Topnotch Callbox Leads for Top to Toe Staffing Solution [CASE STUDY]


Topnotch Callbox Leads for Top to Toe Staffing Solution


The Client is a strategic staffing company for more than 17 years now, providing innovative human resource solutions to employers and job seekers, and serves as a trusted advisor to employers and professionals. They specialize in staffing for human resources, finance and administrative support, helping companies achieve objectives through simplified search for talent while making it easy for job seekers find the right job for them.

Education and Health, Financial, IT, Public Administration, Professional and Business Services, Transportation, Management Consulting



The Client has helped many professionals build rewarding careers and employers hire the best talents through their “end to end” staffing services and solutions designed to simplify talent search, deliver results and grow their business, while marking key strategic functions required to achieve core goals.

However, in recent years, work has become quite arduous in acquiring new and qualified clients. Competitors have become more aggressive, offering almost the same staffing service packages which gave target prospects a feast of options laid before them, which on the other hand took them a longer time to decide for the best provider. This urged the Client to decide on trying new marketing tactics that can help expedite their prospecting processes so a lead generation program was plotted to carry out the Client’s goal to acquire new and much qualified clients within a targeted period of six (6) months.


Callbox’s Multi-Touch Multi-Channel Lead Generation Program was strategically designed to help clients get in front of their customers at the best time when they are most ready to listen and are most interested. This was made possible by Callbox for the Client through the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool.

In the campaign, the Client aimed to promote its core services: Staffing, HR Services and Consulting. These services were common in the staffing industry in the region but the Client wanted to inform target clients that they have an edge over other provides in addressing their HR requirements by doing a top to toe solution.

Email Marketing

Using the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool, the Callbox team sent out initial email copies bearing the Client’s summary of services and solutions, website and query boxes. Email replies and actions taken by prospects such as clicking the website and queries were tracked real time for the agent to follow-up, either to call or send brochures.


Calls were made by the Callbox agent and probing questions were asked to discover the prospects’ staffing needs and so that the Client may be able to tailor fit the best services and solutions for them to ensure quality on the organization’s human capital initiatives. The prospects’ answers were carefully and properly noted and all contact details were verified before the calls were disposed.

After setting appointment with the prospects, the Callbox agent sent calendar invites to them as a reminder of the upcoming meeting, thereby avoiding any missed appointments.


The campaign delivered a total of 36 solid appointments, 189 warm follow ups and 684 RFIs (request for information). The 36 appointments set by the Callbox team were companies that had varied staffing needs specifically on candidate screening, benefits and staff requests.

With the Callbox Multi-Touch Multi-Channel Marketing Program and the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool, the Client was able achieve its goal of acquiring new and qualified clients. Moreso, they are looking forward to acquiring more leads from the list of warm follow-ups they currently nurture which is more than enough to reach their targets before the six months are up.

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