Speaking for a Network Management and Security

The Client

The Client is a privately held corporation and is a premier provider of IT management solutions for businesses. The firm’s diverse product line, offered in a wide variety of capacity and application-specific configurations, can be scaled to support virtually any corporate environment.

The Client’s customers span a wide range of industries, and include Fortune 500 global enterprises. Their customer base is Medium to Large Enterprise businesses with complex, heterogeneous IT environments with stringent uptime and performance requirements. Today, over 40 customers with more than 5,000 total locations rely upon their products.

The Challenge

With their infrastructure ready to safely accommodate “many more” clients, they want to markedly increase highly qualified interest in their IT products, to produce enough leads to “boost sales to the next level.”

The Callbox Solution

The Client consulted Callbox. After reviewing their sales and marketing operations, Callbox immediately proposed deploying the Appointment and Lead Generation Program to realize their goal. Callbox started with an “out of the box” telemarketing campaign that would generate qualified/potential leads and appointments for the client on a daily basis. This was done by locating prospects, profiling, identifying prospects, probing, qualifying targets, and pitching sales.

A script outline was developed which would serve as a guide for the agents to use in qualifying a prospect. It includes:

  • Introduction of the Client to the prospect, usually the IT or IP/Telephony Manager
  • Initial qualification of the prospect based on their interest in simplifying network and IT management including uptime objectives and hardware requirements.
  • Delivery of proper rebuttals when necessary
  • Callbox appointment setters then e-mail the Client’s marketing collateral and Statement of Qualifications to the prospect companies.
  • Appointments made with the qualified prospects are then delivered via PipelineCRM, an online CRM tool developed by Callbox especially for clients with distributed offices and disparate territories to access their up-to-date sales pipeline. Managers can view the dashboard and sales pipeline of any sales agent, any region, or the whole campaign, at any time, from anywhere, and get an up-to-the- minute report on both closed sales and forecasting in any format [html, csv, pdf, xml].

The Results

The sales generated as a direct result of the Callbox campaign exceeded projected revenues. Engaging Callbox to set appointments and generate leads effectively increased ROI and decreased transaction costs. It eliminated unnecessary costs incurred by the sales and marketing department by freeing them from calling dead ends and meeting unqualified clients.

The Client enjoyed the following benefits:

  • Savings in time and money
  • Increased productivity of in-house sales force
  • Higher conversion rate as a result of improved lead quality

This case study is another success story showing that companies from various industries and strata benefit from Callbox’s target marketing to increase profitability and growth without sacrificing the quality of customer service.


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