VoIP Switches to Callbox Gains High Value Sales Appointments [CASE STUDY]


VoIP Switches to Callbox, Gains High-Value Sales Appointments



The Client is a US-based company that primarily provides telephone voice and data communications services. The company also develops software for IP communications and telephony systems.

All industries (mid-sized to large-sized companies)

CIO, CTO, IT Managers, IT Decsion Makers


Despite having already worked with a number of third party providers for the Client’s lead generation campaigns, finding companies interested in their services for the long term remained an unresolved challenge.

The Client’s previous marketing partners had clear difficulties delivering consistent campaign results, which in turn made it very hard for the Client’s sales reps to meet their numbers.

Most of the leads and appointments from their former partners were a poor fit for the Client’s enterprise VoIP solutions. When those prospects reached the Client’s sales team, reps uncovered that many of them were actually still not in the market for the company’s offerings.

Additionally, the Client also observed that their previous providers were not able to fully capture and communicate the company’s unique value proposition, failing to map out key product benefits with business pain points in campaign materials used in the outreach programs.

With the lessons gained from these earlier campaigns, the Client searched for a reliable marketing agency that can provide them with a full suite of tools and strategies to book sales meetings with interested and qualified prospects.

  • Launched a successful appointment setting program that met all key campaign objectives for an US-based VoIP provider
  • Leveraged Callbox’s suite of marketing tools to enhance campaign results
  • Refined Client’s target prospect profile and narrowed their sales team’s focus toward high-value prospects



The Client signed up for a pilot three-month appointment setting campaign with Callbox. Callbox then reviewed the Client’s requirements and objectives in order to formulate a multi-touch, multi-channel campaign plan.

To address the Client’s problem with the quality of sales appointments, the Callbox team carried out their best effort to profile and update each contact information with each call, and took the opportunity to ask prospects probing questions to uncover not just perceived, but actual business needs. These steps were a significant factor in generating high-converting appointments.

Throughout the campaign, the Callbox team extensively used Pipeline CRM (Callbox’s proprietary lead management and marketing automation platform), particularly Lead Nurture Tool, which helped streamline the campaign workflow.

Lead Nurture Tool’s list cleansing feature took care of contact profiling, and it also enabled personalized emails to be sent to prospects in response to predefined triggers. Part of what makes this reliable tool efficient is that, every action taken by prospects like clicking a link on a website or submitting a form is monitored in real-time, allowing the campaign team to respond accordingly.

As is always the case in Callbox campaigns, all call activities were automatically logged in to Pipeline CRM, where the Client can view, process or download reports and campaign statistics.

Callbox Pipeline’s Lead Nurture Tool ensured the call list remained accurate throughout the whole campaign, while the Callbox’s SMART Calling system enabled agents to reach the right prospects at the right time, right when they were most available to talk.


The initial three-month program generated a total of 39 qualified appointments, 41 completed leads, and 78 net new prospects.

While the number of appointments delivered were slightly lower than in the previous campaigns with other providers, this actually reflected an increased emphasis toward high-quality prospects, since the Callbox team implemented a more thorough lead qualification approach aimed at filtering best-fit decision makers rather than stuffing the Client’s funnel with unqualified leads. As a result, the Client renewed the contract for another three months.


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