Training and Telemarketing an Award Winning Tandem [CASE STUDY]


Training and Telemarketing – An Award-winning Tandem


Client information

The Client is a full service, award-winning training provider who specializes in sales and service performance, management and leadership development. They offer a variety of sales tools and a wide range of unique products and services, both customized and off-the-shelf solutions, such as social networking, to help companies achieve their goals.


All Industries

Learning and Development Managers and Directors, C-Level


Considering the tough competition in the training industry brought by technology and organizational changes, and as companies opt to keep in-house L&D programs, the Client saw it fit to double their marketing efforts in finding new customers and maintain their edge among their competitors but lacked the manpower and resources to do it.

They needed new clients and wanted to explore the market from a variety of industries, but they were quite behind advancements on tools and strategies that will enable them to target the right prospects, fast.

This made the Client looking for a Lead Generation and Appointment Setting partner that has proven prospecting strategy that could deliver the best-qualified leads.

  • Successfully completed a 3-month lead generation campaign for a learning and development company
  • Refilled the Clients customer base with new accounts via targeted appointment setting strategy
  • Exceeded key objectives in terms of best-fit accounts and highly-interested contacts delivered

Appointment Setting and Lead Generation Campaign results


Callbox planned out a detailed three-month Appointment Setting campaign. The plan applied Callbox’s proven lead generation capabilities which included voice and email activities to connect with various relevant learning and development decision makers in the target accounts.

The campaign consisted of three main activities:

Account Research and Selection

  1. Callbox skillfully built the Client’s ideal customer profile (ICP) that served as a basis for identifying which companies to include as target accounts.
  2. The Client identified target industries, company size and other business characteristics that their best-fit accounts had.
  3. Callbox filtered a list of potential accounts to target, which was reviewed and approved by the Client.

Account and Prospect Profiling

  1. The Client specified profiles of companies they want the lead generation campaign to engage. Companies who needed: Customized Training Programs, Customized e-Learning Modules and Professional Coaching
  2. The campaign’s primary target decision makers were mid-level training managers/directors and C-level decision makers.
  3. The final contact list was segmented based on these two decision maker profiles and further grouped according to industry and business size.

Voice and Email Outreach

  1. The campaign combined phone and email to maximize engagement with the target prospects.
  2. The touches were carried out via calling and sending emails.
  3. Messaging (used in scripts and email copies) was tailored according to the decision maker personas and contact segments.


The three-month campaign exceeded all the key objectives set for the project. The Callbox team delivered the following results:

  • Total Phone Appointments Set: 80
  • Total Office Appointments: 52
  • Total Emails Delivered: 3,300

Overall, the three-month campaign produced a total of 132 qualified appointments.

Since the qualified appointments represented best-fit, highly-interested opportunities, the campaign turned in a good number of new clients for the L&D leader. And before the last month of the first campaign term ended, the Client signed up for another contract, and several renewals came after within a couple of years.

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