & ways to help us position & qualify a lead. Very Good.

Since then, the Client continued to renew contracts regularly and invited Callbox to take part in their annual ASEAN and NorthAm marketing plans.

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